This is it! The final chapter! I will be giving Manda a beam attack in which he never had in the movie. It's because I want to make him more powerful and useful.

BTW, Bee-Killer Johanna: This story is meant to be serious. The monsters are supposed to be frightening and destructive, not funny. You requested me for Godzilla to go drunk and puke… You've never taken Godzilla movies seriously, haven't you? Godzilla should be taken seriously and he will never do such silly things like that. Godzilla is a monster that destroys and fights for his own will, not making people laugh their head off. The only humors you will find are from human characters, not monsters. When you see monsters, then you will expect serious situations instead of funny scenes. Godzilla and Anguirus aren't always friends. They battled each other in Godzilla Raids Again and Godzilla: Final Wars, so I can have them battle each other however they want. Now on with the story!

Final Chapter: vs. Manda

Megalon charges at Mecha King Ghidorah with full force and rams his drill into the cyborg's body, hoping to bore through it. It was useless though, as the cyborg's body is tougher than one can imagine. MKG fires Gravity Beam straight into Megalon's face, sending him flying backwards.

Godzilla gets up slowly and growls angrily at the three-headed cyborg, and then he kicks a big piece of debris at the cyborg. The rock hits MKG on the side, turning his attention towards Godzilla. MKG flaps his wings and floats into the air a few feet above ground, and then he flies straight towards Godzilla and delivers a powerful kick in his abdomen. The king of monsters falls backwards and rams into a mountain with full force.

MKG circles around above the fallen reptile, constantly blasting him with Gravity Beam. Megalon flies straight at MKG and rams him hard in the chest. This causes the giant cyborg to fall onto the rocky ground. The three-headed cyborg gets back on his feet and fires at the giant insect. Enduring the blasts, Megalon flies toward MKG and holds himself tight at the cyborg's back while biting one of the flesh necks with his jaw. MKG roars at the pain from the bite and tries to shake the insect off.

At this moment, the sea starts to go wild, and then a huge snake-like dragon rises from the sea. The gym leaders watch with awe from a high cliff. "What's that giant snake!" asks Wattson in amazement. "That must be the third guardian, Manda!" points out Tate.

A ball of light, the one carrying Sapphire and Ruby, emerges from the sea and floats to the shore. The ball of light fades out and the two trainers drop onto the semi-dry shore. "Wooo! Back on dry land at last!" says Sapphire, and then she turns to Ruby, who is still down, so she slaps him back to sense. "Okay! I'm awake!" cries Ruby. "That was one wild ride!"

"Look over there!" Sapphire tells him while pointing to the scene of battle. "The guardian monsters are joining forces!"

Manda bellows a threatening roar at Mecha King Ghidorah and then crawls towards him. When Manda approaches, Megalon flies off MKG's back to let the sea dragon handle the cyborg. Manda coils himself around the cyborg's three heads, and then he bites hard into a left neck. MKG roars painfully and tries hard to shake him off.

"Surely the guardians will win!" says Sapphire excitedly.

"Another monster…" says the Xilian leader. "Do your job, Mecha King Ghidorah."

MKG uses his right leg to step on Manda's tail, which is lying on the ground. He stepped so hard that Manda lets go of MKG's and yowls in pain. MKG uses this opportunity to bite back at Manda. After biting into Manda's long, thin body, a surge of electricity flows from the middle head's teeth and into the sea dragon's body. Manda yowls in pain and tries to struggle out of MKG's biting grip. The three-headed cyborg then lifts up Manda with his heads and hurls him across the sky and onto some buildings.

Upon seeing this, Sapphire, Ruby, the gym leaders, and the officials of G-Force gasp.

"Mecha King Ghidorah! Take out that monster instantly!" commands the Xilian leader. MKG's middle head begins to glow and opens his mouth slowly, gathering all the stored beam energies from earlier into his mouth, and then he lets loose a thick, yellowish beam at the fallen monster. Megalon quickly flies in front of Manda to protect him, and the beam flies into Megalon's face, blasting the insect backwards in flames.

"Why… Megalon… He just protected Manda from the blast…" says Ruby. "That's what teamwork is all about," says Sapphire.

By this time, Godzilla had gotten back up. He turns angrily towards MKG and blasts him with Heat Beam, still not knowing the fact that the cyborg can absorb beam energies. MKG turns toward Godzilla, and then the cyborg's chest opens and a giant mechanical hand extends from the body and grabs Godzilla, then electric flows from the hand and electrocutes the king of monsters. Godzilla roars in pain while trying to tear the hand off with his hands. Godzilla fires Heat Beam into the open chest, and it actually did some damage as sparks were seen flying out when the beam hits. MKG quickly retracts the giant hand into his body.

