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Summary: COMPLETE!After his innocence was destroyed, Kyle loses his love of life. Stan/Kyle, Christophe/Kyle, Cartman/Kyle.

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This entire chapter is from Kyle's POV. Christophe's last name was Moreaux, but I found out it's actually DeLorne… Woah. The edits have been made.

All the Jewish words I use in this fic can be found here:

Chapter 1

Mazel Tov - Congratulations

Boruch Atoh - Blessed Are You

Chapter 2

Shalom - Hello/Goodble

Regah - One Minute

Chapter 3

Kuzunak, Garbanzos, Couscous and Sex In A Pan are Jewish foods, I found them on a website. The last one, even though it's a proper Jewish food, is mainly there for my amusement.

Chas V'sholom – G-d Forbid/Mercy.

Kosher – Jewish people are allowed to eat food marked with this word.

Chapter 4

Bupkes – Nothing, Something worthless

Chaloshes - Disgusting

Chazeri – Disgusting stuff, trash

Chapter 5

GesundheitGood Health

Chapter 6

Ahava – Love

Bitachon – Trust

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I can hear the slow beeping of the machine, the mumbled whispers of the people surrounding me. I'm still in hospital, but I don't know why. Maybe they haven't realised that there's no hope for me. It's sad, pathetic even.

Why are they still here, it's so easy to leave. Even I don't want to be here, but I know this is the last place I'll ever see. I'm not willing to try, not anymore. Maybe if this happened a few weeks ago I would have. I was happy – well… sort of.

My mother is crying, I can hear her sobs. She'll miss me the most, I can feel it still. Even though she was strict, I knew that she loved me, that she was only doing what was best. She is my mother, and there will always be a part of my, and I will always be a part of her.

I hope that that thought comforts her…

Mums leaving now, with my father, I suppose neither of them can take it anymore. I'm the last of the Broflovski's, the last of the bloodline, after me it'll be gone, lost forever. I suppose that's good in a way, our family seems to be connected with bad luck.

He's laughing now, that cackle which only I know as twisted. He should be happy, they all should be. They all drove me to do this. All of them, too selfish to care that I was withering, dying as they played their pathetic little games. All but one of them; Christophe. But I'm too far gone for him to pull me back this time, my love, my saviour, the only one I'll regret leaving behind.


Even now, when I'm trying so hard to be dead to the world, he's there. He's calling my name, stroking my hand, even now I feel loved. He's thrown away the armour that he wears for society and is just himself around me, I'll always love him for that.

He kisses me, a sweet gentle kiss, the last we will ever share. He whispers sweet nothings into my ear and sobs, causing the little breath I have to hitch. He says good bye, pushing strands of hair behind my ear.

I love you Kyle…

I love you too Tophe… I croak. I don't know if he heard me, if anyone heard me. But at least I said it, because I do love him, my love, my saviour.

I feel someone else beside me, Ike… He talks to me, and acts if I'm talking back, like it's a normal day at school. I think he's the bravest of us all, my little brother. He'll be the one who follows his dreams all the way to the end, and I swear I'll be with him every step of the way. Just like I promised… Just like I promised.

Ike is gone now, obviously they're taking turns to say goodbye to me. It hurts me, probably more than it hurts them. I've already caused so much sorrow, what will happen when I finally die?

See you later dude.

Kenny always made me laugh, the boy with the dirtiest mind in the world. I suppose I will see him soon, he's died more than most people I know. He probably holds a record or something… I'll miss him, but at least I know I'll see him again someday soon.

I hear Kenny laugh, and hear some slapping sounds. Oh my God, Kenny's gotten Kelly pregnant. A life for a life? Hopefully Kenny's kid has a better life than Kenny's has, or I'll meet him sooner thank expected.

It's Stan's turn now, I can feel his tears drip onto my face. He's sad, crying more than I thought he would. I know it shouldn't surprise me, he was one of my best friends after all.

I'm sorry dude, this is all my fault… All my fault…

He blames himself… He shouldn't, he only knows half of it. I shouldn't forgive him for using me to relieve his own guilt and sadness, but I do. At least I'm parting with him on good terms.

Well Jew boy, It's just you… and me.

Stan has left; it's just me and him… That fucking asshole that put me here, that drove me to do this. This whole fucking mess his his fault.

It's sad we never got to finish what we started, maybe I can when you're dead and rotting.

Fuck off Cartman! I hiss, using the little breath I have left. He leaves, cackling as he exits. Finally, I can rest in peace.


A sweat voice purrs, causing my eyes to snap open. It's Wendy, she's standing in front of me, a white cloth in her hands.

You don't want to stay here do you Kyle?

Her voice is like ice, it cuts through me and freezes the wounds open. I look into her pretty green eyes, their filled with jealousy and something else… Lust?

You want to die don't you Kyle? Just nod your head and I'll finish the job for you.

Lust? Lust for my death, so she can have both Cartman and Stan to herself. I slowly close my eyes, breathing in and out deeply. Then, I nod my head.

Three… Two… One…

I feel the white cloth that she was holding wrap around my neck. The cotton tearing at my neck, rubbing away the skin. I choke, I can't breath! I can't breathe… I eyes feel like they're burning, air is escaping from my lungs from anywhere possible. My head begins to pound I get dizzy.

The last thing I hear is the long beep of the machine, telling me that my heart has stopped, and that my life is at an end. Finally…


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