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Disclaimer: I don't own it - I dream I do, but I don't.

Warning: AU, and a tad bit different from what I normally do. My daddy made me do it. I'm serious.

Summary: When a mysterious stranger drops into Sango's Life, not one, but twice, it seems that the world has a lot more in store for her than she'd imagined (SxM) AU

Rating: PG-13 for now.

I've always been a bit of a failure at things. Minor social actions that come so easily to others are mysteries to me. Whenever a well-meaning friend tries to 'release me into the social wild' or something equally as corny, I balk. It isn't an intensional sabotage of their plans, regardless of what Kagome says, I just can't handle people.

So, instead of an exciting personal life, like most people of my twenty odd years have, I'm a librarian. I'm more comfortable with books and microphishe than one stranger. Bars are a nightmare of social contact that leaves me clawing for air. In truth, I can't really understand it myself, how I can have such a difficult time saying something like, "Nice to meet you, my name's Sango." Or even just stuttering out my own name when a person asks. I'm hopeless, I really am.

On the other hand, my cousin Kagome is a social butterfly. Surrounded by friends, she smiles her way through life - the picture of youthful grace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to paint her one dimensional - there's a reason people flock to her side. She's intelligent, clever, funny, and kind. I wish I could be half the person that she is... but instead, I'm the quiet one.

My story, or at least the interesting part of it, begins on a blustery winter day. It had been snowing for the last several days, and most folks were staying inside - not that the library was a ripping social hot spot, but we were completely empty. I guess that's why he stuck out so firmly in my mind... not that there weren't other reasons to, I mean he was devastatingly handsome. Heh, strange wording, but it was true. I watched him shake of his coat with only mild interest, but as soon as he unwound his scarf, I couldn't tear my eyes away.

His eyes were a bizarre shade of blue violet. Even from the distance he stood, I could see their twinkle. He had jet black hair with slight tendrils that fell carelessly into his eyes, and as soon as they saw me, a quick grin quirked in place. Charming.

It flustered me - of course it flustered me! Trying to busy myself as he came closer to my desk, I wanted to ignore him, but a man like him... It just wasn't possible.

"Eh, Miss..." He trailed off hopefully, and I didn't need to look up to know he was still smirking.

"Tajia. Can I help you?" I figured that as long as I didn't look at him, I would be ok.

"Miss Tajia, I was wondering if you might direct me to the reference section?"

At this juncture, I made a mistake. From where he stood, he could see the enormous brass sign reading "Reference" right over my head - I was the reference clerk for Pete's sake. I looked up, met his eyes, and I was sunk. My hand wandered off on its own to point vaguely behind me, and I know that my jaw was doing an impressive yo-yo impression. His eyes... they were - remarkable.

Again, his smirk flashed and he nodded briefly, "Thank you."He turned to walk around the desk, but paused midstride, "Do you know anything about Atlantis?"

The question was so odd that I was pulled from my gaping state, and my mind, like the mind of a truly librarian, started processing through possible books. Without another word, I was up and out of my chair, strolling through my home, my shelves. "What exactly are you looking for... historical possibility, accounts, retellings, what?"

"Eh, a little of everything. I'm just looking around." I turned in time to catch his straying glance from down to my... er, heinie.


"Hoshi, Miroku Houshi."

"Mr Hoshi, if there's something I can help you with, please let me know. Until then, please... I have to get back to work."

"Certainly, Miss Tajia, it was not my intention to keep you form your work. Forgive me." He turned to the shelves, and I left, not wanting to give myself another opportunity to get caught by his eyes.

He stayed for a long time, a lingering presence in the back of my mind. It seemed that I could feel him behind me, every time he turned a page, it seemed to echo through the room. Try as I may, I couldn't forget about him. He was just always there.

I was relieved when he left - a weight off my shoulders and all that. He gave a mock salute as he sauntered from the building. I think I sighed when the door closed behind him, like I said, relieved that he was gone, but in a way, in a way I felt as if I'd missed something. As if Opportunity had dropped something on my plate and I had completely ignored it. And like they say, opportunity knocks only once.

But someone ought to tell Miroku Hoshi that. It was a week later that he wound up at my door again.

Well, let me know what you think - I'd really appreciated it, and as always, if it stinks, I swear I'll knock it off.