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Wishing In Snow-filled Happiness…

Author: invisibleyu

Story Summary: When Sandy kidnaps Mushi after being bribed by teenagers, it's up to Kuki to save her sister before precious information about the KND is given out to the teens. But the holidays are just around the corner, and Wally is having some problems of his own…

A/N: Hey guys! It's my first KND fanfiction! Haha, after being obsessed with the show for nearly half a year, I finally came up with an idea that I can write about! Yay! Well, I'm not sure how long/great this story will be…but hey, it's the first chapter, so I guess we'll find out eventually! I originally planned for this story to be put on the site before Christmas, but I went on a ski trip and kinda lost the idea. I guess it's not too late to write a holiday story, hmm? Now…on with Chapter One!

Disclaimer: Codename Kids Next Door, its characters, and wonderful ideas do not belong to me; otherwise there would be no point in writing this fanfiction. However the idea DOES belong to me, so that's a good thing, right? Eh…Mr. Warburton is one lucky fella'…

Chapter One: Sister Day


"Would ya please tell me why you brought your cruddy sister to our tree house?" a blonde haired boy in an Australian accent spat out. He was seated upon a couch next to three kids, who were all facing a tall Japanese girl in a green sweatshirt with long sleeves. Next to her stood an almost miniature version of the girl, but with a huge purple sweatshirt and pigtails. The Japanese girl smiled sweetly at the Aussie.

" 'Cause it's National Sister Day, silly!" With that said, the girl hugged her younger sister fondly.

"Whaddya mean National Sister Day? There are no holidays celebrating peoples' cruddy siblings! The next one coming up is Christmas…" A bald kid with shiny black sunglasses stepped up from the couch.

"Um, Numbuh Three, I don't believe there is such a holiday…" the boy, Numbuh One, stated simply. Numbuh One was considered to be the leader of the group and often took action to what thought was right. Numbuh Three glared at him.

"Well, that's 'cause you don't have a sister to share Sister Day with!" Numbuh Three stuck her tongue out at him.

"I do," an African American girl said, rather darkly. Everyone looked at each other, and nodded in agreement. Numbuh Five did have an older sister. But unfortunately Numbuh Five's sister was a teenager, one of the main enemies of the Kids Next Door. A plump boy put his hand on Numbuh Five's shoulder, as if to reassure her that she was surrounded by a loving group of friends. She shook it off and went to her room. It was her turn to come up with dinner for them, after all. Numbuh Three watched Numbuh Five leave, and felt a bit guilty about the whole situation.

"Hmm, well, Mushi and I are off to my room to spend some quality time with each other. See ya all at dinner!" Then, hand in hand, the two sisters left, leaving the three boys to themselves. Numbuh Four, the Australian, seemed saddened at Numbuh Three's departure, but shrugged it off.

"Can ya believe those girls? I don't get what's bothering them," Numbuh Four said. The two other guys shrugged. Numbuh Two turned the television on, and the three boys did what boys do best--playing video games.


"So, Mushi, what do you want to do on our special day? Um, last year I remember we had a tea party with our Rainbow Monkeys. Well, what do you want to do?" Numbuh Three asked her sister. Mushi smiled shyly.

"Before we do any of that, I wanted to ask you for some…uh, advice." Numbuh Three looked at her sister, confused. Mushi sighed.

"Well, you know Sandy--"

"SANDY?!?! You mean, King Sandy? The one who wanted to MARRY me? That was so icky! I'm only ten!" Numbuh Three nearly gagged.

"Um, yes, Sandy. Kuki, do you ever get that weird funny feeling in your tummy whenever you look at a…boy?" Numbuh Three felt her heart skip a beat.

"Why are you asking this?" Mushi looked down at her feet, embarrassed.

"He, uh, asked me to be the 'queen of his castle'. I don't know what that means, but I think that I now have a boyfriend! But does Sandy really own a castle? Am I supposed to live there or something?"

"Sandy didn't ask you to marry him, right?"

"Of course not, silly. As you said, I'm too young. Plus if he did, we would only pretend to!" Kuki looked at her sister, a bit jealous. How could her younger sister, who was barely eight, already have a boyfriend? Kuki had always considered herself more attractive and cuter than her sister. In fact, to all the members of the Kids Next Door, she was known as "the flirt".

"Mushi, you know that today's our special day. Can we please do something now?" Kuki asked, trying to change the topic. Mushi suddenly snapped out of her dream-like daze and thought for a moment.

