Our great Clamp School Detectives sat doing their daily duties. They may be detectives, but they also were the Elementary Division Class Board.

"But Suoh…"

"No, buts Chairman. You wanted this job and you got it."

"No, I was elected this position."

"Yes, but you had to run for it."

"But Suoh…"

"I told you no buts! Now will you please finish your work?"

Suoh walked away from a displease Nokoru.

Twelve eventually ticked on by, and Akira left the offices. A very pleased Nokoru walked over to Suoh.

"What's got you into a good mood Chairman?"

"Oh nothing Suoh, but how's Nagisa-jo?"

Suoh slide face first into the floor. He lifted his head at Nokoru, nice bandage on top.

"Why do you always ask that?"

Nokoru turned, with fan that reads: Knowledge is never wasted, laughs at Suoh.

"Just curious I suppose."

The council room double doors opened with an exhausted Akira running in.

"My, aren't they getting more violent? Are you alright Akira?"

"Fine Chairman, but I wonder why they're acting like that?"

"Probably because you both have such adorable girlfriends."

With Nokoru's comment said, it sent both the other two detectives stuttering and shading colors of red.

"Mr. Nokoru Imonoyama, you have an incoming call from the Rijichou." announced the automatic voice message.

A large screen appeared behind the wall. It lit up with the Rijichou sitting there, eyes hidden by shadow. All three boys gave a slight bow.

"And what did I do to have this honor? You must be very busy. I hope you aren't troubling yourself. If this is a check up…"

"It is not Nokoru. I am merely informing you, you're father is coming home tonight, and he bares a present for you." explained Rijichou.

"My father… home tonight?"

Nokoru thought for a moment. What was his father bringing him? He had everything he wanted except for her. Suoh and Akira gave them puzzling looks.

"I wonder what his father looks like?" whispered Akira.

"Probably like him." Suoh whispered back.

"So has he said what game we'll be playing tonight?" asked Nokoru.

"Said that was a surprise to."

"Probably business management. He always plays that one."

"Nokoru? Promise me you'll be home promptly tonight. Not late like it has been."

"Promise. Be home soon.