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Rosette? Chrono opened his eyes a crack. Everything was so blurry… It can't be her... He closed his eyes again. She can't be here…

This Rose is our destiny

Rosette ran over to Chrono's motionless form and carefully lifted him up and turned him over, so his head rested against her shoulder. Chrono opened his eyes again, just a little. He blinked once, twice, and his vision cleared up a little, enough for him to see who was holding him. Someone…someone he knew…he knew this girl…

"Rosette…?" His eyes opened wider and he smiled a little. "Rosette!" He lifted one of his hands and put it against her cheek, as if to see if she was real.


Ripping us apart

He looked into her eyes and whispered "You're here. You're really here…"

Rosette suddenly noticed that Chrono's eyes, his beautiful red eyes, normally sparkling with life, were beginning to dull. It was enough a sight for her own eyes to water up. "Chrono…"

Meanwhile, the others, Joshua included, had arrived on the scene. Hachitake was leading them.

"Master, everyone's gone and-" He stopped, stepping backward. "Oh, no."

Sachi stepped forward. Akito pulled her face to his stomach to keep her from seeing. "Don't look."

Chrono traced Rosette's face with his finger, very softly. "Why did you come back?" Even his voice was weaker…

Gutari no te wa hanarete-itta

Our hands have been torn apart

Rosette felt him tense up, wings becoming rigid for a moment as a shot of pain coursed through him, his eyes clenching shut. After it passed, and his eyes opened again, she said "I couldn't just leave you here…"

"But…I kept you away from the only family you had…I'm a devil." His eyes watered, and a few tears fell, trekking down his face, landing in his hair. He blinked, trying to hold them back. "You should hate me…"

"I could never hate you!"

Nemuru toki mo

Even when I sleep

Chrono tensed up again, and his sight got blurry again, his vision darkening slightly. He was running out of time…

Chrono moved his hand to the back of Rosette's head. "Rosette…"

Rosette shook her head defiantly, eyes closed. "Don't try to talk…"She hadn't noticed Chrono was pulling her closer to him.

Anata e no yume idaki nagara

As I embrace my thoughts and dreams for you

"Just…let me…do this…" Chrono leaned up and put his mouth against Rosette's. Rosette's eyes widened as she blushed, before she closed them. Chrono never noticed that she was returning it to him…

Joshua was open-mouthed. "They…" He put his hand over his mouth like he was going to be sick. "Oh God, no…What have I done?"

Chrono suddenly ended the kiss as another spasm of pain washed over him, and leaned back, eyes half-closed.

Rosette stared at him, a mixture of sadness and happiness in her eyes. "Chrono…does this mean…you…?"

Todoke! Sakai no hate made

They reach to ends of the world!

Chrono nodded, eyes closing a little bit more. "I was afraid to tell you this…but…if you don't feel the same way…I understand…" His eyes closed and his body tensed up again, before relaxing. "Perfectly…."


Chrono made a sound like sighing, and his hand slid down her face.

Rosette grabbed onto it, afraid of what this meant. "Chrono?"

Chrono tried to inhale enough breath to tell her, his voice fading rapidly. "Ros…ette…I love…you…"

Chrono's wings quivered once more before becoming limp. Once they did, every muscle he had in his body became relaxed. His head flopped off to the side, and then he was perfectly still.

Rosette shook Chrono's shoulder a little. "Chrono? C'mon, wake up, Chrono…" Upon getting no response, Rosette started shaking her head, refusing to believe it, her tears escaping from her eyes and falling form her face. It couldn't be…


The rest of the group hadn't moved through all this. Hachitake fell down to his knees, and Akito was shaking with repressed cries. Sachi seized the opportunity to wriggle away and see what was going on, but as soon as she did, her eyes widened and she turned to bury her face in Akito's stomach again. Hachitake held his head, shaking it. "I…I can't…I can't…." he muttered over and over again. Even if he could have reached Chrono in time, he still couldn't have removed the bullet. No matter what had happened, he would never have been able to save Chrono.

Rosette was clinging tightly to the lifeless body of Chrono, as if she could hold his life inside of him. "Chrono," she sobbed. Her tears fell from her face and landed on his, some moving downward, some staying where they fell. Rosette wished Chrono could wipe them away, or flinch, or something…anything that a living person would do. "Chrono…please…" she sobbed, lifting his body closer to her, moving his head so he faced her. She closed her eyes and brought her head down so their foreheads touched. "Chrono…you don't understand…I…

"I love you, too…Chrono…"

The clock's hand moved to 12.

The face of the clock began to crack and splinter, and the whole thing started to glow bright yellow. Chrono was enveloped in it, and his clothes, wings, and hair moved as though a slight breeze was blowing.

Rosette, sensing something was wrong, opened her eyes and gasped. Chrono's wings lifted up, and appeared to be pulled into his back. His entire body shrunk several inches, and there was a sound like the intake of a breath.

The glowing subsided, and revealed a young man that looked remarkably like Chrono.

It's the boy in the reflection I saw…

The clock's chain snapped in two, and tumbled away, rolling to a stop next to them. Then it turned to dust and was blown away.

Rosette stared at Chrono, who was still motionless. Suddenly, she heard him cough a little, and his chest moved upwards, and fell. He was breathing… "Chrono?"

As if he needed to hear his name to wake up, Chrono's eyes slowly opened as he coughed a little more. He opened them halfway, looked at Rosette as if she wasn't even real, then closed them again. Then they snapped open. "Rosette!"

Back with the rest of the group, they had witnessed the whole thing, except for Sachi. Azmaria tugged on the girl's arm. "Sachi…look." Sachi looked fearfully, then broke out into a grin. "MASTER!"

Chrono sat up in a hurry, craning his head to look at his missing wings. Then he looked back to Rosette, puzzled. "The only way this can happen is…" the he realized what had happened. "Rosette…"

"Chrono, I'm going to kill you!"


Rosette gripped him a death hug, yelling and crying at the same time. "I thought you were dead! YOU JERK! Don't ever scare me like that again, you little-"

Chrono smiled and hugged her back.

The others simply smiled.

"…Rosette…I can't breathe…"


Hachitake went over to Lionara's room, and saw a light under the closed door. Opening it, he saw Lionara, Azmaria, Akito, and even Joshua sitting on the floor, surrounding a floating sphere.

Hachitake smiled. "I thought you weren't giving dreams anymore…"

Azmaria shushed him. "She's trying to concentrate."

In the sphere, a couple was dancing with each other, holding tightly to each other, and looking into each other's eyes happily...

Chrono smiled nervously. "So…you really loved me?"

"I still do, silly."

"Oh….I was wondering…How are we keeping in touch?"

Rosette smiled. "I'll still live here."

"WHAT? What about Joshua?"

"He'll warm up eventually…he needs some friends anyway."

Chrono's eyes got watery and he stopped the dance, jumped up, hugging Rosette. Rosette smiled, hugging him back, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Rosette…I love you."
"I love you too…"

toki ni ai wa tsuyoku

hito no kokoro wo kizutsuke mo suru keredo Ah

yume wo atae yuuki no naka ni

itsumo hikari kagayaite

ai wa tsuyoku

hito no kokoro wo ugokashite yuku dakara Ah

futari de iru kitto sekai wo

kaeru tame ni soshite subete wa

hitotsu no chikara ni naru

At times, love is strong,

so much it even wounds people's hearts, but Ah

in the midst of the courage that grants our dreams,

a light always shines forth.

Love is strong,

so much so that it can move people's hearts, but Ah

If we are together, then without a doubt

we can change the world, and everything will

become one power.

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