AN: This is part one of chapter whatever

AN: This is part one of chapter whatever. I'm having problems finishing it, but I figured that there is still a lot of stuff right here so I'll put it up. The next little part will be up soon. Hopefully. There is a direct quote from Roswell High in this section and it's marked and footnoted. Gargoyles and Roswell High aren't mine and I'm so sad about that too. Enjoy the story.

Two loud roars filled her ears. Liz stretched, shaking her stone skin from her body. She breathed quickly and clenched her eyes shut. What a horrid dream, her thoughts gasped. A hand grasped onto her shoulder and she spun around, almost falling off the building.

"Whoa, Liz! Chill. It's just me," Maria stammered as she stumbled back. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a really bad dream."

"Excuse me, Liz," a familiar voice commanded from behind Maria.

Liz peeked around Maria. Scowling, Alex was leaning against the doorway leading down to the Café. Beside him stood Valenti.

"I require your assistance with a situation down at the morgue. It won't take that long. Would you please come with me now?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Liz replied cautiously. What was going on? The morgue? Were her parents ok? She quietly followed Valenti to his car. Fretting over the possibilities, she stared out the window the entire trip to the morgue. Did something happen to her parents? She already lost her birth parents and Rosa; she couldn't take it if anyone else left her. Stepping out of the car, she meekly trailed behind Valenti into the cold morgue. They walked past the tall file-cabinet containers of the dead. Valenti stopped at a drawer and slowly pulled it out. He then lifted the sheet away from the middle-aged man's face. Liz breathed a sigh of relief.

"Do you know this man?" mirrored glasses asked.

"I haven't a clue," she replied coldly. "Why did you bring me here? Not saying a word at all? You know my parents and sister are dead! How dare you scare me like this!"

Tears brimming, Liz glared at him. He kept the same blank face, the same lack of emotion. Slowly, his hand drew the sheet down to expose the man's chest.

"Have you seen this mark before?"

"No," her quivering voice stammered, holding back a gasp.

"Lift up your shirt."


"May I please see your stomach?"


"My son said he saw a similar hand print on your stomach. If you do not cooperate, I will have to keep you for questioning about this man's death and the shooting at the Crashdown. Now, lift up your shirt."

Liz stared stubbornly at him and tried to wait him out. He was lying. She hadn't even seen Kyle in the past few days. He seemed to have grown enough brains to avoid her. Finally, with no other choice, she sighed and tugged up the bottom of her tank top to expose flawless amber skin. No silver. No handprint. Not even a tattoo or scar.

"Are you happy?"

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We do have a killer on the loose. Whoever he is, he killed the man by destroying the cells of his heart. If you know anything Liz, you must tell me. There is no use protecting him. He's dangerous; no matter what he did for you. Remember, there are two sides to everything. In the end, a healer and murderer are the same thing. I'll drive you home now."

"Th..That's ok. I'll just meet my friends at the mall. I can fly there myself."

Liz exited the morgue and climbed up onto the roof. She spread her feathered wings and leapt off the building. Arriving in no time, she hooked up with Alex and Maria at the mall entrance and then headed towards one of the many dress shops that supplied gargoyle fashions. Liz remained silent as she flipped through the many dresses.

"So, from the male point of view, what's a good dress, Alex?" Maria asked in fake cheerfulness.

"Oh, you know, short, tight, backless, low cut, maybe a couple of slits somewhere. Preferably worn braless with one of those thong things."[1]

Alex glanced between Liz and Maria.

"Ok, what's up?"

"Huh?" Liz mumbled, looking up from a black dress.

"What's wrong, Liz? That was a hit-worthy comment and I didn't even get a grimace. What happened with Valenti?"

"It's nothing. He just wanted me to identify a body," Liz said meekly.

"What! Are your parents ok?" Alex and Maria exclaimed at the same time.

"No, no. I didn't know the guy."

"That jerk! Some nerve. That mean, evil gene must run in the family," Alex ranted. "Although on a lighter note, that gives me an idea for a list. Ten ways to tell your dad is a Super-Villain out for world domination. Then the follow-up list, ten ways to tell you're following in his footsteps. Way #1, he cuts off your hand."

"But Luke wasn't bad."

"He could have been. He must have read a list online and realized he was taking the wrong path."



"You are so weird."

"At least I got your mind off of other things evil. Anyway, Vader is so much nicer than Valenti. Has better fashion sense, too. It's all about the cape and helmet."

Liz smacked him on the back of his head.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"The dress comment."

"But you didn't even hear it!"

"You think that matters? I'll take your word on it. What do you think about this dress?"

In better spirits, Liz held up a slinky, black, spaghetti strapped dress. The sequined skirt swept to the floor.

"That gets two thumbs up on the guy-o-meter."

Maria whapped him this time.

"What? Fine, it's two thumbs down."

Alex dodged Maria's next punch and sought refuge on the other side of the rack.

"Girls. So what is it? Which way is hit-free?"


"Last time I go shopping with you two."

"Oh, but we haven't even picked out your outfit yet," Maria purred. "We could find something in pink with ruffles and lace and a little tutu."

"That's it. I'm outta here."

He scanned the hallway outside the store, looking for any help. Only one male was in sight and he was a thin red gargoyle with devil's horns on his head. Alex shrugged.

"I'd sell my soul to get out of a date with a pink frill fest," he muttered as he exited the store. "Hey, man, you have to help me! These girls are going to attack me with makeup and pompoms and leotards. As a fellow male, it's your duty to stick with me."

"Sure," the gargoyle smirked. "I could do with some amusement tonight. Who are these girls?"

Alex pointed to Liz and Maria exiting the store.

"Those are the monsters. Please, protect me," he mock-pleaded in a sugary sweat whine.

The gargoyle stiffened and growled slightly when he saw the approaching females. Flustered, Maria and Liz stopped mid-stride. Alex stood between the groups and glanced back and forth.

"Hello Maria. Liz," the gargoyle muttered.

"Michael, hey, there you are," a voice called from behind Liz and Maria.

A green gargoyle walked up to the quartet. Liz jumped back and grabbed her forehead as Max brushed past her.

"Max! Hey, how are you?" she blabbered nervously. "Um, wow, what a coincidence that you're here, too, or maybe not. It is a few days until the dance so I guess everyone is here."

Max cast a sad gaze at Liz and then turned to Michael.

"Let's go find Izzy. You know how she gets in malls. She may never come home or use up all our cash. Bye Maria. Liz."

Liz watched them walk away. She had to fix this. It was only getting worse. He could never kill anyone. He took care of the mice at school. Everybody was friendly with him. Then, why was she so scared? It was just a dream. It could never be true.

"You know," Alex pondered, "There are these three kids at school named…"

"Max! Wait up! I'll meet you guys later, ok? At the food court?"


[1] Ok, because I love this line so much, this is word for word from Roswell High #1 The Outsider written by Melinda Metz. This phrase is not mine, but isn't it the greatest.