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"I like… Chloe," said Larry as he stared at Riley. What??? Chloe??? Riley was so confused. "What Larry?" said Riley with a confused kind of frown on her face. "You like my sister?" she said again. "Shhh! She doesn't know yet!" said Larry as he looked back to where the door was. "You can't tell her ok?" warned Larry. "But aren't you going to tell her anyway? I mean, she has got to know." Told Riley. Larry was thinking, but Riley didn't know what he was thinking about. Then all of a sudden Larry said, "I'm going to go downstairs and talk to Chloe, I'll see you later." And then he rushed out of the room. Riley could feel these weird feelings. But what was it? Was she… Jealous?

Larry walked downstairs and then spotted Chloe watching TV on the lounge. He could see her adorable face, long wavy hair, and those bright green eyes. But then he kind of thought about something. Why didn't he like Riley anymore? Oh well, he thought. Riley didn't like him anyway. Larry walked towards where Chloe was. "Umm, Chloe… Can we talk now?" Chloe quickly turned around and saw Larry. "Yeah of course, sit down." Said Chloe.

Larry was speechless, he has never been so nervous in his life. Then Larry said, "Ok… Umm… You know how I told you that I like someone that's not Riley." Chloe listened very carefully, anxious to know who the girl was. "Yeah…" said Chloe. Larry was now really nervous. "Well…" Chloe listened more carefully. "Larry, you can tell me. Don't be shy." Told Chloe. Larry didn't have any other choice. She had to know that he liked her someday… Right? Then all of a sudden Larry blurted out, "I LIKE YOU CHLOE!" Chloe was shocked, and speechless. She had nothing to say. Chloe tried to calm down. Larry stood up and started walking away from Chloe. Then Chloe told Larry, "Ok Larry. I promised to listen to you so I am. But I really wanna know… Why me?"