Title: Hyuuga Engaged

Chapter: 1 – Finding Out

Author: Rekino

Pairings: Neji x Tenten

Disclaimer: These characters pitifully enough, do not belong to me. So leave me alone.

Summary: Tenten receives the shock of her life when she finds out Neji is engaged. After meeting his fiancé, of whom he doesn't even like. Tenten is determined to make her life hell by flirting with Neji.

We sat next to each other, our backs resting on a wooden bench.

"So what's your favourite weapon?" I asked the person situated beside me with a grin. I slid a hand behind my back to where my holster was located to bring out a scroll, unravelling its long length. Placing it flat on the surface of the floor making sure he could see it – all the while feeling its paper fineness for comfort – it was a habit, I guess. I started to point at the realistically looking variations of weapons to my partner. All of different shapes and sizes.

His jaded eyes roamed quickly over the length of paper. "Katana," Neji replied simply, pointing a finger at a picture of a long Japanese sword. My bun-done up head nodded, and I took precious time to skim over my favourite obsession, weapons. Soon I had chosen one and pointed down the list to a similar looking device.

"Frankly, I prefer a kodachi." I mused, unsheathing the short sword from behind my back. Neji glanced at it wordlessly, the sun's rays glinting off the steel, reflecting off his face. I had received the kodachi as a gift from my father the other day, and I was overly ecstatic to receive it, no kidding. My dad had to pry it off my hands and threaten me of returning it back to him if I didn't put it down for two hours. I had brought it down today for my meeting with Neji, elated to show him.

"How so?" he asked, curious, though his tone didn't imply so. I turned to look at him, my ebony eyes sparkling.

"Well, it's easier to wield for one, and it's much more flexible than a katana," I stated, methodically, experimenting with the blade for effect. I swung it downwards, feeling the air slice in half, "With its structure it can be used for either defence or offence."

"True," he agreed, "However, katanas are better for more offensive attacks. It all depends on the wielder," He stated. I smirked and suddenly held the blade to his throat, the sharp tip mere inches away from his neck. He just stared at it, then to me. No expression crossing his face whatsoever.

I smiled ever so evilly. Sheathing the weapon back into place, I grinned. "Care to test that out one day, Neji?"

Neji answered stoically, "Why not?" My ebony eyes glinted in amusement, his ivory orbs glittered back at mine. The pair of us stared at each in the face, making an unspoken promise to take up the challenge one day.

I knelt down on the ground, beginning to roll the scroll back into its original position. "So anyway, what's this really important thing that you had just had to tell me that couldn't wait for tomorrow's training?" Finishing with the item, I relocated it back into my holster. I plopped back down on the bench, dusting off my shorts of any dirt in the process.

He stared at me blankly as if contemplating something important. A few moments passed, and I waited patiently for him to answer. He took the time to close his eyes and drape a hand across the side of the seat, the gesture making me more relaxed. Possessive, aren't we? I thought with a chuckle.

"I'm engaged," he said.

I then began to talk, having not heard his soft reply. "You know I really like this kodachi, with its ivory handle and– what?" I froze instantly. Was he pranking me? Because I swear last year's April's Fool's I hadn't really meant to dye his hair blue… I swear!

"I'm engaged." Well shoot…

"You're what?" I took a peek at him in disbelief.

"I'm engaged." I still continued to stare at him dumfounded. He sighed. "I'm getting married, with a wedding?" Still no expression on my usually cherubic face. "Slapping on the old ball and chain if you will," he said sarcastically. I frowned and I felt my right eyebrow twitch, resisting the present desire to hit him.

"I know what you mean!" I calmed myself down, taking in those relaxed breaths Gai-sensei had taught me, whenever dealing with situations such as these. In our team, occurrences like this aren't uncommon. Except this was mind-blowing. "You're engaged huh?"

Never in my mere fifteen years of life would I ever imagine Hyuuga Neji engaged to someone. Not that he was ugly or anything, no no no, if anything my teammate was an eye catcher, with that particularly irresistible dark charcoal hair that went to his waist and those clear pale eyes that seemed to know all. It was just that his cold and aloof attitude wasn't exactly fish bait, but girls and women alike seemed to love that anyway. Continuously throwing themselves upon him, day after day. Oh, Neji was a catch all right.

I felt my face heat up and I flushed in embarrassment. How could I be thinking that way about my comrade? I berated myself soundlessly in my mind. Bad thoughts Tenten! Stop thinking bad thoughts! Those were most definitely bad thoughts!