"Rainbow Monkeys! Let's play with them." Mushi grabbed the nearest one of the many Rainbow Monkeys in Kuki's room and started to cuddle with it. Suddenly her facial expression changed, and she dropped it. Kuki looked at her, confused yet again.

"What's wrong? Don't you like Special Edition Birthday Rainbow Monkey?"

"I want to make my own. I know what we can do! Let's make our own Rainbow Monkeys! We can give them out as presents."

"Silly Mushi! Then it wouldn't be a real Rainbow Monkey!" Kuki argued. Mushi smiled happily.

"So? I want a Limited Edition Mushi Rainbow Monkey. You can make a Kuki Rainbow Monkey." Kuki finally understood what her sister was trying to say.

"Let's make Rainbow Monkeys for all our friends! I think all my craft stuffs are over here…yay, Mushi, you're so cute and smart! I'm proud to have you as a sister!" Numbuh Three hugged her sister one last time before setting all the supplies on a small table. Different colors of cloth, glue, sewing supplies, and scissors were sorted by the two.

"So who are you going to make them for?" Mushi asked. Kuki looked at the different colors of cloth that she had out.

"Well, I'll make a red one for Numbuh One, a light blue one for Numbuh Two, a green one for me, an orange one for Numbuh Four, and a dark blue one for Numbuh Five. Wow, that's a lot to make! Do you want to do some of them for me?"

"Yay! Alright! I'll do Numbuh Two and Numbuh Five's rainbow monkey. You can help me with their accessories, since I don't know them well." Kuki grinned at her.

"This will be so much fun! What a great activity to do for Sister Day. I don't have to buy any presents for Christmas, so I can save my own money for the new Rainbow Monkey coming out next month." Kuki was satisfied with the idea, and the two sisters began to work on their craft.


"Yah! I beat ya all yet again!" Numbuh Four boasted as his character beat Hoagie's in a landslide victory. They had been having mini tournaments on their video game system for the past two hours, waiting for Numbuh Five to come out with dinner. Numbuh Two, Hoagie, groaned loudly.

"Well, let's make it twenty two outta--"

"Naah…let's just say I win." Wally smirked as he shut the video game system off. Numbuh One had given up long ago and was sitting on one of the couches reading a book.

"Eh, what's this? I didn't know you liked reading books." Wally remarked, watching Nigel reading a thick book, and felt admiration towards him. Numbuh Four couldn't read at all…in fact, he couldn't even count correctly. That could have been because of all the numerous escapes Wally went through trying getting out of school. Nigel looked back at Wally, annoyed.

"I'm only reading because I want to finish my upcoming project."

"But we're on winter break! How can you think of school at a time like this? I mean, there's snow outside!" Wally cried out.

"You see--" The phone started ringing, interrupting Nigel. Hoagie picked up the phone, and the voice of a young boy entered his ears.

"Hello?" The voice said.

"Um, hi. This is Numbuh Two of the Kids Next Door."

"Hi Numbuh Two. Is this the Kids Next Door place where Kuki Sanban stays at?"

"Uh…yes, Numbuh Three is a part of our team. Would you like me to get her for you?" A long period of silence followed.

"Hello? Kid?" Hoagie asked.

"Oh, sorry. Just thinking of…memories. Anyways, is Mushi there?"

"Wait, do you want to speak to Numbuh Three or Mushi?"


"Then why were you asking about Numbuh Three? Who are you?" Hoagie asked again, a bit suspicious.

"My name's Sandy. Mushi is Kuki's sister, right? I just wanted to know if Kuki brought Mushi to your uh, Kids Next Door place. She wasn't answering her home phone…HEY! Can you get her already??!"

Sandy. The name sounded so familiar. Suddenly images of a boy wearing a cape and a bucket hat flooded to Hoagie's mind, and he remembered. A few months ago the whole gang (Numbuhs 1-5) went to the beach. He didn't exactly remember what happened, but all that he could picture was that Sandy kidnapped Kuki and wanted her to marry him. Wally, for some weird reason, fought with Sandy and demanded to cancel their 'wedding'. In the end, all was well, and there was no wedding.

"Yeah, Mushi is in Numbuh Three's room. I'll go get her." More images entered Hoagie's head. He remembered that after the beach incident, they all went to an amusement park, and Kuki and Mushi met up with Sandy yet again. Sandy demanded to marry Kuki again, but somehow he fell in love with Mushi instead.

