The meeting had dragged on into the late hours and by the time Mon Mothma had decided to call an end until the morning Leia was exhausted. She was looking forward to crawling into her sleep chamber and slipping into unconsciousness for a few hours. Maybe if she was tired enough she could fall asleep before the thoughts that had been plaguing her for days could grab a foothold in her mind.

'Too late,' Leia's mind chanted to her as she waited for the room full of delegates from half-organized systems to file out of the meeting hall. She still had heard nothing from Han in days, and even though Luke had stopped talking about their father with her the implications were still dancing in every unused corner of her mind. She had also been considering what her responsibility should be about the new understanding that she was Luke's sister, that she had the gift or at least potential to do the things he did... that their father and Obi-Wan had been able to do. She doubted the Rebellion would have succeeded without Luke's ability to use the Force.

Leia sighed to herself, slowly rising from her chair and deciding sleep probably wouldn't be a ready companion tonight. It had in fact been an elusive partner for days.

She assuaged herself with the fact she needed to talk to Luke anyway.

Leia walked through the door like a droid in service mode, eyes downcast and aware of her surroundings just enough to keep her from running into anything.

"Care for an escort, Your Worship?"

Leia startled and turned at the voice, surprised to see Han Solo leaning against the wall just outside the door to the chamber hall looking at her. When she didn't have a response readily available Han pushed off from the wall and continued, "There are some scoundrels about at night who would love the chance to jump royalty." His mouth was cant in that boyish smile that always made Leia wonder what he was really scheming behind his comments.

Leia tried out a careful smile, "Han..."

The playfulness left Han's smile to be replaced by a warm, utterly sincere smile. Perhaps a little wary, more careful than he used to be, but he was still there offering a hand out to her.

Leia gently placed her hand into his, waiting for him to bolt and pleasantly surprised when he closed his fingers around her hand instead.

"I thought you..." Leia whispered slowly, not sure how to broach the subject.

Han nodded, smile sliding further away, as he answered, "Luke talked some sense into me."

"Always a daunting challenge," Luke quipped as he approached them from the length of the corridor.

Leia smiled at her brother, "Did you use a mind trick on him?"

Han tried to sound indignant, "Hey, those are for the weak-minded, remember?"

"I hadn't forgotten," Leia teased back, to which Han gave a wounded look, followed by a smile that said Leia had scored one but he'd rack up his points somewhere. She best not drop her guard or she'd feel the sting of his sharp wit. It would feel good to have to watch her proverbial back again against Han's affectionate quips.

Luke looked in some measure content to see his circle of support, friends and family, complete again. "I'll be turning in for the night if I can trust you two not to hurt each other," he glanced at both Leia and Han and moved to leave them alone when he received only amused smirks.

Leia called after him, "Luke, wait."

Luke turned to face her, waiting.

Leia glanced a little uncertainly at Han, clearly concerned, then looked back at Luke and said carefully, "I've come to a decision. I... want you to train me. Teach me to use the Force like a Jedi."

Luke looked over Leia's shoulder at Han, shared a knowing half-nod with him, then looked back at Leia and undeniable sympathy, love, and pride burned in his gaze.

"I'll train you," Luke promised, resting a hand on Leia's shoulder, "but not tonight. Get some rest... there's nothing that can't wait another day."

Leia released Han's hand to step forward and wrap her arms around Luke's neck. Luke seemed to startle at the action for a split-second, then removed his second arm from the folds of his Jedi robe and wrapped both around his sister.

At that moment the galaxy was a much better place than Han, Luke, or Leia could remember it being in a very long time.