Yes, this is the long waited (okay, not that long) sequel to the first Pokemon: Kaiju Attack. All the Pokemon characters I am using are from the manga "Pokemon Special", not from the anime. I own neither Pokemon nor Godzilla. If I do own them, then you will never see those series the same again.

It is a sunny day in Hoenn. Somewhere out in the grassy fields, two trainers are having a Pokemon battle. The girl with cloth around her hair and wearing red clothes, named Sapphire, calls out her Lairon and the boy with white clothe and green hair, Wally, calls out his Grovyle.

"Grovyle! Leaf Blade!" Wally commands his Grovyle. The leaf lizard charges at Lairon and uses his sharp leaves on his arms to slash the iron Pokemon. Being a steel type, Lairon isn't hurt by the grass-type Leaf Blade attack. "Ronono!" Sapphire calls to the Lairon. "Headbutt!" The Lairon hits the Grovyle with his head, knocking the lizard backwards and onto the ground.

"Grovyle! Don't give up!" Wally shouts to him. "You can do it!" Grovyle gets back up and constantly slashes Lairon with his leaf blades, but it isn't getting him anywhere. Lairon charges Grovyle onto the ground again, and he body slams onto the grass lizard, squashing him out of sense. Wally shouts to his Grovyle, telling him to get up, but the lizard Pokemon is totally knocked out.

"Looks like I won," says Sapphire in triumph. "You still have a lot to train." She restores her Lairon back to the Pokeball. "Remember, a Pokemon that can't battle is totally useless! If you can't get your Pokemon to fight well, you're not much use either!" She turns around and jumps onto a tree and swings away on the vines.

Wally bends down onto the ground and thought of what Sapphire said to him. "I can't get my Pokemon to fight well… Indeed, I'm a useless trainer…"

"Don't take her words seriously!" says a voice from behind. Wally turns around to see a boy in black with white hair. "Ruby!"

"Don't listen to what she said," Ruby tells him. "Even if you fail now, you can still catch up for it. Everyone can fail, so it's not a shameful thing."

"Thanks for your encourage."

Ruby puts his arm around Wally. "I did notice a big change in you. The first time I met you, you were a sick boy with poor health. Remember the time I lend you my Ralts to capture a Keckleon for yourself? You were able to catch it, and after a long time, you became a healthy boy who has caught lots of Pokemon. See, if you keep aiming for your goal, you can succeed."

Wally thought of this and said, "I will keep training to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world! Someday I will become a better trainer than Sapphire!"

"Now that's the spirit!"

A clash of thunder is heard. They look up into the sky and sees that it is getting dark. "Looks like rain," says Wally. "Oh no!" gasps Ruby. "My beautiful Pokemon will get dirty! I must return home quick!" He quickly runs back to Littleroot Town. Wally also runs back to his home in Petalburg City.

At Slateport City, news reporters are at the harbor, reporting about the weather, even thought the weather is really rough. "This is weather broadcasting!" shouts the reporter through the gale. "The hurricane is very strong! The wind is blowing at an amazing speed of 100 mps! This hurricane can cause great damage throughout Hoenn, so please get into your storm cellars when things get worse!"

While he is reporting this, a huge figure looms up behind him from the sea. As the reporter is speaking, he notices the frightened face of the cameramen, so he turns around to see what was frightening them. Upon seeing the thing, he screams out in fear and quickly runs off with the cameramen. A huge dinosaur-like monster about 100 meters has risen from the sea! The monster lets out a loud roar and stomps into the city.

Everybody is running for their lives, not even the storm could stop them from escaping the giant monster. Military tanks came to blast the monster, but the bullets couldn't pierce through the monster. The monster crushes the tanks with his giant foot and uses his tail to smash nearby houses just by swinging. He opens his mouth and lets out a huge blue laser beam, destroying everything in front of him.

Most of the citizens have already evacuated Slateport City. They all turn back to see the monster destroying the city. The monster stood still and lets out an ear-piercing roar.



Chapter 1: vs. Godzilla

The next morning, Godzilla had already disappeared into the sea. The sheltering place is filled with lots of homeless and injured people. Rescue squads are digging through the remains of Slateport City, looking for survivors.

