Ali Rotte

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 2

'How long have I been asleep?'

'Where am I?'

'How will I find food or shelter?'

'How should I take care of my wounds?'

'How will I get home?'

Questions which should have plagued the mind of young widow were far from her, the shuttle had long since opened after landing but she had not moved. The sun had risen and fallen and she did not move. The wind had howled cruelly the rains pounded mercilessly yet she did not finch.

Her lose so great, she felt no pain no time…




She couldn't tell you how long she'd been there, surrounded by trees, ignoring the cries of animals around her.

And there the silver haired warrior lay in her torn and tattered uniform husband ring next to her wedding ring and grandfathers sword wrapped tightly in her grasp.

(((Earth Palace)))

He held his glass of alcohol firm, his wife in the bed beside his sit, haven cried herself asleep long ago after receiving the knowledge of there youngest son, Seiya's, death. He, King Mamoru of Earth, had shed tears as well. It had been news he wasn't prepared.

Just the other day, after having another useless conversation of marriage and the importance of running a kingdom speech with Endymion the queen had lost all hope of grandchildren before death until a letter from there younger son had arrived.

In his last letter from Nemesis Seiya had conveyed his wish to visit with his wife, after months of being away on the moon and being inducted into there way of life and counsel because he'd married the princess of the Moon.

Finally a son that lived to make his parent happy, only to receive a letter no more than a week later there youngest son is most possibly dead, his wife is some where on earth most possibly dead, and Endymion had run off with another hussy last night to his cabin in the woods.

'At least, Endymion and my other children are alive,' yet the king still could not expect the death of his youngest son. There had never been a time in his life when he didn't feel his son were hurt or in danger. He'd felt the danger indeed the Queen herself had even mentioned a feeling of uneasiness but death, 'certainly not possible…not at all.' Priority number one now begin to find his daughter in law. Distant priority number two find the nuisance named Endymion.

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