Title: Hyuuga Engaged
Chapter: 5 – Pointless Fun and a Kiss to end all Kisses
Author: Rekino

I don't think one could suffer as much shocks as I and not faint, which I gladly didn't do. Still, it didn't prevent me from wishing I did.
"So, you are a–"

"A boy, ahuh."

"But you dress like–"

"A girl, yup."

"Oh… but why do you–"

"Dress like a girl?"


"It's fun!"

"Oh… but wouldn't dressing like–"

"A boy be fun too? Nah, it's not as fun."

"Oh… but does that mean–"

"I'm gay?"

"Uhmm... yeah..."

"Yeah, I think I am."

"You… think you're gay?"

"Yeah, I think I think so."

"Oh… I think you're gay."


"Yes, you give off that vibe."

"Wow! I never knew people thought that way… hmm… are you gay?"

"Me? Um, no, at least… I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I like guys."

"Oh! Good! Me too!"

"Yes… I know."

"Yup yup!"


"Do you like ice cream Ten-chan?"


"Do you like tea?"


"Do you like Neji-kun?"

"Ye– WHAT!"

Miyabi inclined his head with an interested grin. "You do, don't you!" he stated gleefully, looking and acting as if he had just struck gold, which in his case might have been exactly that. I honestly didn't know, so this was just me guessing. I spluttered and flushed. And I was fairly certain that I had now resembled a ripened tomato with my current facial pigment. No pictures, please.

"I… I…" I continued to stumble for words furiously, refusing to give up the fact – if I really DID like Neji – that I liked Miyabi's sister's fiancé (which was code for – Hyuuga Neji). It wouldn't have turned out so good if she – ARGH – he, MIYABI (for his sister was engaged to said-Hyuuga), knew.

"Like Neji-kun, I know." Miyabi snapped his fingers in annoyance after remembering something, perhaps, of importance. "Too bad, he's getting married to Yuki-chan. But we could always cancel the wedding after all…" he trailed off, babbling something about kidnapping Neji or something of the sort. I could only blanch in response, unsure of how to react. Be honest? Which would involve me jumping up in utter joy, okay, never mind, I'd rather just sit here… quietly.

What did this mean though! Did Miyabi like me, preferred me over his sister? Man, Yuki must have been a real bit—cow then.

I calmly cut in, though my mind was screaming at me to use this chance to get in good with Yuki's brother and turn the tables on that she-wolf, "It's really unnecessary to kidnap my friend, team-mate and your sister's fiancé." Even though I REALLY want to, was what I thought inside but outwardly kept my mouth shut – knowing that I'd seriously say something I'd regret if it kept open. My mouth hated me like that, saying things I really did mean. I wanted to shake my head in annoyance. It surely enjoyed getting me into trouble. I had scars and bad memories as proof.

Miyabi nodded knowingly, processing this information with a serene smile. He suggested, "Then maybe we should just kill Yuki-chan then."

I swear to all things holy, my jaw refused to unhinge from the floor.

Was he serious? I hoped to God he was! Oh, wait… that was bad thinking…

The smile on his face glowed as his eyes came to turn in amusement. How the hell could guys be so beautiful like him! "I was just kidding."

My posture drooped a little. "Oh…" I really hoped that my disappointment wasn't showing, because it would have certainly warranted another up-and-down-disappointment-oh-we're-not-killing-Yuki-DAMN! phase.

Miyabi turned a little slowly, finishing up with his floral arrangements and proceeded to neatly set aside the vase. "Hungry?" he asked, probably feeling guilty that he had wasted my time by inviting me to a Hyuuga dinner and how the dinner was not being served anytime soon.

"No, I'm fine." I gave a tiny smile, eying the unique colorization of the flowers that would certainly draw an onlooker's eye. It was very pretty, I had to admit. Miyabi seemed to have a knack with anything beautiful – my eyes flickered upwards, beautiful like he was.

… I am so not jealous.

… I swear!

… I'm not!

… Maybe just a little…

"Tired?" Miyabi wondered, continuing on with this game of 20 questions. What the heck was this guy running on? What was with his non-stop boundless energy? He was like a puppy!

I refused to twitch in response, somewhat disliking this pointless conversation that kept drawing me to the same mindset – kill Yuki, hide her body and marr—have my team-mate back with me. "I'm fine."

"I know," the cross dresser said light-heartedly, throwing me an encouraging smile as if to lure me out my mindset with some bait. He was certainly making a great attempt, woops; did I forget to say I bite? "I just can't help thinking otherwise. That's all."

Ouch. Dead center. Damn, this girl—guy was good. He certainly had a knack for being empathic. But I wasn't ready yet to admit that anytime soon.

