Disclaimer: I do not own Kyra, Riddick, or anything else from Pitch Black or Chronicles of Riddick.

Summary: AU Jack's all grown up and become a new person, Kyra. Now it's time for her to face the man who left her years ago and show him exactly how much she has grown up.

Note: This story is based after Pitch Black, but it's also AU so it's going to have nothing to do with Chronicles of Riddick. Sorry dudes. Plus this story is going to be a short one. Four or five chapters max that is if I don't come up with a brilliant plot and continue it on. shrugs I guess it all depends how busy I get and how much time I have to think about the story.

Chapter One

"Tell them that Riddick died. He died somewhere on that planet."

Kyra shot up in her bed shaking slightly. A thin sheet of sweat covered her small frame. Those words had haunted her for far too long. She shoved the white sheets off her before throwing her feet onto the floor. Her black cargo pants hung low on her hips and dragged the ground a bit and her black tank top was soaked with sweat. It was the second time that week that she had been awoken by a dream. A dream about him. Her feet carried her to the balcony window in front of her bed. The balcony had been the selling feature when she had visited the place three years ago, in search of a place to live. Kyra leaned against the metal railing and peered out at downtown Locraos. It was a small planet on the outside of the Tangiers system and was quite a tourist spot, making it easy for her to hide out in. The hustle and bustle of downtown Locraos usually lulled Kyra to sleep on a normal night, but tonight was not normal. There was electricity in the air. Something would happen. That she was sure of. Her eyes scanned the downtown area and a small smile cross onto her face. They were coming for her.

Her eyes zeroed in on an area where there was movement. Two silhouetted figures stepped out of a dark alleyway, guns drawn. Kyra dropped to the ground before a phaser blast took out the section of wall behind where she had been previously standing. She jumped up from her spot, narrowly missing another phaser blast, before shoving her feet into a pair of combat boots, not bothering to tie them. After dashing out of her apartment, she ran over to the stairs and jumped over the railing. She landed flat on her feet three stories later. Voices filled her ears and the two figures rushed in through the main doors. Kyra kicked the first assailant in the chest before twisting her body and catching the second one in the knee. This move did nothing but stun the two, allowing her enough time to bolt past them and out into the street.

A loud noise from further downtown caught her ear and she had a small laugh. There was a big party going on in the town square. Perfect. There, she would be able to get away. She took off while the mercs hot on her heels.

Two this time, huh…That's quite a compliment…

Another phaser blast hit the ground beside her, jerking her from her thoughts.

Was a good plan, she thought dodging the blast, but time for a new one.

Kyra dashed into an alley, her hands flying up to the fire escape above her head. She easily pulled herself up onto it and pressed herself into the shadows. Her hand flew to the pocket of her pants and she ran a finger over the shiv and handgun that she kept in it. The other shiv was located on the inside of her leg, held tightly by a garter belt of sorts. Seconds later, the two mercs stepped into the alley. Both had phasers drawn, inspecting the area with caution. Kyra shifted soundlessly and watched as the two men passed by where she was. She threw herself off the fire escape and drew her gun, firing a round into the first mercs head. He dropped to the ground with a thud. The second merc whipped around, but Kyra shoved herself against a part of the wall, which was shrouded by shadows. Immediately, she could tell that merc number two was a newbie to the game. Sweat formed on his brow and his hand shook slightly, causing the phaser to shake. His breathing was labored, no doubt due to running and nervousness. Kyra knelt down and slipped the shiv from its resting place on her leg. Now all she had to do was wait. Merc number two stepped closer to his companion and peered down at the entrance wound in his head. A look of revulsion floated onto number two's face and Kyra couldn't help but smile. This would be fun. Finally after waiting for several moments, number two stepped close enough to the shadows for Kyra to reach out and slit his throat. He dropped to the ground much like his companion. The sound of the man gurgling filled her ears. Fear filled his eyes as she knelt down next to him. She kissed her index finger of her right hand and placed it on his forehead.

"Sweet dreams," she whispered seconds before all life drained from the man.

