Ever since Ness read some exciting book, it spurred him into writing his own stories. But lately, his inspiration has been cut short. While searching for it, he starts to uncover the sad, disturbing story of Roy's life, the person Ness thought he could never find anything from. Please enjoy. Oh, and the Character POV will probably change throughout the story.

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Eyes of Sorrow

Chapter 1

I tapped my pencil on the desk and sighed angrily. Why can't I think of anything? I thought, picking up the book that had started my writing craze. "The Duke's pearl." I said aloud, reading the title. I carefully put it down and stared blankly at the paper in front of me. So many doodles I had drawn covered the page. "I should've used my laptop..." I punched the computer, making it fall off the desk. I picked it up and proceeded to toss the blasted thing onto my bed. There came a knock at my door and a deep voice saying (more like demanding):

"It's time to eat dinner. Get out of your room already!"

I frowned, knowing full well who was on the other side.

"All right, all right, Roy. Don't have a cow." I heard him mutter a few words before he opened the door, with a look of anger on his face.

"I'm not kidding with you--Peach said I should call you down. And believe me, if I had a choice, I would've left you up here to starve." I simply walked passed him, chuckling to myself. "What's so funny?" He asked.

I merrily skipped down the stairs, leaving him behind. By the time I had reached the dinning hall, everyone was staring at their food.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Bowser asked, pointing angrily at me. Roy pushed me out of the way and stared at his own food.

"What is this?" He asked no one in particular. Peach spoke up:

"It's my famous Fish fillet!" I watched as Roy's face turned into his notable glower.

"I'm not hungry." Kirby started to eat, watching the tension grow between the two monarchs.

"You will eat. You haven't eaten in, like, five days."

"Four." Roy corrected, pushing his food away. I took some of his meatballs and stuffed them in my mouth while everyone else watched Roy and Peach. They all seemed to like watching fights or arguments.

Peach glared at me and said, "You're not helping." She then turned her attention to Roy, "You're getting thinner; do you think you will be able to fight in the tournament?"

"You're not my mother. Get off my back!" He said to her, getting up from the table.

"Get off my back!" I mocked. Roy paused and slowly directed his sight to me.

"What did you say? Are you mimicking me?"

Peach slammed her fists on the table and everyone fixated their eyes at her. "Roy, I am not going to let you go that easily." Right after she said that, I heard Marth utter a sigh.

"Just listen to her."

Roy ignored him and made his way upstairs, slamming his door once he reached his room. We all began eating our dinner--in silence. Which was quite unusual. Peach managed to eat two-fourths of her food before she began to cry. Everyone dismissed her, as usual. I covered my ears and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Well, Ness, since you are the only one who cares. It's Roy. What's wrong with him? I mean, he's been like this ever since he came here. But that's not normal for a human being to be like that..."

Is she an anthropologist or psychiatrist or something? I asked myself, nodding as if I had been interested in what she had been saying.

Near the end of our meal, Roy came back downstairs. He accomplished the task of not looking at us and made his way to the living room. Peach followed him (stomping her feet all the way). I snuck a few feet behind her, wanting to see what she would do.

Roy was making himself comfortable on the couch as Peach lectured him. He turned the television on and made it louder, drowning out her annoyingly high pitched voice. I chuckled to myself, laughing at what he did. Roy knew better than to try to ignore Princess Peach, any smart person would've just shut up and listen.

Peach clenched her fist, "Roy, I'm being very patient with you, but it won't last long if you keep this up." Roy just continued to stare blankly at the television, channel surfing. Peach's face turned red and in one quick motion that I couldn't see, she slapped his face. It was a loud forceful slap, making Roy drop the remote and just stare at her with his mouth open. She tapped her shoes on the marble floor.

"I hope now that you will listen to me." Peach turned off the 'idiot box' (that's what Fox called it) and pointed her finger at him. "Now, as I was saying Roy...Hey! Come back here!" She chased after him. I rolled my eyes and went back to the dining table, where everyone was waiting.

"What happened in there Ness?" Falcon asked me, obviously interested (so interested, he was shaking with...anticipation.)

"Well, Roy was being obstinate, so she slapped him." I answered causing everyone to gasp.

"It must've been one of her super slaps! She's only did that to me once, and let me tell you, it hurts!" Bowser said, putting on a surprised face. Pikachu murmured something and we silenced ourselves; Peach had come back, with a ferocious look on her face. We all exited the room, leaving her to talk to herself.


I bit my pen cap and began writing a sentence on a new sheet of paper. It was about a child named Troy, who was very obstinate. People hated him so much, that they all snuck into his house, slipped a noose around his neck and killed him. I started getting bored and I slowly began writing things that I didn't mean to. But, at the time I thought it was funny. After Troy was killed, they all had a party.

