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Wishing In Snow-filled Happiness…

Author: invisibleyu

Story Summary: When Sandy kidnaps Mushi after being bribed by teenagers, it's up to Kuki to save her sister before precious information about the KND is given out to the teens. But the holidays are just around the corner, and Wally is having some problems of his own…

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Chapter Two: A Confession?


Mushi was just about to step out of one of the windows when she heard her sister shriek. Startled, she looked around anxiously, trying to find something to hide in. The sound of footsteps was getting nearer, so Mushi quickly jumped behind one of the window curtains.

"Numbuh Three!" All the operatives walked up to Kuki, who was down on her knees, face glistening with fresh tears. She looked up at her fellow team mates sadly.

"Mushi's gone," Kuki's voice trembled. The team looked at each other, confused.

"What do you mean? She was right here, talking on the phone--" Hoagie was interrupted.

"She's gone. She left this note." Everyone watched as Nigel took the wrinkled note out of Kuki's grasp.

"Dear sister, I'll be over at Sandy's house. I'll be home late. Mushi," Nigel read aloud. He looked at Kuki, and a blank expression was planted on his face.

"So? She's safe and sound at her boyfriend's. What's wrong with that?" Wally asked. Kuki stared at Wally, biting her lip.

"Today's Sister Day! The one and only day of the year when sisters do special things with each other! And she's never been to Sandy's house before! I don't even know where he lives! It's like she'd rather do something with him, and not me…" Kuki then started wailing.

"Maybe Sandy gave Mushi directions to his house. What could two seven year olds do with one another that would be harmful, anyways?" Nigel asked, trying to reassure Kuki that Mushi is fine. Kuki started shaking her head.

"So…um, Numbuh Five? Didja ever get that dinner prepared yet?" Wally asked, trying to change the subject. He hated seeing Kuki like this…

"Wha? Oh! Numbuh Five has everything back in the kitchen area," Abby finally spoke. She had been known to 'keep her cool' during situations like this. She motioned for the whole gang to follow her, which they all did. Only Kuki stayed behind.

"Mushi…" she said aloud. Kuki looked around the room, focusing on every individual inch. Her eyes skimmed across the window curtains, but her watery eyes blurred out the moving lump inside. Finally she left, trying to catch up with everyone else.

After about ten minutes, the moving lump, Mushi, finally got out of the curtains, took one last look at the room, and climbed out of the window.


The kids in Sector V were all seated around a table, eating fresh, hot pepperoni pizza. However, while usually happy and cheerful, the sad and a bit depressed Kuki made everyone's feelings sad and gloomy as well.

"So, what do you all want for Christmas?" Hoagie asked as he swallowed a huge bite of the greasy pizza. Everyone's minds were on Mushi, but this simple question was enough to distract them momentarily..

"Numbuh Five wants an mp3 player. That way I can download all the songs I want on the 'net for free," Abby answered coolly.

"But Numbuh Five! That's illegal!" Nigel exclaimed.

"Well, at least I don't have to carry around my cd collection everywhere I go," Abby shrugged.

"I want one of those things filled with stuff so I can hit it whenever I want!" Wally exclaimed. Hoagie shot him a weird look.

"You mean…a punching bag?"

"Err, ya! Exactly what I meant," Wally answered sheepishly. He looked over at Kuki, who was busy prodding the pepperonis on her pizza. She hadn't eaten anything at all.

"What about you, Numbuh Three? What do you want for Christmas?" Wally asked. Kuki looked up and thought for awhile.

"Snow! In Japan, streets would always be filled with snow! Christmas was always fun then…" Kuki sighed. The kids looked at each other.

"You do know that it's quite impossible for it to snow here. The weather's always so warm," stated Nigel, ever the knowledgeable one.

"And it's impossible to give that as a present!" Wally said. Kuki's cheerful expression changed to how it was before.

"Crud! Aw, Kuki, we're sorry…what do you really want for Christmas? That we can actually give to you?" Wally asked. Kuki blushed a bit as the whole team began to stare at Wally.

"What???!" Wally shouted out, annoyed at all of the stares.

"You said Numbuh Three's name! Heheh…" Hoagie nudged Wally. Wally's face started to burn an intense crimson. Not only was he embarrassed that Hoagie brought up that subject again, but Kuki was right there, in the room!

"I think…I'm going to go to bed early," Kuki sadly said as she stood up from her chair. Wally felt like his heart was breaking into tiny pieces, for he thought that Kuki was leaving because of what Hoagie said. In reality, however, she was not feeling very well, and was too busy worrying about Mushi to note the current conversation.

"Uh, so, Numbuh Two? What do you want for Christmas?" Abby asked, continuing their earlier conversation.


Mushi stood right in front of the Kids Next Door tree house. She looked up above and gazed at the blue sky. Sandy was supposed to come pick her up so she could spend some quality time with him at his house. Sandy also mentioned something about how his teenage cousins were currently visiting his home. Finally, after about ten minutes, a red van quickly raced down the street, stopping right in front of the tree house. A boy wearing a beach bucket as a hat stepped out from the vehicle.

"Mushi! It's me, Sandy! Sorry we're a bit late…"

"Oh, that's alright! I've only been waiting for a few minutes—" Mushi was interrupted by a hug from Sandy. She blushed slightly and looked up at him.

