"Agent Paper," Joker announced, "this is your new assignment"

"A book?" Yomiko Readman grabbed it. "Oh, thank you"

"This book is borrowed from the Ministry of Magic, Agent Paper. Treat it carefully"

Immediately upon arriving in her fingers the archaic and strongly-bound book started to writhe and struggle like an infuriated cat. Teeth appeared in its seams, forcing Yomiko to hold it awkwardly. Her eyes glazed over and she escaped into its words, reverting into her natural stance.

The book took the obvious opportunity, leaping into the air and throwing Yomiko to the floor. A growl deep in the book tried to scare her away, but Yomiko's attention was too diverted to notice. The two wrestled for control, Yomiko distractedly restraining its teeth as the book used all its strength to break free.

Library Special Forces staff were accustomed to Yomiko's antics. They elegantly dodged the battle and clustered in a hesitant circle around her. Joker smiled at the staff and plucked the book from Yomiko's grip. When she stood up she lifted her head, confused, into theLibrary's applause.
Yomiko blushed, at the staff's reaction and the satisfying read.

"I loved it, Mr. Joker"

Joker, his eyes wide with shock, waved her away. When he regained his composure he twirled an archaic phone in his fingers.

"Professor Dumbledore?" he said. "I think I know how to reclaim the Invisible Books of Invisibility..."