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A moment in the life of a Unit

Erk was crying in the corner, since he'd never been beaten up before. Serra was amused since her enemies were now subdued. Karel and Harken still glared at each other, while Karla was pissed off that no one voted for her brother.

"Eliwood!" She barked.

Everyone gasped. Karla had just said Eliwood's name without Lord!

"Did she...?"

"Yeah! I can't..."

"What a moron!"

Those were the words floating around the campground.

"Yeah? What?" He answered back in his terrible mood.

"Why didn't you vote for my brother?" Karla stood up to challenge him. Eliwood who was about an inch or two taller, also stood up.

"Why would I want to vote for your rinky-dink brother? I voted for Harken 'cause he's my-"

"Lover? You're gay!" She yelled back. It took Eliwood a moment to realize what she had just said.

"You whore! Say that to my face!"

"You're gay!" She said to his face. Eliwood snapped his fingers and Isadora came out of nowhere.

"Deal with her." He commanded. She nodded and pounced on Karla.

Karel, who was watching this, got up.

"No one does that to my sister." Eliwood shrank back, since Karel was a little taller. But, in the nick of time, Hector came to defend his friend.

"Sit down, monkey man!"

Eliwood was so embarrassed that he ran over to Lowen, crying his butt off.

Karel didn't flinch, even though Hector was taller. He put out his arm, and moved his hand back and forth, as if to say: 'Bring it on!'

Hector scoffed and was about to land a punch on Karel's face when Harken and Oswin came.

"I can take him, Lord Hector!" They both said. Harken did a double take and glared at Oswin.

"As if! Beat it old man. This is my job." Oswin turned.

"You should shut your mouth, kiddie. Or I'll shove my lance up your-"

Pent jumped between them.

"Hey, let's not fight!" Harken and Oswin pushed him to the floor. Erk saw this and ran over to them.

"How dare you!" He started chanting a spell and out of his hand came a ball of fire.

"Holy sho-" They both were burned. Karel took this opportunity to sucker punch Hector.

The lord held his face and started cursing.

Isadora and Karla were almost out of breath, so Karel kicked Isadora to the ground. The battle was over, the siblings had won.

"You Saceans! You're all so untrustworthy!" Eliwood and Hector both said.

Rath, Karel, Karla, Guy and Lyn turned their heads to face them.

"What did you say, you stupid Lycian?" They all asked in a monotone.

"You heard us!" Hector said.

"Oh, is that what you think about us Saceans? Well!" Lyn said.

"But Lyndis, we..."

"Don't 'but Lyndis' me, Eliwood!"

Rath and Guy nodded seriously.

"Ah, get over it!" Matthew said. Guy faced Matthew.

"You wanna go, man?" Matthew looked around and rolled his eyes.

"Guy, I can take you any time, any where." Guy took a moment to think.

"What'd you say?" Lyn and Rath slapped their faces.

"It's people like him who give us bad names." Karel sighed. Guy tried to size up Matthew, but since he was much taller, Matthew slapped him. Guy held his face and started to gag.

"Retribution!" He screamed, kicking Matthew between his legs. The thief's eyes grew large and he fell to the ground, gasping.

"How does Guy know such a big word?" Karla asked. None of them could answer.

"Take this, Matthew! And that!" Guy kicked him repeatedly in the back.

Hector rushed over to Matthew's aid and picked Guy up, holding him suspended in the air.

Guy moved his legs back and forth. "Lemme go!" Hector tossed him a couple of feet, but Eliwood caught him.

"Hector!" He yelled, still holding Guy. Marcus took Guy out of his hands and flung him over to the Sacean group. Rath then caught him.

"I hate being so light..." Guy murmured.

Lyndis snapped her own fingers, Sain, Wallace and Kent appeared.

"Sain, take Harken. Kent, take Marcus. Wallace, take Oswin." All three nodded and rushed for their targets. Pent stood up.

"That's it! Erk! Take Hector. Louise and I'll take on Eliwood." The Lycian Lords stared at each other, and in a second they had run off in the distance. But their targets followed. Barte stepped in front of the Mage General and his wife. But with another snap of Lyn's fingers, Dorcas took on Barte. Dart was stunned and was about to help Barte, but Geitz jumped him.

Guy and Rath looked at each other and nodded. Guy went for Matthew and Rath went for Rebecca, for some reason. But Raven put an end to that.

"No one attacks...ah forget it." He threw a punch, but Rath caught it. Rebecca freaked.