"Mom! My new pretty girlfriend is ready to go to our house!" Sandy yelled as he took Mushi's hand. She began to blush furiously as he led her inside the van. They took their seats, and with a nod from Sandy, his mom began to drive away from the tree house.

"So, um, how long do you think I should stay?" Mushi asked awkwardly. Sandy looked at her and smiled.

"Well, did you leave the note I asked ya to leave?" he asked. Mushi nodded, but suddenly felt a little guilty that she left Kuki all alone on their special secret holiday. She had forgotten all about it when Sandy had called.

"What's wrong?" Mushi's thoughts were interrupted by Sandy's question. She looked at him as her eyes started to tear up.

"I left my sister alone on Sister Day. We were supposed to finish making something…"

"Sister Day? What the heck is that?"

"Something Kuki and I came up with," Mushi sighed. She looked at Sandy again, and noticed that his expression changed as she said her sister's name.

"Kuki…how is she doing? The last time I saw her was the day I met you. That certainly was a special day though," Sandy thoughtfully said. Mushi felt a bit jealous at the mention of her sister. She remembered that he was about to force Kuki to marry him, but then Mushi appeared, and somehow Sandy fell in love with her, instead.

"Oh, children! We're home!" Sandy's mother exclaimed as the van came to a complete stop. Mushi looked out the window and saw a huge home, right by the beach.

"Wow! I didn't know you lived so close to the ocean!" Mushi cheered excitedly. Sandy just grinned.

"Well, there is a reason I am known as King Sandy, after all," Sandy explained. He led her to the backyard, and there, right before Mushi's eyes, was a giant sandcastle.

"It took me three whole years to complete it. But while your sister has a tree house, I have a castle kingdom to call my very own! Oh, look! My teenage cousins are coming to greet us!" Sandy said. Sure enough, three teenage boys were coming right in their direction.

"Oh, and by the way, there is something I would like you to do for them," Sandy continued.

"What?" Mushi asked.



Night fell upon the Kids Next Door tree house quietly, hushing the surrounding neighborhood as it slowly went to sleep. Only Wally was awake. The rest of his team had gone to bed a few hours ago, but he just couldn't get to sleep, no matter how hard he tried. He tossed and turned for what seemed like forever. Finally he left his own room, to wander the surrounding halls, hoping a short walk would eventually whisk him away to dreamland. He paused when he reached Kuki's room.

"Kuki…I hope you're alright," he said silently to himself. Mushi had not come home, and they all had no idea whether or not she was still at Sandy's house. It was too late to call his house, anyways. He blushed a bit as he touched her door, but as soon as his hand came in contact with the cool wood, he heard muffled sounds coming from inside. His hand instinctively reached for the doorknob.

"Crud," he muttered. "Why am I even thinking about doing this?" After debating whether or not he should, he decided there wouldn't be any harm in just checking up on her. He then opened the door. As he made his way through the piles of Rainbow Monkeys and other various stuffed animals, the muffled sounds gradually turned to shrill wailing. Wally finally reached Kuki's bed, and there sitting upon it in tears, was Kuki.

"W-Wally?" Kuki wearily asked, tears streaming down her face. Wally immediately blushed. Kuki had just called him by his real name, instead of the usual codename of Numbuh Four.

"Kuki," he replied, sweat beading down his face. He began to feel embarrassed at being in her room, standing right before her, her name on his lips, and not knowing what else to say.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Oh, uh…I um, well, heard you um, crying, so I decided to uh, well, come in," Wally felt like slapping himself. Here he was, one of the toughest members of the Kids Next Door, standing before a girl…stammering? Nervous? Heart pounding louder than usual? Kuki simply smiled through her tears.

"Thanks," she replied, warmth in her tone. Wally could feel himself burning up.

"Oh, well…I'm going to uh, go," Wally said as he turned in the direction of the door. He felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Wally! No! Stay here…please…" Kuki cried desperately, stopping Wally right in his tracks. He slowly turned back.

"What?" Wally asked.

"I'm so worried about Mushi…do you think she'll be alright? Why do you think she didn't come home yet?"

"I'm sure she's fine, wherever she is. Maybe she got side tracked or something," Wally answered. Kuki sighed, and her flow of tears began to decrease.

"Please stay. Until I fall asleep," Kuki begged. Wally grimaced.

"Sure," he sighed, nodding to confirm.

The night seemed to drag on forever. Kuki demanded Wally to sit on the floor, right next to the bed, as if to watch over her. But every time Wally looked to see if Kuki was asleep yet, she'd smile right at him. Two hours passed before Wally spoke.



"I need to tell you something. It's that I, I-I…" Wally took a deep breath. He remembered what Abby had said earlier about how wonderful it would be if he could tell Kuki how he felt about her before Christmas.

"I love you."

A long period of silence followed Wally's confession. Finally, just as he felt like he was going to explode in anticipation, he looked up to see Kuki's reaction. And much to his dismay, there Kuki lay, fast sleep.


A/N: Ah, something that's been bothering me throughout this story is my question on how old Sandy and Mushi are. I know they're younger than everyone else in the KND, but are they both the same age? I think Sandy's older, maybe eightish? Well, since this is my story, let's just say they're both seven…haha. Well, some fluff happened between Wally and Kuki…too bad she fell asleep during his confession. Oh! Don't forget to review! Thanks! .