Kitsune Lina

Watch your Diet

"This will get that pesky little sorceress," the woman laughed as she continued mixing the substances on the desk in front of her. "And in the name of the monster Zomalgustar, I shall have my revenge!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!"
"Now for the last ingredient of the curse," The green-haired princess turned to leashed fox and bent down with a knife.
"Grr," *snap*
"AHH!!! Get off my face!! Get off my face!! That hurts you little creep!!!" The puff of fur snapped one more time and then rushed off, leaving Martina with a number of shallow cuts and scratches. "Laugh all you want you nasty little beast. I still got your blood. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Real lake dragon cuisine!!" someone was shouting.
"Did you here that?" Lina demanded of the nearest person. The other Slayers were still at the inn, she had gotten bored and decided to go looking for some fun. Maybe a pickpocket or something to beat up.
"Real lake dragon cuisine, come and get it while it lasts!"
"There it is again!!" Lina rushed through the crowd of people, getting bogged down at first by sheer numbers. At least until she began rapid firing dill brandos. After that it didn't take her long to reach the vendor calling out dragon cuisine.
"Lake dragon cuisine!" the woman shouted again.
"Lake dragon cuisine, you said lake dragon cuisine right?" Lina demanded.
"Err...yeah," the woman appeared quite nervous, but that was to be expected considering how Lina managed to get there. Not to mention the mob of annoyed people gathering behind the sorceress. "Would you like some?"
"YES!!!" Lina screamed in her face. The vendor shakily handed over a plate of wonderously prepared meat. "GIMME! GIMME!"
Lina snatched the plate from the scared woman's hands and began tearing into the meat with a vengence. She finished quickly and then stared at the plate for a moment.
Hey, this is just roast beef, you...." the vendor was no where to be seen.
"You know she looked a little familiar," Lina scratched her head. "Oh well. Hey what are you all staring at?" She turned to the mob.
"Just who do you think you are?" somebody demanded.
"Me, I'm Lina Inverse, who did you think I was?"
"LINA INVERSE!!!!!!! NOT THAT!!!" Suddenly the street was deserted. Lina sweatdropped.
"What's that about?" Then she shrugged and started walking irritably back to the inn. "At least I didn't have to pay for it."

Amelia got up and stretched out the kinks in her muscles. She looked over to Lina's bed and instantly noticed that the red-headed sorceress wasn't there.
"I don't get it," Amelia yawned. "Her clothes are still here, all of them, where could she be?"
"Oww! What the---?" Amelia looked under the bed and found a naked Lina rubbing her head.
"Miss Lina? What are you doing under the bed?"
"I don't know I just...aahhh!!" Lina screamed. "Where are my clothes?"
"They're on the bed up here." Amelia said simply.
"Give them to me!" Amelia did so, and the room was filled with the sounds of Lina trying to get dressed under the bed.
"What's this?" there was a long pause. "Ewww!!!!" A half-dressed Lina rushed out from under the bed and into the closet. Amelia looked under the bed again and saw a half-eaten rat.
"Miss Lina, are you okay?" Amelia asked, trying not to gag.
"I'm fine, just a little confused," Lina said coming out of the closet completely dressed with the exception of her gloves which were stuck in her belt. "Don't tell the guys about this, okay?"
"Uh, sure," Amelia said, following the sorceress out.

Breakfast went about normal, Gourry and Lina ripped through the food, supported in the endeavour a little by Amelia while Zelgadis contentedly supped his coffee, ignoring the other three's antics.
The routine was cut short when some was thrown into their table.
"That does it!" Lina shoutted.
"Oh no," Gourry sighed.
"Miss Lina," Amelia started, concilatory. "Please don't do anything."
"I'd like to get out of an inn while its still intact for once," Zelgadis agreed.
"No he's getting it!!" Lina shouted. Everybody at the table tensed. "FIREBALL!!!" Nothing happened.
"Look at the little girl that thinks she's a sorceress." The inn brawl stopped as the first laugh was heard.
"FLAME ARROW!!! FREEZE ARROW!!! DILL BRANDO!!" With each attempted spell the laughing got worse. Lina was steaming as she prepared one more spell. "Darkness beyond twilight, redder than blood that flows..."
"Lina don't..." Zelgadis held out a hand to stop Gourry.
"Nothing's going to happen." Zelgadis assured him. The three of them watched Lina with growing concern.
She reached out desperately finishing the incantation, but drawing no power to her.
"Go on home little girl," someone laughed.
"Yeah you wouldn't make it in the real world."
"Stop it!! I AM a sorceress! I'm Lina Inverse!!!" The laughing got worse.
"Lina Inverse, yeah right, you're the bandit killer, sure." Gourry stood up and walked forward to the most recent speaker.
"Excuse me, are you laughing at my friend?" he asked.
"Yeah, what of it?" Gourry smiled and cracked his knuckles.
"I don't need help!" Lina shouted. "I'm...I'm..." Lina ran out of the inn, apparently on the verge of crying.
"Miss Lina, wait!!" Amelia followed her quickly.
"Gourry," Zelgadis adressed the blonde swordsman as he stood up.
"Shall we?" Gourry cracked his knuckles again, smiling.

Amelia found Lina a few blocks away, frantically trying to cast a spell, any spell.
"What's the matter Lina?" Amelia asked. "Are you on your period?"
"No I am NOT!" Lina shouted. "Do you think I'd even try to cast a spell if I were?"
"Then why can't know?"
"I DON'T KNOW!! I DON'T KNOW!!" Lina slumped to her knees. "I don't know." She noticed a glint of silver beneath her and instinctively reached forward to pick it up. The moment she scooped the coin into her palm she screamed, dropping it again.
"What's happened," Amelia asked nervous.
"That thing's burning hot!!" Lina said, she turned her hand to show Amelia. "Look." There was a circular brand mark where her flesh had touch the coin.
Amelia bent down to look at the coin, it didn't look hot. She touched it experimentally and found it cool to the touch.
"What are you..." Lina started as Amelia picked it up. The Princess looked worriedly over at Lina, who just appeared to be in shock. "How can you hold that?" The sound of an explosion further down the street signalled the downhill slide of the inn battle.
"It's cool to the touch," Amelia said. "but its silver. Oh no..." Amelia looked at the sorceress pityingly.
"What do you mean its silver," Lina asked. "What does that have to do with anything?"
"You woke up naked under the bed, silver burns you, and you can't cast magic. You know this better than I do Miss Lina what do you think is the problem?"
"But that's impossible," Lina protested. "I can't be a..."
"Werecreature," Amelia ended, nodding. Lina slumped.
"Last night was the last day of the new moon, that gives two weeks until the full moon and it gets really bad," Lina said resignedly. "Don't tell them anything about this."
"We really..."
"Please, Amelia."
"Alright, Miss Lina."
"Thank you," Lina said as Gourry and Zelgadis appeared around the corner.

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