"So that's why Sandy's calling." Hoagie muttered to himself, walking through the Kids Next Door tree house. He finally reached Kuki's room, with the number three on the outside.

"Numbuh Three? Is Mushi inside with you?" He could hear murmurs coming from the room, and then heard something that sounded like a crash.

"Ahh! Numbuh Two! Um, we'll be right out!" Kuki cried out. Unbeknownst to Hoagie, the two girls were anxiously hiding their half made Rainbow Monkey dolls, in fear of Hoagie walking in to discover their presents. Finally Kuki and Mushi walked out, hand in hand.

"Yes?" Mushi innocently asked.

"You have a phone call."

"From who?" Kuki suspiciously asked.


"SANDY??!?! YAY!!!!" Mushi's high pitched voice startled the two operatives. Mushi then raced to the phone, leaving Kuki and Hoagie to themselves.

"Sandy? It's me, Mushi!" Mushi squeaked as she picked up the receiver.

"Mushi! I need to ask you something. Do you have a minute?" Sandy answered…


"Numbuh Two! You've been gone for nearly an hour! Is Mushi still on the phone? I've been trying to use the phone to contact the moon base." Nigel asked as Hoagie exhaustedly came back.

"I'm afraid so. It's Sandy, Mushi's boyfriend, so I'm afraid this might take awhile." Hoagie explained.

"Where's Numbuh Three?" Wally asked. She and Numbuh Five haven't been in the main area for hours.

"She's back in her room, waiting for Mushi to finish. Which reminds me…do you remember that time when we all went to the beach? When we first met Sandy?" Hoagie slyly asked. Wally's expression changed.

"Yeah? So? What about it?" As soon as Wally asked that, he regretted saying it and began to dread where this was going. Hoagie smiled evilly.

"Remember when Sandy kidnapped Numbuh Three? When he wanted her to marry him? The look on your face when you first heard the news was priceless! Why were you so concerned about her?" Nigel looked up from his book, suddenly interested.

"Wh-what? She's a member of our team! Of course I would be concerned about her!"

"No, that's not what I meant…"

"Say, Wally, during our past missions you often tried to help Numbuh Three out when she was in trouble. If any other member of our team needed help, you usually wouldn't help us the same way you try to do to her. She seems quite attached to you, and you two even call each other by your real names," Nigel said. Wally could feel his face burning.

"I, er…Nigel! Ha! I called you by your real name! And Hoagie! Hi! Nice to meetcha! So what's wrong with using real names? I'll call everyone by their real names! It shouldn't make a difference!" Wally didn't exactly answer Nigel's question.

"He likes her a lot. Isn't it obvious? In fact, I think he loves--" The voice of Numbuh Five startled everyone, but she was cut off by Wally's attempt at an excuse.

"I do not!" Wally argued. Hmm, not much of an excuse for poor Wally.

"Yes, you do. You do know that Christmas is coming up. I think it'll be a perfect time to tell her that you love her," Numbuh Five slyly stated. Wally's heart skipped a beat.

"Shut up." Wally crossed his arms, face crimson red with sweat beading down his face. The awkward stares from everybody started to annoy him. It was true that he really liked Kuki. He was sure it was love, even though he hated to admit it to himself. How could he admit of his crush to his friends when he didn't even admit it to himself? Suddenly a loud shriek interrupted Wally's thoughts.

"AHHH! MUSHI!!!??!?!??!!!!" It was Numbuh Three.

"Kuki!" Wally shouted. Everyone turned and faced Wally's direction.

"See? There you go again, shouting her name out loud and waiting to save Numbuh Three from whatever it is that's troubeling her," Numbuh One said simply. And, once again, Wally could feel his face turning many shades of red and his heart thumping louder than usual.

"Sh-Shut up! Are you guys coming with me or not?" The whole team rushed up to where the shriek came from, which was where the phone was. There they saw a panicked Kuki, the phone lying on the ground, and no Mushi.


A/N: Mwahahaha! Cliff hanger! It's a bit embarrassing putting up a story that I should've put up in mid-December, but I guess it shouldn't matter too much. Oh, Happy New Years everyone! Please be nice for the holidays by not putting up flames, alright? Yes, I know I put a lot of dialogue in the story…oh well. Haha, well, I don't know when I'll update next (since I'll be busy with upcoming exams) so hopefully it'll be soon. Thanks for reading