Tennis Shoes

250 words drabble

Mild Atoji, Shishitori and Oshigaku.

"...and then he did that awesome knuckle serve! Just by watching that red eye guy too! Sugoi sugoi... Ne ne can we go and watch them again? Oooo, he had a reeeally kakkoi look in his eyes too! He is just as good as Marui-kun! Ne ne Ootori do you think you can do smash practice with me like? I wanna try that turning bear thingy... It is so cool! Do you think it will against Atobe's Hametsu no Rondo? Nee" Jirou bounced on the balls of his feet before toppling excitably on Ootori than was sitting in the lazy chair. Shishido gave him the evil eye but Jirou was oblivious.

Atobe frowned from across the room. 'Marui is bad enough. Now he is obsessed with Fuji too?'

"... and maybe he will teach me his triple returns! He seems like such a nice guy... unlike Atobe that use that un-fun smash to..."

Atobe twitched.

Ootori tried to hush Jirou. He went on blithely.

"And he is so beep and beep beep beep..."

Atobe reach down. Removing his right shoe, he tosses it across the room. It flew over Kabaji's head, over the suspicious huddle of Gakuto and Oshitari doing God knows what and narrowly missing Ootori face as Shishido dragged him to safety. It strikes Jirou right on his forehead with the pinpoint precision of Hametsu no Rondo. Apparently, Oresama is not above some puerile revengeful reactions.

Atobe-san! Tennis is played with tennis balls and racquets! Not tennis shoes!