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Chapter One:

Memories…. memories from a life that seemed so long ago, but in essence wasn't that long ago. A life where he was whole and not mostly a machine. A life where he had friends and not a 'Master'. A life where he had love and not heartbreak…

Darth Vader formerly known as Anakin Skywalker starred out the dark window into the pouring down rain. The Emperor had made him to come this dreary planet. If he had known that it always rained on Seitz, he would of rather gone somewhere else.

"You need to get your thoughts together Lord Vader. Go to my palace on Seitz. Your body is still recovering…"

The Emperor's words rang through his head. He sighed. Of course he hated Obi-Wan. He had driven him to the Dark side. And the incident on Mustafar had sealed it all. It was because of Obi-Wan, that he had been sentenced to live out his life in a broken body with a broken soul.

Sure the Dark side was strong, but when it comes to healing, the Light side was so much more powerful. He hadn't even been in the suit for a month when he already wanted to be released from it.

He would give anything to be released from this hell he was now in. he had lost everything that he held dear to him, especially his beloved wife…

"Sad thoughts you have, hmmm…"