My eyes trailed around the room, surveying the various ornaments and knick-knacks that were priceless to the Hyuuga noble-house and then, I noticed the dark setting outside, stars beginning to glow after the sun's wake. "It's late," I pointed out calmly, beginning to stand so that I would have ample time to run the hell out. "I should take my leave." How in the world I had said that politely, I don't know, just the fact that I had said such formal words made me want to gag.

I bowed politely, being in the household meant that my actions had to be tight and formal. It was out of respect for Neji of course. If I were to stay in his house forever—er… for dinner, then I'd have to be polite to his family considering they seemed to be quite important to him and I didn't want to give the impression that I was just a rogue, no-name shinobi. Nope. I was much more than that, or so I liked to think.

Miyabi rose from his seat to give me a somewhat confused look. "Must you leave so soon?" he asked, a faint tone of disappointment and a look of soft concern reaching his face which made me want to squeal and hug him desperately – he looked like a puppy! A kicked puppy! It was so adorable!

I didn't really need to leave so soon. Father didn't mind if I was late occasionally, as long as I eventually returned to our home. But the mere thought of staying for five more seconds in an awkward unfamiliar home egged at me a bit, of course, all thought processes promptly committed suicide once Neji walked in; hair limp from his shower and tendrils sticking to his face as he was dressed down in a simple gray yukata.

I will stop drooling.



"Are you leaving now, Tenten?" Neji asked, coming to stand beside me and jerking a brief nod towards his future brother-in-law. Ah, my mind loves to hate me like that.

I shrugged unconditionally, pretending as if I didn't really care either way. "I don't want to bother anyone." I just want to bring the Mihito bitch down. I'm so glad I did not say that out loud. I didn't need Neji to think I was more of a nutcase anymore.

Neji raised a brow and gestured for me to sit back down – which I did, considering I have absolutely no physical or metal capacity to reject the Hyuuga heir. "Stay for dinner. You won't be bothering anyone."

Miyabi glowed in delight. "You certainly won't bother me! I'd love to have Ten-chan around!" He perked and promptly came round to hug me; I ended up blinking in utter surprise as his warmth enveloped me and sent a strange, but not unpleasant feeling through my body. Wow. No one hugged me. Not even my dad, not even Lee… it was really a strange but nice feeling. I should seriously try hugging Neji like that…

I looked up cautiously, Neji looking down at me, as Miyabi continued to hang off my body like a rag doll. I didn't bother asking him to get off considering the puppy seemed to be enjoying himself. "You, really don't mind…?"

Neji frowned, features crinkling in confusion. "Should I?" … Good question, Neji and mind? What will your answer be?

Shut up.

You answer stinks.

Silly of me to think that staying around for a single dinner would bring the whole Hyuuga clan down or something of the sort. It wasn't as if it'd kill them to have me for an hour for polite discussion and possible digestion of food. Nope. They'd just lose a future wife for their future heir, no big deal; they could always get a new one.

"Then," I smiled politely to the hanging puppy on my neck. "I guess I'll stay for dinner," I said, which caused the said-pet to leap and grin in delight.

"I've got the perfect yukata for you!" Miyabi grinned, disappearing for a split-second before reappearing with a box. … Did he go around with a box of clothes? What a strange man…

Oh, wait. Yukata, for me?

I shook my head viciously. No, yukatas for me! Miyabi would have to wrestle me into one!

… Which he did.

Damn it, he was actually very strong!

Neji, I caught that amused look in your eyes during the torturous ordeal! YOU'RE DEAD!

Oh, if I only knew what I had talked myself into.


Dinner was over in a flash. It was no big deal. Just some casual conversations with some of the family members who seemed quite impressed by the fact I was more than a capable kunoichi. There was quite an impressive set up of a dinner – which seemed more of a feast than anything, excellent food and the chance to sit beside Neji, knowing that Yuki was GONE, having been earlier deterred by the Hyuuga.

It was fun… in all actuality. They Hyuuga clan was both respectful and amazing; I tried my best to do the same back. They told me tales of their family accomplishments that seemed boring at first, but was truly interesting. I also learned a lot from Hanabi who described to me some baby pictures that featured Hinata and Neji – something that Neji promptly twitched insanely at. Hanabi was also the resident Hyuuga who seemed intent on becoming the best. Heh, she was cute, seemed as if Neji would have a rival however.

And as for the yukata? Well, the yukata wasn't bad… I'd be damned to admit. It was actually comforting, the material of the clothes was soft and elegant, the peach-colored clothes beautiful yet simple. I refused to take my hair down however, so Miyabi had to sit beside me and pout about not having the chance to arrange my hair. I allowed him to arrange it into the same braid he had though – we kind of looked like twins, albeit, Miyabi still being the more attractive and gender-confused one.

