The orange kitten's eyes darted from the limp brown queen to the small calico that was, literally, just born. He called to the queen, no response... "Momma..." Still no answer. "Momma!" He began to shake the queen gently; she fell over gently, her body still and lifeless. The small tom began to hyperventilate calling frantically to his mother before a small, pitiful meow broke his thoughts. He looked sharply at the calico, withering on the ground, looking for shelter and food. Tentatively he picked her up; unsure of what to do with a kitten, let alone one so small.

"Help," he yelled out loud, hoping that someone would hear him, "Help!" He couldn't just leave her; she was his sister, and word was that Pollicles were getting restless and would strike without warning.

"What's all the commotion about?"

The tom looked up from the kitten and saw a tall tom; red, black, and white jagged fur shinning in the early light. He scrambled to his paws, still clutching the tiny child as he pleaded, "Please, you have to help me! My mom, she's not moving! And my sister, she needs food or something I'm not sure what... She was just born, just now. Please, you got to help me!"

The red tom looked down at the kitten oddly, then turned on a heel and walking away. The kitten froze before running down the rest of the alley, calling after the one who just left, "Wait; come back! Help me... Please..." He fell to the ground, tears rolling down his cheeks. He felt his sister press into him, obviously looking for warmth and food. "What in the world do you eat anyways?" He choked on his tears; remembering the all too common fact that kittens need their mothers to live. He was no mother; he still depended on his own until a few minutes ago when he lost her. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, hoping not to crush her small body but not allowing any of the harsh October air to hit her either.

"Kit," he looked up and saw the red tom from earlier, holding a glass bottle of milk and an eyedropper, "Your sister still hungry?"

"Yeah, she is," he sniffled and the tom dragged the things over towards the two kittens. "Where did you get that stuff?"

"Humans; it's amazing what they leave lying around their houses," he said with a mischievous smile as he picked up the eyedropper, "Do you know how to use this?" The kit shook his head, tears still slowly falling. "Hand her over," he offered as he filled the dropper with milk. The kitten clutched on to her tighter for a moment before reluctantly handing her over to the stranger who sat down next to him.

"She drinks milk," he asked as he watched the older tom offer the liquid to the newborn.

"You really don't know much about kittens do you," he asked with a bit of a laugh. The two waited in silence as the calico sniffed what was offered to her and took a little lick, as if she was testing it, before she began to take more.

"She's- she's eating, my sister's eating. She's going to be okay right," the taller tom shrugged, still cradling the small queen. "Can... can I try that? Feeding her and all?"

"Sure you can, she is your sister," he said as he laid down the dropper and carefully passed the kitten, "Be sure to support her head, now. Here, take this and offer it to her, don't shove it in her mouth. If she's hungry, she'll eat."

"Okay," he said as he did what he was told; his sister ate a bit before falling asleep.

"So your mom died," the red tom said as the smaller one nodded, "Did she name your sister before she...?" The kitten shook his head, readjusting his sibling. "Then you'll have to name her; can't quite have her growing up without a name."

"I don't know what to name her," he whispered quietly.

"Well, what's your name?"

"Roquefort," he said as he looked up, "My Momma's name was Rashid."

"I see," the red tom said, before becoming deep in thought. "What about... Rumpel? Rumpel... Teazer"

"Rumpelteazer," Roquefort repeated looking down at his sister, "I like it."

"Glad you do," he said as he got up and sauntered down the alley, "I'll be seeing you around."

"Wait," Roquefort called, before dropping his voice, "What's your name?"

"It's Macavity."

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