Mecha King Ghidorah flies into the sky and zooms towards Godzilla, kicking him hard in the head this time. The sharp nails on his toe were able to make a slash mark across the middle of Godzilla's forehead. MKG makes a U-turn in the sky and stomps down on Godzilla's head, pushing him into the ground. Yes, the stomp was so hard that Godzilla's lower body actually sank into the ground!

"Oh no!" cries Miki. "Godzilla is in danger!" Little Godzilla gives off a cry upon seeing his father getting badly beaten.

"Why are you showing sympathy to an evil monster?" Winona asks her. "Godzilla isn't exactly evil…" Miki tells her. "Then why does he destroy cities?" Wallace asks Miki.

"Well… The answer to that is kind of hard to explain…"

MKG lands a few meters away from Godzilla, and then the middle head charges up for the deadly beam again. Megalon rises from some burning buildings and flies angrily at MKG. The second the beam is about to shoot out, MKG turns around and fires it straight into Megalon's face… again. This time, the body burns up and disintegrates into glowing dust.

Everyone, except the Xilians, was shocked at the sight of seeing Megalon's fate. The glowing dust heads for the KO'ed Manda and enters his body. At this instant, Manda's eyes opens and his entire body flashes in a blinding light. The sea dragon rises again and roars out loudly, and then some sort of energy wall surrounds his body.

MKG looks at Manda angrily and fires his Gravity Beam at the dragon. When the beam hits the energy wall around Manda, the wall gets larger and larger, until it gets launched at MKG all of a sudden. The energy wall hits MKG hard, sending the cyborg flying backwards over Godzilla and into the ocean.

"Wow! Did you see that?" exclaims Sapphire after seeing the powerful blast. "That was one amazing move!"

"And it looks beautiful too!" adds Ruby.

Godzilla, still stuck in the ground, tries to pull himself up, but to no avail. Manda starts crawling towards Godzilla, but instead of attacking the king of monsters, the sea dragon goes pasts him and dives into the sea.

Under the sea, Mecha King Ghidorah tries to swim upwards, but then Manda dives down in front of him and bites him on the right neck. MKG responds by having the middle head bite Manda and letting electricity surge in the sea dragon's body. Because Manda is in contact with MKG, the electricity transferred into him also transfers into the right neck, zapping the cyborg also. The shocking pain causes both the monsters to let go of each other. With this, MKG swims upwards and into the sky.

Mecha King Ghidorah emerges from the sea and lands on the dry coast. Manda rises from the sea and charges up for a beam attack. He opens his mouth and fires a bluish beam at the cyborg. MKG just stands still, absorbing the beam fired at him. Once enough energy is stored, the middle headed fires the stored energy at Manda. When the beam hits Manda on the head, the sea dragon explodes into several pieces. Sapphire and Ruby's jaws dropped when they see it. The gym leaders gasp upon seeing it. The only audiences that are happy were the Xilians. They all cheered when the third guardian is killed.

"Manda… lost…" the navigator reports sadly to Sarge. Sarge shakes his head slowly. "We're done for…"

Sapphire drops onto her knees and starts to cry. "All those hard work I went through to awaken the guardians… All came to naught… They died without accomplishing anything…" Ruby puts his arm around her shoulder. "Don't cry now… It's all up to Godzilla, if he can make it…"

Godzilla is still struggling to free himself from the ground, but then an idea came to him. He gathers his nuclear energies into his skin, and then a burst of Nuclear Pulse clears away the ground around him. When the Nuclear Pulse ends, Godzilla is standing in the middle of a crater. He roars happily about being freed, and then he climbs up from the crater to face MKG.

Mecha King Ghidorah turns towards Godzilla to attack him again. "Don't bother fighting us, Godzilla," says the Xilian leader. "There is no way you can defeat Mecha King Ghidorah!"

Miki clutches her hand together. "Please… Godzilla… You must win, you must save us all!" The other gym leaders are saying, "Please destroy each other. Please destroy each other…"

Suddenly, a colorful aura appears in the sky, as if it's a Northern (or Southern) Light. Everyone's attention, even the monsters', turns to the spectacular color display and watches with awe. Then an image starts to form in the colorful display… At first, everyone thought they are seeing things, but after looking harder, they are not…

A ghostly but colorful image of King Caesar appears in the sky, and then it shifts into a ghostly image of Megalon.

