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When Ranma awoke, he held a shard of the Naban mirror and carried his pack on his back. He floated, but he could see nothing. Only empty gray space, swirling around him, and so it stayed for an eternity.

He soon found that he could move his body as he wished. Yet with nothing to push against, he was forced to remain in one spot, unable to even turn around. And so, there he stayed. Never hungry or thirsty, doing what katas he could, and meditating and sleeping when possible to help stave off boredom.

Eventually though he was forced to resort to thinking up new martial arts techniques and even to running over what little he could remember from school in an attempt to retain his sanity stuck in that awful place. Given how little he remembered for school, he found himself spending more and more time meditating and trying to discover new techniques even though he wasn't sure why he pothered, stuck in this place.

What Ranma did not know was that while he sat in the limbo created for him by the shattered Naban mirror, outside the world continued as normal. Days turned to months , turned to years, turned to decades, and turned to centuries. Time passed, trickling like sand through the neck of an hour glass. Wars were won and wars were lost, nations rose and fell, great men who changed the world were born and died. New technology was gained and man began to colonize space surrounding the earth. New war machines were created, giant suits of armor that began as little more than upright tanks and developed into what their creators called mobil suits.

Time passed. On a colony behind the moon a child was born, and Ranma began to dream.

A tiny bald baby boy with hazy blue eyes turned into an energetic toddler with curly brown hair and purple eyes who constantly hauled around the ducky his mother had made for him. When the child he dreamed of asked him questions, Ranma did his best to answer, though as the child got older Ranma was forced to answer with the words 'I don't know' more and more often.

After a time, when the child asked him to describe trees, Ranma discovered that he could change the setting of his dream. After a frustrating time of trying to describe to the child what trees and grass looked and felt like, he simply wished for trees and grass and they appeared. After that, the two never met in the same place twice. One night, Ranma dreamt of fire and for some reason, he told his little friend to wake up and go outside.

The next night, as he dreamed his little friend told him that his home had burned and that everyone inside not on the first floor had died because the firemen came too late to get anyone out of the apartment complex.

The dreams continued, time passed, and the child continued to grow. Ranma taught the child he had begun to think of as his little brother everything he knew. Martial arts, languages, reading, writing, math, how to hunt and cook, and all the other things he'd learned following Pops around.

During his time awake, Ranma tried to figure of some way to get out of the gray space he was stuck in. Until one day he scratched himself with the shard of the mirror he held hard enough to make himself bleed. For some reason, he let the blood fall on the surface of the mirror fragment. Suddenly he began to fall and the world around him changed, still gray, but with shapes rushing up to meet him as he fell towards the ground.

The last thing he saw before he hit the ground and his head and body erupted in agony was an old wooden door with a tarnished metal cross.

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