Can Love Ever Exist?

Summary: Have you ever thought about whom Captain Jack Sparrow ever loved? Well this is that kind of story. It begins when Jack meets a young woman named Captain Amy Eros. They don't get along that well, but they will; if they plan to stay alive.

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the movie, but the ones I made up. That would be Amy and her crew and the enemy and his crew and David, Ana Maria's boyfriend.

Author comments: Here it is; I hope you enjoy and please don't kill the author.

Chapter 1 Meeting

The sun was beginning to rise and he could see the sea sparkle in the morning light. He was thinking what the day would bring out here in the glorious sea. He had always thought that the sea was his home. Once again he looked toward the sun and he saw a dolphin jump up into the sun light with water sparkling around it. Then everything was still until he heard his name called.

"Captain" Ana Maria and Gibbs yelled. '!#$ I just lost my train of thought' Jack was thinking until Ana Maria said "Captain is ye there?"

"Yes luv, what the hell is it?" Jack yelled.

"There is a white ship coming toward us, sir" Hawkeye yelled from the crows nest.

"That would be Captain Eros' ship," Gibbs said to Jack.

"Get ready for battle because Captain Eros leaves no one alive, and lower the anchor," said their captain.

They started loading the canons; getting guns and swords ready for the worst pirate enemy that was around. Jack was at the helm waiting for the most dangerous pirate to come and kill them. Ana Maria came up to Jack and said, "Jack, I hope we can beat these guys, I want to go to Tortuga and find David."

"I know ye miss him, but be ready; anything could happen." he said.

Just as Jack was about to say something, the white ship was next to the Black Pearl. A board was placed between the two ships. Half of the men came over the board. Jack came forth and asked, "Which one of ye is Captain Eros?"

"That would be me," a woman's voice answered as she passed by her men, "and my name is Captain Amy Eros to ye Sparrow."

"It is Captain Sparrow to Ms. Amy Eros," Jack said.

Amy starts to walk toward Jack for some odd reason. That is when Jack's men stood in her path and she had to stop or be attacked by the men. Jack said that it was all right for this woman to pass. He was thinking that he could convince her to have mercy on them, but he knew that would never happen. She continued to walk toward him and when she reached him she made a quick move and pulled out her gun.

She aimed at his head and said, "Give up or I will kill ye!"