"What do you think I've been telling you for the past minute?" he asked innocently with a snort, breaking me out of my trance.

It took me all of five seconds to recompose and recollect myself. I rolled my eyes skyward not at all impressed. "So who's the lucky girl?" I asked curiously. Honestly, I was dying to know who it was. Lucky bitch.

"Mihito Yuki of the Mihito clan." Shit.

"The family of dancers and performers?" I asked, my eyes widening in recognition. Those bitchy man-eaters? Neji's engaged to one of them! My buddy, my friend, my compadre… I feel for you Neji… I really do…

"Apparently," Neji drawled out in reply, "their daughter I was told of is supposed to be beautiful. Not that I care."

"Oh? You should! You wouldn't want to marry someone ugly!" Ewww… Neji's going to get married to a tramp!

He ignored my response. "I don't care. Let's go." I honestly thought the he would rather a girl who was better in ninjitsu than a girl who was beautiful like his supposed fiancé. But who am I to say? I mean- I'm only his closest friend, or only friend. Whichever you prefer.

He stood up from the bench lazily, his motions slower than usual. I blinked at his back, wondering what he was up to. "Where exactly are we going?" I asked suspiciously.

"My house."

"Uhh… why?" NOT that I mind…

"For that match," he said simply, turning around slightly to flash white jaded eyes towards me. I grinned instantly, brightening up at the prospect of sparring. How lucky for me that the match was rescheduled to today. I can now enjoy the prospect of beating my best friend. I bounced off the seat and trailed behind him, falling in sync with his steps.

Oh Neji… your poor ass is going down…

I whistled happily as the both of us walked towards the Hyuuga residence.

It took a whole seventeen minutes to walk all the way to Neji's house. We were silent the whole way. Talk about boring. It was certainly uneventful. Yet for some reason, I had no desire to strike up a conversation like I usually did. The whole shock of Neji being engaged was finally egging into me. Somewhat like a mini-drill into my gut if you required another type of example.

I frowned instantly, glancing in surprise when I heard Neji announce that we had at long last reached our destination. I jerked my head towards the building. Wow, was it ever huge. I came to stare at the gate of the Hyuuga clan. It's emblem staring right back at me.

"Come on," he said, motioning for me to come in. He held the gate open for me like a true gentlemen. I blinked and battered my eyelashes at him. Kami, I'm such a flirt.

"Well, thank you my good man," I said with a false giggle, my voice dropping a few octaves lower coming off as sultry sounding. Or at least that was my intention. He glanced skyward, and then snorted, leading the direction, not at all caring or paying attention to my childish antics.

My eyes took in the area, it was much larger than it presented on the outside, and purely decorated like an old-fashioned Japanese home. Everything was prim, proper, neat and organised. Basically it screamed Hyuuga. Slowly it dawned on me that almost everything was immaculately white. Weird…

I was just about to ponder this out loud to Neji in curiosity, this strange phenomenon interesting me. However a servant arrived bounding into the corridor wearing a pale blue kimino with a bright yellow sash strapped to her plump waist, interrupting my train of thoughts. She bowed respectively at Neji, her greying hair falling to her face in awkward strands. She sneaked a glance at me speculatively. I frowned at her, and she almost scowled back, catching herself in time. I inwardly smirked.

Neji was about to wave her off when the servant stumbled. "Neji-sama, she's here!" she whispered to his ear hastily, with that simple sentence she stalked off like a rabbit in headlights.

I looked about to question Neji when he in an instant grabbed my wrist and dragged me away. Taking quick long strides that I almost had to run to keep up with. Ouch… the grip he had on my wrist was painful and it was tightening unconsciously.

He led me towards a large room. its size and spaciousness not escaping me for possible future reference. He held out his hands to open the wooden shoji with a thud. From the corner of my eye I saw him grimace and frown in distaste. I followed his line of sight to see a young girl stand up from the matted floor. I tried not to gape at how pretty she was. The exquisitely dressed girl bowed politely, her crimson bangs falling stray off into her face. She donned a bright violet kimono marked with silver embroidery. The hair ornament made out of pure gold she wore, sparkled in the dim light. Her sky blue eyes twinkled, eyeing Neji with pure love and appreciation. I resisted the ever-so-urgent urge to gag.

"Yuki," The Byakugan inheritor growled out, my eyes widened considerably.

This porcelain looking prick was…?

"Neji-sama," she said with another royal bow.


To be continued…

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