"What is that!" asks Roxanne. "That must be the spirits of the guardian beasts," explains Liza. "They want to complete their mission before they rest in peace."

The image then turns into Manda. Next, the image becomes a beam of light and then shoots at MKG. The colorful light enters the cyborg's body, but then there was nothing afterwards. There was a moment of silence as everyone watches in curiosity at MKG on what's all that about. Suddenly, the cyborg starts to feel pain all over his body. MKG roars and screams in agony and his body starts to smoke.

"What happened!" gasps the Xilian leader. He looks at the status screen and sees that every single part of MKG is damaged beyond repair! "What the hell happened!"

"After the eerie light entered Mecha King Ghidorah, his entire mechanical body malfunctions without any explanations at all!" a Xilian technician tells him.

Godzilla approaches the malfunctioning cyborg and delivers a strong punch at the middle head, breaking the jaw. Godzilla then bites into the right head and also digs his claws into it. With a strong pull, he rips off the right head from the body and hurls it away.

Next, Godzilla grabs both the remaining heads with both hands and starts swinging it around in full circle. Everyone was amazed at Godzilla's massive strength. Godzilla spun for about 6 rounds before letting go of MKG, sending the cyborg flying into the distance.

The Xilians watch in horror as they see MKG getting severely beaten. They were even more horrified when the beaten body of MKG was being thrown towards their mothership! They were too late to escape though… MKG crashes straight into the mothership, crushing it. Godzilla walks towards MKG and his dorsal spines starts to glow in a bloody red light. He opens his mouth and lets loose of Spiral Fire Ray. When the red beam hits MKG, his body bursts in flames.

The gym leaders quickly hide behind some rocks to protect themselves from the pieces that were sent flying from the explosion. Godzilla continues to blast the fallen cyborg with Spiral Fire Ray until Mecha King Ghidorah is no more, along with the Xilian mothership.

The officials of G-Force were amazed that Godzilla destroyed MKG, furthermore, he even destroyed the Xilians!

After destroying his enemy, Godzilla slowly approaches where the gym leaders are hiding. "Eeks!" cries Flannery. "He's coming! Run!"

The gym leaders quickly ran into a helicopter that came to pick them. Roxanne puts her arms around Little Godzilla and says, "Sorry, but I can't take you with me anymore… You have to go with your father from now on…"

Little Godzilla growls, as if he is crying. "I know you will be sad," Roxanne tells him. "But you are different from me, and we can't live together… Please go now…" With that Roxanne runs toward the helicopter while weeping. After everyone got onto the helicopter, it took off into the sky. Little Godzilla stood there watching the helicopter fly off, then he roars out in a high pitch voice, as if he's saying good-bye.

Inside the helicopter, Roxanne turns to Miki. "Can you communicate telepathically to Godzilla? Please tell him to take care of Little Godzilla and adopt him."

"I'll try my best," says Miki. She closes her eyes and puts her hand on the sides of her head.

Godzilla starts to hear someone talking to him. The voice seems to tell him that he should look after Little Godzilla and treat him as his beloved son. Little Godzilla also heard a voice in his head. It is telling him that Godzilla is his father and he should go with him. Building up courage, Little Godzilla walks up to Godzilla and roars out loudly at him. Godzilla roars back at him, but in a friendly way. The king of monsters turns around and walks toward the sea, and LG is following behind him.

"Please take good care of him, Godzilla…" says Miki softly. "And you too, Little Godzilla, obey your father…"

Ruby and Sapphire watches the two monsters walking into the sea and swimming away. "How can we just let Godzilla walk off like this!" asks Sapphire. "He will come back and destroy Hoenn again!"

"I don't really think Godzilla is evil," Ruby tells her. "He's just playful. Now that he has a son to take care of, he'll probably spend more time with him and less time destroying cities."

"Let's hope he doesn't come back here again…" mutters Sapphire.

The two trainers stood at the shore, watching Godzilla and his son swimming off towards the sunset…


Woohoo! What a beautiful ending for a lovely story! It seems that many of you are hoping for Kaiju Attack 3. Actually, I have plans for that, but it's not far into development yet. I'm not saying it'll never come, but it can take a while before it is posted. Well, that's the end for now! Pokemon Special manga rocks! Godzilla is da king! Be ready for Kaiju Attack 3 anytime!