We're Insane, Aren't We?

Chapter 9

A/n Just a random idea for nowhere.

Sirius, Remus, and James were seated in the Common Room, studying. Well, at least Remus was. Sirius was about to die from boredom, and so was James.

"James" Sirius asked innocently.


"Do you know the Muffin Man"

"The what now"

"The Muffin Man."

James leaned back in his chair and said"No, Sirius, I do not know of this Man of Muffins of which you speak."

They laughed while Remus was less than amused. "Why don't you guys act your age"

"NO" Sirius cried, attempting to hide under a couch. The first years on it squealed and jumped off.


James saluted, grabbed Sirius by the legs and drug him out of the Common Room.

"Where are we going" Sirius asked, skipping excitedly like a schoolgirl.

"Dunno, mate."

"I thought you knew" Sirius gasped, looking shocked.

James grinned. "Well, let's go, then."

"Wait, I'm confused." Sirius said, stopping.

"I thought you were serious." James snickered.

So they linked arms, and skipped outside, where, seeing as how it was a Saturday, loads of students were enjoying the fresh air.

"What should we do" Sirius asked. James just grinned and pointed to a group of Gryffindor girls, which included Lily Evans.

Sirius marched over there, and propped his arm against the dark-haired girl's shoulder. "Hello, love."

"Hello, ass." she sighed.

"LILY" James gasped, throwing his arms around her. "I never thought I'd see you again"

"Uh, James..."

But the guys wouldn't leave the girls alone, expecially Sirius, who kept asking did they know the Muffin Man. Finally, the girls banded together and tossed the guys into the lake.

"They want us." Sirius laughed.