a note to the wise, content contains that of cutting, and no self mutilation isn't healthy, ill stress the points more when I care, like later on when my story ends, okay so bye!

:inuyasha thoughts:

kag thoughts

Chapter one: Cuts

Kagome sat in her bathroom letting the jagged edge of the glass, she picked up from the broken cup, run across her skin, as crimson blood ran down her arm. Already two scars lay next to the newly cut wound. she told herself shed only do it once, but once turned into twice, and now it was her third cut, shed began to crave seeing her blood flow and feeling the adrenaline rush it supplied to her, she was surprised inuyasha hadn't caught on, to it.

Ever since he'd calmed his love for Kikyou, telling kagome he'd be leaving her. She began to cut herself the feeling of the rush of blood spill from her body let out an adrenaline rush which seemed to comfort her emotional wounds, but only adding to her physical ones. She laid a face cloth over her wound and applied pressure to stop the bleeding.

After a few minutes the blood stopped flowing, she washed off the smeared blood and glass so inuyasha wouldn't catch on to the scent of blood, pulled down her sleeve; she went back to her room. She packed up her remaining things including the glass and left for feudal Japan.

She'd had it all planned out shed wait till they'd stop and go alone bathe, that's when shed cut herself, shed wait until the her wound stopped bleeding, and go back , she had it all planned out. Shed never once realized that this had become something shed been craving to do, and even thought she told herself shed only do it once a day, she was already craving to create a new cut and to see new blood spill from her creamy skin.

Inuyasha was waiting by the well. When she pulled herself out, for once she wasn't late.

"Hi inuyasha." She said as cheerfully as she could manage, even though just looking at him made her want to run and cry, and cut her till she ran herself dry and died.

"Hey kagome." He said in a unusually happy tone, as he grabbed her yellow back pack for her, he could tell something was wrong, her smile faded right as they began to walk off towards keade's, and she was unusually distant from him.

"Kagome, are you…alright." He swore, for just a brief moment, kagomes whole body tensed, and then she relaxed, of course it still worried him.

He cant know what I'm doing, he just cant.

"Yes, I'm fine, why?"

"Well, you just seem kind of….never mind." He figured if he brought it up it would only upset her, and that he'd find out soon enough what was wrong…one way or another.

They headed back to kaede's hut in silence, occasionally inuyasha would glance at kagome from the corner of his eye she even had a look on her face that said "some things wrong with me cant you see that", but he ignored it. It wasn't long until they reached the hut, inuyasha watched kagomes personality through out the time they entered to when she went to bathe.

:Inuyasha's pov: (starts from when there walking there his thoughts)

"What the hell is wrong with her, shes just being so weird, I can sense it, something is wrong with her. why'd she tense up when I asked her what was wrong."

:in the hut: (still thoughts)

"Okay, she seemed all quiet and distant, is it me? Does she hate me? What' s going on kagome…"

:Normal pov:

Inuyasha sat there observing her….she noticed his eyes on her but ignored it as best as she could.

"Ok, im gonna go take a bath." Kagome said deciding she had enough of inuyashas hanyou stare for the moment, picking up the things she needed from her back pack, including the broken glass which she slipped into her towel she began to make her way outside; until she heard sango speak.

"Good idea kagome-chan I'll come with you." Sango said.


"Uh, I think id much rather be alone, Sango, nothing personal, I just, need some time to think. You understand right?" she felt bad and could see slight hurt in her friends eyes, but they turned into understanding a second later.

",Of course kagome." Sango said as she turned her gaze to the fire.

Kagome let out a sigh of realief, as she gathered the remaining things and left the hut. Inuyasha could fee her entire body go into a panick and tense up as Sango had decided to join her.

:what the fuck, is wrong with her, why does she want to be alone.:

Kagome walked off to the river, she pulled out the glass this time she cut towards her lower arm near her wrist but not at her wrist, a small cut drained out red liquid, she watched it for a moment a tear slid down her check as she looked over the other two scars. she dropped the glass and stripped herself of her cloths slowly getting into the river getting. she was quick washing off in the river since it was cold.

I know I should stop, but I like this, I like the rush of blood, it feels, it feels good, I can forget inuyasha I can forget Kikyou, I know I should stop, but I don't want to.

She smiled weakly before slipping out of the water and dressing quickly. She hadn't realized that her cut hadn't stopped bleeding, luckily for her everyone was asleep, everyone that is except inuyasha was , and he couldn't smell the blood since she had sprayed herself with a body spray.

"Kagome…."inuyasha began as he watched kagome put her things away in her bag, she dropped the piece of glass into the bottom of the bag, she then settled into her sleeping bag.

"Yea inuyasha?" Kagome said as she slid into inside the confines of her light blue bag.

"You know, you cant hide this from me kagome, I know something is wrong, you don't have to say, if you don't want to but I'm here if you want to talk, okay?"

Kagome sighed and gave inuyasha a "uh huh" before drifting to sleep.

All night long inuyasha had trouble sleeping, he swore he could smell blood, but the scent was always replaced with strawberries' as he took in the scents around him for a secondtime.

In the morning inuyasha woke up, and noticed everyone else was gone from the hut except for kagome.

It was then that he also noticed kagomes long sleeve night shirt had a red blotch on it, it was blood...her blood…


Hee hee I'm sorry I have to stop there and I know it'll be driving u crazy to find out what shes gonna say, but no he doesn't find out what shes really doing until ch 3 or 4 I want to make it last longer than a one shot u just don't get it….waaaa ok maybe u do …ok w.e bye!