Title: All in the Family
Author: MissAnnThropic
Spoilers: Return of the Jedi
Summary: Han finds out about Luke and Leia's parentage.
Disclaimer: I own nasing! Really, I don't. All you see here (that you recognize, anyway) is the creation of someone else. I take no credit.

Han Solo had never imagined having one of the happiest days of his life on a primitive planet full of chatter-box, knee-high fur balls, but the moon of Endor was turning out to be just what the Corellian smuggler least expected. It was possibly one of the best days of his life.

It was probably a great day for countless people in the Rebel Alliance. Leia was no doubt one of those people.

Han Solo felt a goofy grin spread over his face. He shifted in his rickety chair and set his half-empty cup of celebratory alcohol on the ground by his side. He was going to blame the glow about him on the excesses of the party, and while he had a handy excuse for his mood he was going to enjoy and wallow in it a while.

It all seemed like a good dream, and if it was then he was fine with not waking up ever again. Several hours ago, before the moon had passed into night and the natives set the grand party ablaze with bright bonfires to see by, the second Death Star had exploded into tiny, gratifying pieces over the planetoid. The Emperor was dead, Darth Vader too, two heavy burdens lifted from the shoulders of the galaxy. The horrible threat of the Empire was over. But best of all the wonders of the day, Leia had kissed him.

That stubborn princess of a rebel could really kiss.

Han was in his own personal hyperspace of euphoria that not even the Ewok leg-warmers intermittently clinging to him could damper. The Emperor, Darth Vader, and the Death Star were gone, his friends were all alive, and Leia had kissed him.

Han Solo reclined back in his seat, smug expression fixed in place. Life didn't get much better from his perspective.

The Ewok party was still in full swing, but there were signs the celebration might be near its end. The tree villages of the pint-sized Wookie knock-offs were alive with scurrying and dancing hairballs. The Rebels weren't hard to pick out from the pack; they hovered over their hosts. From his vantage point by one of the hut doors Han could see Threepio with a pack of hairy followers trailing him, artoo deetoo rattling with jarring clatters over the suspended wood floors in pursuit, Chewbacca towering over everyone and looking like he could be king of the Ewoks, Wedge Antilles and some of the other Rogue Squadron pilots in their orange flight suits laughing up their miraculous survival, even some Alliance people Han didn't recognize, some faces obscured by his alcohol-soaked brain. His head was going to hurt like hell in the morning, but tonight that didn't matter.

Han reached down for his cup, half-way there encountering a furry mass.

"Hey," he looked down to find he'd dropped his hand atop the head of a young Ewok looking into his cup. "Oh, come on," Han straightened up, trying to shoo the critter away, "don't get your fuzzy hairs in my drink. Come on, go find someone else to bother."

The Ewok picked up Han's glass and backed up a step, looking up at the Alliance general with black, shiny eyes. It blabbered something in its tongue at him and tipped the cup to its small lips.

Han half-rose from his chair, "Hey! I said leave that alone... getting your little Ewok germs all over my...," and started to reach for his glass when a voice beside him drew his attention away from the thief.

"If you're that brusque to your hosts I'll bet you don't get invited to a lot of parties."

Han turned to see Leia moving toward him, a teasing smile on her face. She'd shed her camouflage poncho in favor of the cream-colored shirt underneath, her hair hanging loose around her shoulders. Looked like even princesses were letting their hair down for this occasion.

Han forgot about his alcohol, turning to face her and retorting, "Smugglers aren't exactly on the A lists of the galaxy and the parties we do attend aren't usually ones where you trust the beverages you're given," he glanced over at the Ewok slipping away with his drink and said, "you get them to wear more clothes and I'll turn on the charm."

"Charm, General Solo?" Leia said flippantly as she reached his side, "I've known you long enough to certify there's not one ounce of charm in your entire body."

Han put on his innocent 'who me?' look, but mildly inebriated the look apparently lost some of its finesse because instead of getting irked by the expression Leia laughed. Maybe prim and proper Leia Organa was a little tipsy, herself.

Han smiled as Leia found another chair and drug it over to beside his. He wasn't going to begrudge anyone, even someone as uptight as Leia, a good buzz tonight.

Han went quiet, spending a few moments just looking at Leia. She was beautiful always, but in the wake of ridding the Rebel Alliance of their worst enemies she was radiant. A crease of worry that he'd thought was a permanent feature on her forehead was gone, a peace and calm to her face and the corners of her mouth he didn't know she was capable of. It struck him anew how invested and devoted she'd been to fighting the Empire. She had more conviction and courage than he'd ever had... she believed in something, truly had a cause worth fighting for.

It might have taken him a while to come to understand that, but he was glad she'd brought him over to her way of thinking. The victory of the Alliance tonight felt like his, too, and he'd never known such a sense of accomplishment or pride in himself. He'd fought the good fight for once in his backhanded life and he was proud of who he was. It must have been right in some cosmic quirk, because sticking his neck out like an idiot in front of the Empire had gotten him the girl.

At least he thought he had the girl. With Leia sometimes he couldn't tell; she threw everything he knew about wooing women into a spin.

As though sensing his thoughts Leia casually reached over and laid one of her hands over his.

Han let out a low sigh, dropping his other hand over hers and shifting in his chair to look at her. "Leia," he began, his mind already spinning through a thousand old and trusty lines to get her to some place more private. He had some follow-up ideas for that kiss they'd shared under the splintering plume of the vanquished Death Star.