A noise further down in the alley caught her attention. She grabbed the phaser gun from the mercs arms. Her eyes scanned the alley, but due to the darkness of it, the act gained very little information. The urge to call out to the noise filled her, but that would show weakness, something she couldn't and wouldn't show. She stepped further into the alley shifting her head so that she would be able to see.

"You made two mistakes."

Kyra froze in her spot and aimed her gun at the direction of the voice. A chuckle filled her ears from a different direction.

"Number one," came the voice from a different direction.

She shifted in her spot, but made sure to control her breathing and to not appear nervous or intimidated.

"You got personal with your vic. Your DNA's on his forehead now."

"I'm a wanted gal," she called back. "I'm sure they have my DNA and more by now."

"Number two," the voice continued, unfazed by her response. "You came after me."

Kyra moved the phaser to where it was dangling by her side. "Mighty cocky, aren't we?" she asked.

A noise from behind her caught her attention, but before she had time to whip around, he was behind her and had taken the phaser. The sound of it hitting the wall filled the alley. She felt the man's firm stomach press against her back.

"Sorry, I'm not a street walker. You're going to have to find your whore somewhere else," she called out before whipping around and slashing at the man with her shiv. He caught her wrist effortlessly and put enough pressure onto it to where she dropped the shiv.

"Not what I'm looking for, Kid."

Kid. The word caused her blood to freeze. Could it be? It had been so long since she had heard his voice, seen him, but not thought about him. Every night for five years, she had seen his face in her nightmares. They varied every night, but the mainly circled around him and the unfortunate events of the ill-fated crash of the Hunter-Gratzner.

"I'm not a kid anymore Riddick. I've grown up."

She yanked her hand from his grip, but was pinned to her spot. He was staring at her. Silver orbs meeting green eyes.

"You left me."

Her voice was laced with pain and sounded forced.

"Had to, Jack."

Kyra growled and stepped away from Riddick. Anger seeped into her bloodstream replacing the hurt. Careful footsteps carried her back to her apartment and up the three stories to her apartment. She stepped inside and slammed the door, sleeping tenants be damned. A black duffel bag lay on the floor of her closet. Her curly black hair brushed her shoulders as she knelt down as she grabbed it. Immediately, she began to stuff the bag with her few belongings. The sound of the door creaking open filled the air and she stiffened, but continued to pack her stuff. A couple of hangers swung violently as she ripped the shirts off them. She threw them at the bag before yanking several more off. The shirts landed on the bed haphazardly as she flung the rest of the clothes at the bag. Heavy footsteps walked closer to her and a hand was placed on her hip.

"Don't touch me, Riddick," she growled out. She grabbed the last shirt in the closet and held it tightly in her hand.

The hand did not move so Kyra shoved it from her hip.

"Where ya going, Jack?"

"It's Kyra now. But you would have known that if you hadn't of left."

An uncomfortable silence filled the air but Kyra ignored it. The silence she could deal with. His sudden appearance after so long, she couldn't.

"Just go, Riddick." Kyra turned around so as to face him, but found that he was gone. "Figures," she mumbled, throwing the shirt at her duffel bag.

After shoving all of the shirts and everything else she needed in the duffel bag, she zipped it up and threw it over her shoulder. She ran down the stairs and up to the reception desk.

"Not coming back, Bobby," she said to the balding fat man behind the counter as she threw the keys to her room at him.

Bobby gave no reply as he watched her disappear further into downtown Locraos because he was dead. Thanks to the two mercs and a phaser gun.

Her feet carried her to a small skiff that she had stolen a few months before from a merc that had attacked her and unfortunately lost. She had kept the skiff around just in case she ever fell into a situation like she was currently in. Before putting in the seven-digit security code and entering, Kyra glanced around the spaceport making sure that no one had followed her. Once she was certain, her fingers flew over the security pad. A soft beep let her know that the number was accepted and the loading ramp lowered down slowly. She ran up the ramp and then punched in the code to raise the ramp. The duffel bag landed on the floor with a thud as she approached the captain's seat. She sat down in the seat and let a small sigh escape her lips.

Can't wait to get off this planet, Kyra thought as she fired up the engine. Can't wait to get away from him…