"Wil!" But Wil couldn't choose. Raven and Rath were both his friends.

So he glided away.

Rath dropped kicked Raven and the red head tripped. Raven swung one leg and Rath then slipped. Soon afterwards, Raven pounced on him and pinned the Nomadic Trooper down.

He started to swing wild punches at Rath's face, in fury.

On the side, Matthew was beating the heck out of Guy. Matthew grabbed the swordmaster's long hair, which stopped Guy from running. He then pulled Guy closer and they started slapping each other's faces.

Karel and Karla was seeing enough of their own kind getting the butt's kicked. So Karel went for Raven and Karla, Matthew.

Harken was easily beating the gigolo up. With Harken's superior strength, he nearly broke Sain's arms.

Marcus was trained well to fight with his hands, and so Kent had a little trouble.

Wallace and Oswin were equally strong.

Erk was flaming Hector so much and Louise was smacking Eliwood around.

Farina didn't like seeing Hector lose, so she went over to him, even though she wanted some extra money. She took Florina with her to help him. Fiora went to stop the fight between Pent and Eliwood.

The whole campground was in flames. Only a few smart people weren't fighting.

Lyn, who had cause the whole fight anyway.

Serra, who was looking at the jewels she had stole from Fiora.

Nino and Jaffar, who were speaking about Lloyd.

Lowen and Wil, who wanted to get away from everyone.

Nils, who was still mourning the loss of his sister.

Canas, Heath and Vaida, who were staring at each other.

Lucius and Priscilla were healing Raven.

Legault was helping Matthew against Guy and Karla. Merlinus was hiding.

After the battle was done, everyone was separated and wounded.

The Lycian Lord's and their friends, which included Oswin, Matthew, Legault, Marcus, Harken, Isadora, Fiora, Serra, Nino, Jaffar, Lowen, Farina, and Barte. They were all sitting on the left.

The Saceans' and their friends, Florina, Kent, Sain, Wallace, and Dorcas, were on the right.

The Etrurians, Pent, Louise, Erk, Canas, Hawkeye, were in the corner. Hawkeye had decided not to join the fight, because he would've devastated everyone.

And the people who couldn't choose sides sat in the middle. This group of bums included Wil, Lucius, Raven, Priscilla, Dart, Geitz, Rebecca, Heath, Vaida, Merlinus and Nils.

Separate, but still near.

Eliwood was feeling sort of bad.

"Maybe we should apologize." Hector's mouth dropped.

"What the? Have you no shame? I got my butt whooped by a little Sage kid!"

Matthew scoffed. "Yeah, that's harsh. But Karla was on me! But Legault fended Guy off."

Fiora was unharmed, Louise and Pent decided not to harm her.

Farina on the other hand was wounded by Erk. "This'll come with extra pay!" She screamed.

"Shut-up!" Erk yelled at her. Farina stood up, she was furious.

"You shut your mouth, mama's boy!" Erk laughed at the insult.

"You and your dumb Pegasus can't take me on. Or did you already forget." Pent gave a wide grin over at Eliwood's group.

Rath was hurt severely by Raven and Karel was too. But their wounds didn't compare to Sain, Wallace and Kent's. They couldn't move.

Harken, Oswin and Marcus were a-ok.

Lucius was punched by Karel and Raymond's sister was jumped by Rath.

All in all the units were all hurt.

Besides Lyn.

Soon day began to break. Everyone's stomach growled. So each one sent out their best cooker.

Lowen for Eliwood's group, Merlinus for Raven's side, Louise for Pent and Lyn for her own group. From order of the best cook to the worst here they were:

Lowen, Merlinus, Louise and Lyn.

Karel and Guy were afraid to eat Lyn's food in fear that they may die. Hector was ready for Lowen's food and the same was for Pent and Raven. Lyn didn't know how to cook, she only trapped animals.

Eliwood still thought this was ridiculous.

"Ok! This is retard! Lyndis, we're all sorry for making fun of you guys!"

Lyn's eyes sparked.

"Really?" He nodded. In seconds, the whole group was back together, saying their sorry's.

"Let's eat!" Guy, Matthew and Legault said together, holding on to one another.

"Yeah! Lowen and Merlinus should cook. 'Cause I don't want to eat Lyn's horrible food." Hector said.

Rath and Lyn turned slowly around.


"Oh no!"

"HECTOR!" Eliwood cried.

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