Leia's face flickered in a frown, but a faint one as though anything less than Darth Vader and Death Stars didn't rate the full-blown Princess Leia scowl, and she squeezed his hand lightly, "Not now. I want to stay here and remember this day."

Han nodded, not even giving any smart-alec retorts and turning his eyes to the slowing party before them. For the moment he didn't feel like getting into a verbal sparring match tonight. This night was about the end of fighting, not the catalyst to it.

Leia ran her fingers over the back of his hand silently, whispering almost wearily to herself, "It's over."

Han squeezed her hand in return, nodding, "It's over. I never saw this coming."

Leia glanced over at him, brown eyes dancing in the flickering fire-light. "You don't have many expectations for anything, do you?"

Han shrugged, "Hey, Sweetheart, means I don't get disappointed because I was unrealistic. I keep my goals in the radar scopes."

"Guess you were wrong this time, weren't you?"

Han glanced up toward the sky, the night canopy filled with streaks of white and orange as pieces of the shattered Death Star continued to fall into Endor's atmosphere. "Sure, I was wrong this time," he conceded, giving Leia a contorted look when he saw her smile at his words. 'Well,' he thought to himself, 'she said she wanted to be around to see me wrong someday; I'd say this is a pretty good thing to have been proven wrong about'.

Han and Leia were silent for a while, watching the party-goers, when Han turned to start up another conversation with Leia. She wasn't one for sitting still as long as he'd known her and he expected any undue lag in conversation to motivate her to seek stimulation elsewhere. He wanted to keep her with him.

Before Han could get anything out someone called his name.


Han Solo looked toward the direction of the voice to find Luke Skywalker moving toward him. He seemed to emerge like a ghost from the night in his black clothing, the lightsaber attached to his belt swaying at his side but never far from easy reach. Han felt like he'd missed more than the actual time that had passed when he was in carbonite. Han had to admit that when he was thawed out the wide-eyed farm kid from Tatooine had become a warrior. If someone asked, Han would say he was friends with Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, and in his core truly believing every word he said. Hell, Luke had survived being on the Death Star with the Emperor AND Darth Vader... Luke had all the respect Han could spare another living being (even if Luke would never hear that from Han himself).

Luke reached his two friends and spared a glance toward Leia. His expression softened when he looked at her, a tender smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, then he looked at Han with almost the same affection in his eyes.

"What is it, kid? Can't you see I'm working here?" Han gestured toward Leia as if she weren't capable of hearing every word Han said.

Leia gruffly withdrew her hand from Han's, eliciting a playful smirk from Han and a more indulgent smile from Luke. 'Gods,' Han thought in a flash, 'when did Luke become so subdued?' Han had not seen Luke partake of one celebratory drink or substance all night though a number of times he'd looked like he was having a good time.

Luke dropped one hand absently over his lightsaber's hilt, asking, "I was wondering if you'd be heading out tomorrow in the Falcon?"

Han looked around the Ewok village, leaning forward to reply, "You kidding? You think I want to stay in this Ewok nest any longer than I have to?"

Luke laughed but it seemed faked... poorly.

Han nodded, answering seriously, "Yeah, I was just going to track down Chewie and get him started on some of the preflight checks."

"Right in the middle of the party?" Leia interjected, "That's horrible, Han."

"I know, I'm a horrible person, an outright scoundrel," Han looked directly at Luke again, "Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if I could get a ride out with you."

Han pointed out, "You don't know where I'm going."

Luke shrugged, "I don't really care where."

Han frowned, leaning back slightly, "You okay, Luke?"

"Yeah," Luke answered unconvincingly, dropping his gaze and then stealing a wary look over at Leia.

Leia frowned then looked over at Han, "I need to rendezvous with Mon Mothma in a couple of days in the Loitene System to report on the destruction of the Death Star and the death of the Emperor."

Han jumped at the idea of having Leia on the Falcon more or less to himself for a few days (before all of her official duties took up the Hutt's share of her time), "Hop on board then, we've got the room." He ignored the fact that Leia had just played him... he would confess he'd walked right into her hand on that one.

Luke nodded, "You're a pal, Han," then he looked more somberly at Leia and said, "I need to talk to you for a minute, Leia."

Leia nodded gently, "I'll be right there."

Luke nodded and turned, fading back into the shadows of the party.

Han watched after Luke then looked over at Leia beside him. She was looking troubled again, as though whatever was bothering Luke got stuck with them when he left.

"Is he really your brother?" Han was still wrapping his head around the idea. When the initial elation passed when he realized he wouldn't have to compete with a Jedi Knight for Leia's affections his reaction turned to one of utter confusion.

Leia didn't startle at the question, instead nodded with certainty and whispered, "Yes, he is."

"You could have told me about this a long time ago," Han commented gruffly, thinking of all the times he'd thought Luke was trying to move in on his action (imagined though most of it had been back then). He thought both Luke and Leia considered him a friend... one would think that would be something you told your friends about.

Leia didn't respond, instead reaching over to pat his hand almost as though he were a child as she rose and said, "I should go see what he wants."

Han reached out and snagged her hand before she could leave. Leia looked back at him, meeting his eyes.

Han held her gaze intensely, grip on her hand firm, as he asked, "Can I come to you tonight?"

Leia was probably surprised he'd do her the honor asking. Han's style was to do as he pleased and backpedal himself into a corner when his plan blew up in his face.

Leia bent forward, kissing Han softly on the cheek then pulling her hand free of his. She cast him a sweet smile then turned, moving after the direction Luke had disappeared seconds before.

Han watched after her, body warm and not just from the alcohol he'd doused every internal organ with.