The red-haired girl laid her hands on her hips. "Let me through"

Yomiko didn't notice the girl. She didn't notice anything. She was in a completely different world - she was reading.

"I said," the redhead repeated, "let me through"

Yomiko gasped, absorbed in her book.

The girl chanted. "Explosion - "

"Oh NO!" Yomiko yelped, flipping a page. "This is getting exciting"

" - Array"

A column tried to explode from the ground. Yomiko doubled back, drew a notepad from her pocket, and created a paper shield. One of the most notorious spells in all reality, by one of the most notorious sorceresses in all reality, blew around Yomiko like a high wind, rustling her coat for a second. It settled and Yomiko lifted an eye over her reading material.

"Are you trying to hurt my book"

"I'm trying to hurt YOU. Get outta my way"

"Trying to hurt me?" Yomiko asked. She blinked and lowered her eyes. "I'm only trying to read"

"Does -nothing- distract you"

Yomiko flipped a page.

"All right," the sorceress growled. "Dragon - "

"Is that fire?" Yomiko tossed her book as far as she could throw and drew an index card.

"- Slave"

Yomiko was flung to the side - next to her book, luckily - and the redhead took a sharp index card to the chest.

The redhead looked down and walked away. "Insult to injury - that hurt"

Yomiko sprawled in the crackling grass, her coat singed and her hair burnt. As soon as her twitching was over she crawled over and grabbed her book. She knew how far to throw books, and again, she had succeeded. It had survived.