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CHAPTER 1 -- "Everything is out of control"

Another normal day on Retroville, sun shining, birds chirping, leaves fliying from the trees. And 16-years-old Jimmy was locked in his lab working on a new invention.

"Ahhh, some more minutes and my latest invention will be done, boy!" Jimmy told to Goddard.

Indeed, in only a couple of minutes... "At last! Behold, Goddard!" he said, holding his new invention between his hands. "This is my Neutronic Super Cable Connector! It will make the cable operators go crazy with this thing. The Cable Connector will be receiving over 9.999.999 channels, including, the most important for me... the sex channel!" he said with a grin on his face.

"Too bad my dad didn't pay the bill, but it was very expensive. Imagine, Goddard, how could he afford U$S 5.359,10 of billing? And by month!".

Goddard barked. "Yeah, and too bad my Neutronic Cloning Machine is broken, otherwise, I would've copied that money instead".

Jimmy and Goddard went outside of the lab. Jimmy brought some large stairs and started to escalate them with his invention in hands, when Cindy came up.

"Good morning, Spewtron!" Cindy greeted.

Jimmy jumped from the scare Cindy gave him.

"Oh! Hi, Cindy..." he said as he sighed.

"What? Aren't you glad to see me?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact, Cindy, no, I don't have time for a conversation or something you may want to hold" Jimmy replied.

"What are you doing up there?" Cindy asked, curiously.

"It's just one of my latest inventions. It can receive 9.999.999 channels, including sex channels" Jimmy said, but he realized he was talking to Cindy. To a girl. He covered his mouth a little. "Did I say 'sex'? I meant--".

"I know what you meant, you little pervert!" Cindy interrumped, letting a glare come from her face.

"Don't be like that! It's not only for me! My dad couldn't afford the really expensive bill the aliens were doing to him" Jimmy said.

"I hate to admit it, but I couldn't afford that too..." Cindy said, as she sighed, putting a hand through her neck.

"If you want one, you just have to say it" Jimmy said.

"I want one... but-- Jimmy! Be careful!" Cindy said.

It was too late. Jimmy's newest invention made an electric spark and he was electrocuted. He fell down from the roof. A few minutes later, Jimmy was at the hospital.

'He's waking up! I was soooo worried!'

Indeed, Jimmy woke up. He first saw Cindy, then his friends Carl, Sheen and also Libby was there. And right next to him, were his parents, Hugh and Judy.

"What the...?!" Jimmy said.

'What happened now withbig head?!'

"Libby... I beg you a pardon? what did you say?" Jimmy asked to Libby.

"Me? Nothing!" Libby replied. 'Oh! There's Sheen again! Blowing up his nose like always!'.

"Huh?!". Jimmy was confused.

'Look at his blue confused eyes! They're so cute!'.

Before Jimmy could turn to look at Cindy's expresion, Judy talked to him.

"Oh, my poor little baby! You scared me, you know!" Judy said, as she hugged Jimmy tight. 'It's always the same thing. He does a new invention and ends up in the hospital. I wish he could be more careful.'.

"Mom! That's enough hug!" Jimmy said.

"Look Jimbo who's coming to visit you too! Your little sister, Monica!" Hugh said.

A little girl, just about the size when Jimmy was 10-years-old, with a pink dress, brown hair and blue eyes was standing there.

"Hi, older brother!" Monica greeted. 'I wish my brother wasn't so dumb to do that every day!'.

Jimmy just glared at Monica. "What did I do?" she asked, confused.

The nurse came up to inform that the visit time was over.

"Everybody out of the room, please!" she said.

"Can I stay with him?" Cindy asked. "I feel a little guilty for this...".

The nurse sighed. 'You are not feeling a little guilty, you are feeling love. Oh, yeah!'. Jimmy went blanky and in shock.

"Cindy! Did you just heard the nurse?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, she said I can stay with you" Cindy replied.

"Oh! That! N-nevermind..." Jimmy said.