"We killed his parents, we killed the devil! And for that, we are happy and safe once more!" They sang. I had to admit, I hated Roy (as much as I hated my writing style). And Troy was Roy. And the 'people' were us, the Smashers. And one day, we will slip a noose around his neck and hang him. Before I knew it, I had written it down. I re-read the story over and thought it was a little too harsh.

As I was about to change the story's ending, Roy came into my room. His face was flushed with red, and, as always, he wasn't smiling. He walked over to my table and took my story.

"What's this?" He asked, beginning to read it like the ass he was.

"Give it back, and knock next time, man!" I was really afraid of his reaction to the story. Darn my shortness; Roy held it up in the air, to keep it out of my reach. I moved away from him, hoping that he wouldn't kill me. As he got near the end, I saw his face turn even redder, probably with anger. Roy placed my fiction on the table and walked out of my room.

I sighed a sigh of relief and got off my bed; I wonder what he was planing to do. I took the paper and crumpled it up. But before I threw it away, I did a double-take and reopened the paper. I could swear that I saw a drop of water on the paper. Maybe my eyes are fooling me...I thought, as I checked the paper. Nothing was on it, besides my cruel story I had written. I tossed it into my garbage can and exited my room.

I needed some inspiration for my next story; I was having a writer's block and I couldn't deal with it. One good story that could actually make me famous in Onett. Then, I wouldn't be known as: The Physic Boy Who Conspires Against the Government, but as: The Physic Boy Who Can Actually Write Good Stories.

I scratched my head, searching for something, anything, in this house that can serve as my inspiration. I walked past Roy's dorm, holding my ears. He was playing some type of music a little to loud in his room. I stopped and turned to his door.

Maybe I should apologize...

As I said before, my story had been a little harsh. I knocked on his door, but he didn't answer.


Probably because of that music he was playing. I opened the door and had to adjust my eyes to the darkness of his room. I scanned around and noticed he was sleeping on his bed. I then realized that he had headphones on. I checked his stereo and I was shocked to see that the sound was pumped all the way up. I lowered it a little, okay, a lot and turned to him.

Roy turned over, snoring loudly. He had a sheet of paper in his hand, but it slipped to the floor.


I crawled over and opened it. I couldn't read what it said due to the poor lighting, so I stood up. ...And accidently bumped into Roy's hands. His eyes immediately shot open.

He sat up quickly and grabbed my shirt, stopping me from escaping. I was trying to runaway fast, but it was like he had a death grip on me. I looked at Roy, who was now yawning.

He stared at me with his lame eyes, "What are you doing here?" I put the paper in my back pocket and refused to answer him. He stood and let me go, taking off his headphones. He rubbed his ears in pain and shook his head. "...that hurt." He mumbled, pulling up the window blind.

"I came to apologize..."I muttered as Roy began to make his bed.

"For what?" He asked, running his hands through his hair. I shifted my weight to my other leg.

"For that story."

"Why? Do you think I cared?" Roy said, feebly. He collapsed into his bed, curling himself up. "I'm tired, just leave me alone..." There wasn't much force to his voice...

"You're tired because you didn't eat."

He rolled over and his eyes met mine, "Why would you care? You're story said it all. You don't like me. No one like's me."

I sensed--with my physic coolness--that he was sad. But I only shrugged and watched Roy as he narrowed his eyes.

With a sleepy voice, he suggested, "Why don't you just leave? Like I said, I'm tired. I need some rest..." I watched him close his eyes and in a few short seconds, he was out like a light. I quickly got out of his dorm and closed his door. I took out the sheet of paper and began to read it:


I am sorry to tell you this, but your father has passed away. It was an assassination that put him to his grave. I know if you would've been there, he would be alive right now. I know this must be hard for you, considering all that has happened in the past. But please take care of yourself, and I will find someone worthy enough to act as a substitute until you come back.

Sincerely sorry,


I re-read the letter again, thinking: What does she mean--'All that has happened in the past?' And why is she trying to blame it on him? Does she want Roy to feel bad or something? I snapped my fingers in realization. No wonder he was acting so aloof. I thought back on how Roy had fell into his bed before.

I wonder if he's just doing this to himself purposely... What he said before was odd--no one liked him. Maybe my story had planted that idea in that little mind of his. Excuse me, large mind of his.

I grinned to myself as I felt my writer's block begin to disappear. I know what--or rather who--would be my inspiration. "I just need to know more. Like Sherlock Holmes, I will dig up Roy's past. Hahaha...yes...I really need a life..."

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