His band-mates looked on in bewildered astonishment.

"Liam… what's this about?" asked Jake.

"'Liam'? Going under an alias now, are you Harry Potter? Another name to add to the collection," remarked Cho, her wand pointed to Harry's heart along with the Aurors'.

"Harry Potter? You mean the mass murderer? You're him?" demanded Lee. Ginny Weasley cut off Harry's retort before it had left his mouth.

"You better believe it. Seventeen counts of murder, and seven lifetime terms in prison. Except he escaped. Dumbledore needs you back though, so if you come peacefully we might reduce your sentence," she said, stepping closer, her wand still outstretched.

"What, down to six lifetimes? Thanks, but I'll have to decline," Liam snarled, kicking the wand out of her now in-range hand. Four stunners took out the Aurors, and he turned towards a suddenly pale Cho.

"Where's Jess? How long have you been masquerading as her? How many others are coming after me?" He fired questions in rapid succession, not sure of how much time he had before reinforcements arrived.

"The girl… Jess's in the bathroom in the basement, unconscious, but she's fine. We took her out just a half-hour ago… good thing, too, I have no idea how to play bass…" Liam cut her off impatiently.

"How many Aurors are coming?" he demanded.

"Oh, I'd say about thirty-seven," drawled a gravelly voice behind him.

"Shit," was all he could manage before the stunner hit him and blackness overwhelmed.

Harry let out a frustrated moan when he came to, cracking open protesting eyelids to a sight he really didn't want to see. A familiar pair of blue eyes behind half-moon glasses stared disapprovingly into his.

"I trust you slept well," said Dumbledore without preamble.

"Like a person stunned," Harry deadpanned back. "Look, I'd love to hang, but I have some patients that I really need to--"

"That has been taken care of. No one remembers you or the incident in the club," Dumbledore interrupted.

"You erased my friends' memories? Just how Arrogant can you get to just tamper--" he snarled, but was cut off yet again.

"Arrogant? No, just taking…necessary precautions, that's all." A pointed stare at Harry's neck made him suspicious. A hand flew up to his neck…

Only to meet cold, hard metal.

"What the hell have you done to me, old man?"

"Just taking necessary precautions, as I have told you already," Dumbledore replied amiably, the twinkle back in his eye.

Cold steel bound his wrists as well.

"What have you done to me, old man?" Harry repeated ominously. His magic wasn't responding. He called on his elemental magic; it too was tethered. His animagus form was gone. His eyes went wide with panic. He was helpless, and in the lair of the enemy.

"I've bound your magic. We can't send you to Azkaban; it's been captured. We can't have you loose among the students, there's no telling what you would do," Albus replied, monotone.

"What the hell are you talking about, old man? Who had Azkaban?" Harry demanded from his ex-Headmaster, his heart plummeting to join his toes. Dumbledore caught Harry's eyes with his own ocean-blue.

"Voldemort is back, Harry."