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CHAPTER 19 - "I love you"

The storm was furious. The rain didn't stop its course, and it seemed like there were heavy rocks falling. It also hit Jimmy on the head, but he didn't care. A few hours later from preparing his antennae in his lab, he stepped outside with his invention in hands and brought the large stairs to place it on the floor and in direction to the roof. No one seemed to notice. No one seemed to really care. He thought that probably they would let him trip with the same rock. He walked a few steps on the stairs and placed the antennae on the roof.

"Now, let's see... this cable goes wired... here..." he muttered to himself, connecting each cable to each destination.

Cindy layed down on her bed, her heart still hurt from the confusion, and anger. She cried. Her eyes were tired and fully covered in red. Her tears seemed to have no end. But she didn't care at all. Her face buried on her pillow as she thought about the one who stole her heart, who stole her love, who stole her feelings, and her mental privacy.

Judy, unaware of the situation, was washing the dishes, humming happily. Hugh was reading the newspaper and Monica was playing with some of his father's ducks. Everybody was waiting for the dinner. But, most importantly, for Jimmy to appear.

Then, it happened.


"AWWW!" someone cried.

The lights on the Neutron's house were off.

Cindy rushed to her window to see the thief of her love and thoughts falling from the roof. Then, a thud was heard. She saw Jimmy lying on the ground, unconcious. She ran downstairs, she opened violently the door and crossed the street as fast as she could. She reached him.

"Why did you do that!" Cindy yelled, on her knees, shaking Jimmy's body.

But there was no response.

At first, the Neutron's thought the lightswere off only because of the storm. But when they heard Cindy's screams for help, they rushed to the backyard to findher on top of Jimmy, giving him CPR.


Jimmy woke up on a bed in the hospital. He opened his eyes to find Cindy sitting at one side of the bed, taking his hand. He couldn't hear anything strange. He couldn't hear her. The same nurse he had before, she walked around to leave some towels. She looked at Jimmy with a knowing glare and she left. He didn't hear any thoughts from her, either. It worked. He sighed in relief and smiled.

"I asked you a question..." Cindy said, opening a conversation.

"What was it?" he asked, his voice a bit weak.

"Why did you do that?" she repeated like before.

"Because I didn't want to hear your thoughts anymore... because I care about you... because... I love you" he replied.

She didn't respond for a while, trying to absorb those words. Suddenly, she smiled at him.

"Jimmy, I love you, too..." she said. "I always did..." she added. "But seriously, you got to stop trying to kill yourself".

He laughed.

"I promise I won't do that again" he said, as he smiled. "Besides, I don't want 9.999.999 channels. I want you".

She sat on the bed. She leaned in front of his face. She was close to him. So close that she could feel his breath. Then, their lips met. With an undescribible passion. She placed her hands on his cheeks. He embraced her. They kept like that for some seconds. And then, they pulled away, each other smiling.

'There goes a happy ending'.

'I wonder if the candy machines has more of those sticky... uh... well... whatever...'.

He looked in horror at Sheen and Carl standing there on the door. He opened his eyes very wide.

"Jimmy? What's wrong?" Cindy asked.

'I hope my Jimbo is fine. Oh, there he is! And with his little girlfriend! Too bad I lost my duck Quackie because I put him on the microwave. It was an accident! I swear!'.

Hugh stood at the door as well. Jimmy looked at him in shock.

'Oh, right, Libby is waiting for me at the Candy Bar'.

'Jimmy's mom looks so cute on that dress'.

'I love my sugarbooger'.

'Are you going to eat that?'.

'Yeah, right, like I would let ya'.

'Give me that'.

He looked at his side towatch tworats fighting for food.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jimmy screamed so loud, the world could blow up in a second.


Author's note: The final chapter. I don't know for sure if it will have a sequel, it has a weird end but most importantly, if I will be able to continue with poorJimmy hearing thoughts from boys, and rat boys, too! I leave you guys to decide. And I would like to thankall of you who reviewed all the chapters. Check out for my other stories if you see an update.