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Entire Summary: It's a month after the battle with Galaxia and the world is at peace again, giving Minako some time to think. Usagi had spent some time with Darien before he left for America, giving Usagi high spirits. Ami had been studying for school, Rei, busy at the temple, and Makoto had been looking for the perfect guy. Everyone seems content, but Minako soon finds she wants to visit England again. After finding the Three Lights and her destiny to uphold, only the outers know the truth. But as an innocent trip becomes a harsh reality, Minako is left in shock.

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Chapter One: Minako's Plan

It was afternoon, just after the end of school. Minako walked down the street, with Artemis by her side. She could barely hear his gentle plodding against the ground, but her mind was elsewhere. She carried her school bag in front of her, her hands loosely around it. She looked up at the sky, her body on autopilot, making her way to the Crown Restaurant. There she would meet her friends, including all the inner scouts.

She thought back to the morning, when she had gotten up so early, she sat up in bed and started to think. Artemis lay asleep on her bed, his white fur starting to gleam in the arising sun. She put her head in her hands.

It had been about a month after the battle between the scouts and Galaxia, and everyone was slowly adjusting to peace. But Minako felt a little lost. No longer would she transform into Sailor Venus, or use her powers against the undying evil.

She could remember the first time she became a sailor senshi, back when she was in England. That was where she met Artemis. She stroked his fur as he stirred for a moment, and then started to doze off again.

Minako felt struck by this sudden thought of her life in England. She had never considered it since, nor ever wanted too, having fallen in love with Alan, but then having to leave.

Her head became more relaxed in her hands, and she remembered how good it felt to be Sailor V. The solo sailor scout who protected everyone. She was still the same person, Sailor Venus, and yet she felt she was a completely different individual now. Like she had abandoned her old self, and now she had the inner scouts, then the outer scouts, and the Three Lights.

"How I wish I could go back there…" She said out loud in a soft, dreary voice. She blinked twice after hearing what she had just said.

Maybe if I just went back for a visit I could feel better? She thought. Even if there was no Sailor V, it would still be nice, right?

Her other self thought about it all over again. There was no evil to be aware of, and that meant Princess Serenity was definitely safe. It would be her winter school vacation tomorrow, and she hadn't spent her money in a while, maybe her parents would agree to pay the other half for the airplane?

I could take Artemis, and just rent an apartment for a week. Just to see my old friends again…maybe even Alan. That name struck her again. She knew they could never be together again, he had moved on.

She had to think about this though. Maybe the reason she thought about Alan was because he was her first true love. Anyways, Minako, you have to stop this; there is always other people out there.

She shifted out of the covers, making Artemis flinch, and brushed out her long blond hair that reached her waist, and got dressed.

When she came out her closet she saw Artemis stretch and open his eyes with a yawn.

"You're up early Minako." He said in an unbelieving tone.

"Oh, Artemis stop being that way. Just because I'm sometimes late for school doesn't mean it's unnatural. Anyways…idols need their sleep, right?" She gave him a secretive smile then sat down on the bed next to him. She had always dreamed of being an idol, and she felt even closer when the Three Lights, being idols themselves came to Tokyo.

"I've been thinking…" She trailed off, looking at her ceiling. He gave her an odd look then let her continue. "Maybe you and I could take a trip? Just you and me, not for too long. What do you think?"

"Minako…I don't know. Where would it be? When?"

She looked back down at him then got up. "Well, I'll give you all the details later, just come and see. You worry too much Artemis!" She said, poking her finger at him and winking.

She opened her door, as her blond hair swished back and forth as Artemis jumped off the bed and drearily followed.

What is it going to be this time? He thought in a bored manner, wondering what his owner was planning.

Minako rushed downstairs and met her mother at the table. Her favorite cereal was laid out, as she started to pour some in her bowl.

"You're up early Minako." Her mother said, looking across at her from the kitchen.

"Well…I've been thinking. You know when we used to live in England?" Minako started while pouring some milk into her bowl. Her mother eyed her suspiciously.

"I was wondering if maybe I could take a trip back there? I'd love to see my friends again, and I'd only stay for about a week. I could pay for half of the flight? And school is out tomorrow, so I wouldn't miss anything. Please?"

Her mother still stared at her a moment, wondering what to say. "Minako, are you sure? You really want to go back all the way to England? Who is going?"

"Well," Minako shifted her gaze to her cereal and took another mouthful. "It would be just me, and Artemis. I am sixteen years old now, and the apartment wouldn't be that expensive for a week. I can check the flights, here and back, and the apartment price on the computer. Please, just consider it?"

Her mother stayed silent for a minute. "I'll talk to your father. But I will say-" she paused, eyeing her watch. "Minako you need to go to school, now! You'll be late!"

Minako looked at her own watch and gasped, eating a few more mouthfuls of cereal, then sped out the door and ran to school. She could see the outline of the school when she saw someone ran up besides her.

"Minako! We're late again!" Usagi gasped, finishing her own breakfast, being a piece of toast. She had her hair up in odangos, and her, also golden hair, flew behind out of her two odangos.

"Why does this always happen to us Usagi?" Minako could see Usagi's brooch shine in the sun. It was what she used to become Eternal Sailor Moon. Unlike Minako, who used a transformation wand to become Sailor Venus. But Usagi was also Princess Serenity, which the scouts had their destiny to hold- to protect till the end.

She couldn't believe she was late to school again! She even woke up early. Ami and Makoto were probably there already. Their breathing got harder as they entered the school and kept up their pace till they entered their shared classroom and sat down. The bell rang just afterwards, they had made it!


Artemis plodded slowly down the pavement. His cat ears were down, along with his twitching tail. After hearing Minako's odd scheme, he was worried her parents would actually go along with it. He didn't want to travel in a crowed plane, in a small compartment, with a bad smell, stuck there for hours. He hung his head.

"Artemis!" He heard his dearest soul mate shout. Luna ran over to him, her crescent moon on her forehead shining, and her black fur moving with her swift run. She stopped beside him.

"What's up Artemis? Why are you looking so down?"

"Lets just say- Minako has had another delightful scheme."


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