I stood up half-way during the dinner, smiling politely towards the elders of the noble household. "Excuse me," I murmured respectively, "I left something in one of the rooms and I'll just go retrieve it before the desserts come." They waved at me, wanting me to hurry back as soon as I retrieved the item, which was my kodachi that I had left behind – now knowing better that I was never going to part with it – EVER. My brain was filled with: Neji, kodachi, Yuki, kodachi, Neji, kodachi, Miyabi, kodachi – repeat cycle please.

I blindly checked all the rooms, careful to make sure that they were empty – because I really didn't wish to stumble upon anything or anyone (for that matter) doing something that I wasn't supposed to be viewing. I really didn't want to. It took a while before I cursed all the immaculately similar white rooms, incapable of finding the original room where I had left my weapon. Idiot! I should have known better.

Tsk, where'd I put it… which room was it in? I drew my hands to still by my side as I frowned in disapproval. Something struck me and I whirled around, a hall of white staring back at me. Nothing, silence, no one, yet again; silence.

Oh dear… I was lost.

… Not a good idea. Not a very smart one in the least.

I wanted to hit my face in my palm because of my lack of competence. I should have known better! I really should have!

"Argh!" I furiously yelled at no one in particular, not exactly shouting but neither whispering either. I whipped about when I heard – footsteps? Perhaps, I perked, someone to save me from this madness.

Someone appeared from the shadows, I recognized him as Neji – my savior! – a faint grin playing on his lips and eyes quirked in a cautious smile. "There, you are," he whispered softly, face shadowed by the clouded night sky when he came out onto the garden to greet me. Dream, this is a dream. I refused to pinch myself though. If it was a dream – let me dream!

"I've missed you."

I blinked in confusion. Missed me..? This was something. Weren't we in the same dining room a few minutes ago? Oh wait, considering the time I had been lost… half an hour ago. But hell, I was not one to complain.

The grin continued to play on his lips. Holy hell, who the hell was this and what did he do to Neji?

And I swear, what happened next, was something I had NEVER expected. EVER. Okay, thought about it a couple of times, yes but–

Chilled arms came to sweep me up by the kimono, pulling me towards him, finger trailing across my cheeks and down to my lips. The next thing I knew, soft lips came to touch my own, gently pressing and blowing warmth into my mouth. He was an excellent kisser.… Hyuuga Neji was kissing me. Yuki can go die in a ditch because—okay, all thought processes shutting down...

Approximately, now.

God, it was so good, different but good.

Unfortunately, the little fairytale had to an end due to one stern voice interjecting and cutting off the fantasy.

"Hyuuga Saitaki – Get off her, NOW!" Mito Miyabi shouted, arms pressed against his chest as he glared wildly at Neji. Wait—Saitaki… then... it wasn't, Neji? I pulled back and shoved the mysterious person off and my eyes widened in surprise. The magic gone, the trance broken as the moonlight decided to shine on us and illuminate the atmosphere.

He was as tall as him, clothes certainly different, I just noticed. Same eyes, same – albeit, shorter, much shorter – hair and a different… that was the difference, the look – the confidence in his eyes was unmistakable, the cockiness therein. He wasn't Neji.

… I kissed the wrong guy – what the hell!

Correction: He kissed me. So… it wasn't my fault right? Right! So Neji, wouldn't kill me right? Why would he though… it wasn't like he cared for me… did he?

Saitaki blinked at me in confusion and turned to survey Miyabi in utter surprise. "Mibi?" he said, probably towards Miyabi – a nickname of sorts — before turning back towards me and frowning; he noted Miyabi's yukata on me, the same hairstyle and I realized… HE JUST MISTOOK ME FOR MITO MIYABI – A CROSS DRESSER – WHAT THE HELL! "Shit! I kissed the wrong person, dammit!" he howled, abusing a nearby tree by roughly kicking the trunk and drawing the bark to fall on the ground, before—

A cool voice cut in, making me wish I had a knife to my throat right now. My first kiss – went to the wrong guy, who thought I was a guy – what is up with my bad luck! "Who kissed the wrong person?" Hyuuga Neji said, coming to stand with a lantern in hand. Ah snap, I wish someone had killed me on the spot.

To be continued…

Scythe,I did not run this by you because I know you hold a certain dislike for this pairing and you've been really busy – I'm hoping it's okay – we'll go back to normal-email-beta-thingie-soon-enough. Hope you're doing okay!

- Rekino