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What do you get when you mix a sleep deprived teen, an excruciatingly boring math class with a teacher who's past time is lecturing students on the properties of parallelograms, and the resent news that your brother may be headed off to Iraq. Well this of course.

For the record I would like to dedicate this story to all of the men and women who have put their lives on the line to keep peace in the world. Not only the men and women of the USA but of Iraq who fought and are still fighting against the regime that was created by an over powering totalitarian.

Missing You.

"You had once told me that you were a firm believer in everyone doing their duty to the country and society. You did just that. First by applying, attending, and graduating from the Saint Auldin's police academy. Then, felling that that was not enough, you enrolled for a term in the United States Army, against my better judgement.

I remember the day that you told me that you were going to Iraq, I think I was the only one in the room that broke down into tears. The other two in were silent, it was probably the sight of the "tough guy" crying like a baby in your arms. It took all three of you the better part of an hour to finally calm me.

I remember even more vividly the day that you left. You stood in your light green, brown, and tan suite with a sweet angelic smile on your lips, and in a hushed tone that was made shaky with sadness you said that you would come back to me safe and sound. I believed you, after all if you told me Hell was cold I would agree because I trusted your judgement. You then told me to stay, that going to see you off would make parting harder for both you and me, so I stayed. I watched you leave with tears in my eyes and both love and pride in my heart.

What I remember most of all though is the day that I received official notice of the attack on your division's troop. The man that was dressed in the uniform of the US army standing at our front door, handing me the letter… the letter with a formal apology from the Unites Stated Government for your death.

I remember running to their house and pounding on their door, tears falling freely from my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to tell them what happened, I handed them the letter instead. They tried to console me but eventual they both broke down into tears. You see Dee and Ryo did not just lose a friend the day you died but a daughter as well. As for me I lost my wife, my best friend, and my entire life the day you died.

And today as I speak in front of these people here, many of whom know what I am going for and know all to well the pain that comes with the loss of a son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, or sister, I am not remind of only your death but of your life. I love you even in death, now and forever… I love you Carol and I hope that heaven finds you well. After all God can only send the angels to walk among us for so long before he needs them back."

The sound of applause mixed with the sound of grief filled the air as Bikky stepped away from the podium and towards his parents. They embraced him and told him that he did well, Carol would be remembered, and that it would all be fine. The only response that they would receive however came in the form of a broken sob.

And there it be

I hope that you all found this to be well written. Thank you for taking tome to read it. The three C's are welcome but please be kind. Until next time Ja.