"This is Gabby of Pokemon News Channel," reports Gabby. "We are reporting to you about what happened yesterday. The giant monster Godzilla, who attacked Kanto and Johto about a month ago, has risen in Hoenn and destroyed Slateport City."

Sapphire is watching the news from her TV. "It's just like Kyogre and Groudon awakening all over again!" He thought back of the times when Team and Aqua and Team Magma succeeded in waking the destructive legendary Pokemon. Kyogre flooded the entire place and Groudon burned all the lands. She remembers how everyone was running for his or her lives and how the gym leaders tried to fight off the two Pokemon while she and Ruby were dealing with the evil teams deep in the undersea cavern. "Dad!" she calls to Prof. Birch. "We must stop this monster from wiping us all out!"

"That's easy to say, but hard to do," Birch tells her daughter. "Kanto had a hard time fighting Godzilla. They may have won, but they lost their strongest weapons while attempting to do so. We don't have powerful militaries in Hoenn, so we can't do anything about Godzilla."

In another place…

"I can't believe that Godzilla would come to Hoenn!" says the president of the Pokemon Association. The president is a short Afro who always wears a big fat furry wig. "He's supposed to be dead!"

On his desk are various newspaper headlines that write about monsters attacking Kanto and Johto. One even said that Godzilla is defeated.

He asks the other officers, "Do you have any ideas on how to defeat that vile monster or to prevent Hoenn from getting destroyed?"

"The only we can do now is to create more powerful weapons," an officer advises him.

"That seems like the only way… Then that has to be done right away."

Early the next morning again, Ruby went out into the fields and sees Wally training with his Pokemon. "Hey!" Ruby calls out. "Don't work yourself to death! Your health isn't as good as you think!"

"I'm trying to overcome it," Wally tells him. "I can't just remain the weakest boy around here!"

"Well, if that's your dream, then I won't stop you."

"Besides, I want to train myself to be strong enough to destroy the monster!"

"You mean Godzilla? Impossible! I don't think anything can ever stop him!"

A few days have passed, and Godzilla is still nowhere in sight. The Pokemon Association president is sitting in his office when he received a message from his secretary. "President, you have a visitor," the secretary tells him.

"Who is it?" the president asks.

"They said they are from KRAPF. They want to help deal with our monster problem."

"Sent them in at once!"

The secretary opens the door and a few soldiers and a general steps in. The general and his men stand in front of the president and salutes. "I am General Sarge of Kanto Rescue And Protection Force. I have saw the news about Godzilla destroying your country, so I have brought my men to come help you."

"Ah, so you're the one who built Mecha Godzilla!" says the president. "But what can you do to help us this time?"

"We have created a new weapon that will be useful against Godzilla," Sarge tells him. "We believe it will surely amaze you."

"What is it?"

"Follow us."

Sarge takes the president to the military force HQ of Hoenn. They enter the garage and see two giant vehicles—an oddly shaped jet and a drilling machine.

"So those two are the new super weapons you created to battle Godzilla?" the president asks. "But they're too small compared to that giant!"

"Ah, but you haven't seen anything yet," says Sarge. "But I'll explain these to you first."

Pointing to the jet, he says, "This is the Star Falcon, a super jet that flies at 306 kilometers per hour. It is equipped with dual plasma laser cannons." Then pointing to the drill, he says, "This is Land Moguera, a drilling machine that travels at 120 kilometers per hour on land and can drill underground to travel 60 kilometers per hour. It is also equipped with powerful laser beams."

"Well, they sound powerful, but I'm still worried about their sizes…"

"You are about to see the best part. At Sarge's command, the jet retracts its head and wings into the body. The drilling machine's drill retracts also. Both the vehicles float into the air and connect together, forming a huge body. At the top of the body, a robotic head with a drilling nose emerges. "When fused together," says Sarge. "You get the almighty monster-fighting machine, Moguera!"

A soldier brought in a chart with some letters on it. "These are what the letters stand for," says Sarge while pointing to the chart.

M – Mobile

O – Operation

G – Godzilla

U – Universal

E – Expert

R- Robot

A - Aero-type

"That's amazing!" exclaims the president. "Now we don't have to fear Godzilla anymore!"


And in case you haven't read the first one, I madeup KRAPF and Sarge, so I own them.