Um, the Epilogue. Last Chapter.

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Eyes of Sorrow: Epilogue

When he died, everyone was shocked.


Now everyone cared?

Marth had explained Roy's story to everyone, and they felt bad for mocking him.

Five days after his death, we held his funeral.

That was about a month ago.

Lilina was broken hearted, but Marth promised ger that he would be there for he from now on.

But I don't think he liked her.

After all, he did say he had someone back in Altea.

Even though it was destroyed.

What a stupid guy!

Mario, Peach and Daisy felt the worse.

They blamed themselves for pushing Roy over the edge.

I blame them too.

And I also blame myself.

I was outside, looking at the stormy blue sky.

It was starting to rain.

"Sir Ness? Are you out here?"

Lilina said. I sat up, Marth was hugging her as they made there way over here.

"I still feel so bad." She whispered, weeping a little. I put my back against the tree.

Lilina had been here since Roy's death, and I guess she was going to leave now.

"Yeah, he was a pretty good person."

Marth brought out a piece of paper from his pocket.

"Here, read this."

I took it.

Marth and Lilina,

By the time you two have found this, I would be dead. Of course, you may have witnessed it. I mean, I just left you guys like 2 minutes ago! You see? I still have some humor left in me. Haha! I'm so glad that you came Lilina. And Marth, you promised that you would be there for me when I died. Actually, I made you...whatever! Lilina, I bet you Marth told you my story, right? I am really sorry about what I did to your father...I regret everything I've done...but I hear you guys coming up the stairs.

All I can say is that I love you both.

Here is a funny phrase I leave for you two- redemption still eludes me. Go look that up in the dictionary. Ha!


"He still had time to write this note?" I asked. I couldn't read the last part. P.S something...

Marth hit Lilina's head lightly.

"Guess what? Lilina and I are going to get married."

I turned my head slowly.


They both smiled.

"Roy wanted that. He is so weird. And I guess we have a lot in common. Like Roy, we've both been through a lot..." Lilina pointed to the part I couldn't read in the note.

"Marth? Don't you have someone...?"

"Sheeda? She died when Altea was destroyed."

He sounded pretty sad.

It started to rain.

"Well, we better be on our way. The Prince of Altea and the Princess of Ostia must get going. We've told everyone, but you were going. Ness, I hope we get to see you again!" Marth said, Lilina hugged me and both of them made their way to the front.

"See you guys at the reunion!"

They waved back at me.

I went inside the mansion and up to my dorm room.

I passed Roy's and opened the door slightly.

Everything that remained in his room was dusty.

Marth and Link must've stole some things.

I sighed and went to his desk.

Sherlock Holmes once again.

Inside one of his magazines, Video Games weekly, were to pictures.

One was a mini painting of him and Lilina when they were kids. Another was a picture of Marth, Link and him.

On the back, he had written: 'My friends.'

I pocketed them and left to my room.

I was packed, today was the day we were supposed to go home.

Why did I even come here?

I just noticed, we didn't have a tournament!

Those liars.

Or maybe it was because Roy was gone...

I took my suitcase and went downstairs.

Everyone was complaining about the rain. The mansion was stripped bare, it was really dark. Mario was ready to lock up.

"Come guys! We have to get going!"

Pikachu and Zelda made a face, but they all went outside.

Mario slammed the door.

"Alright guys, remember. Meet back here in two years time!"

Lilina and Marth were still waiting.

"What took you Link?" Zelda, Link and Young Link jumped over to them.

"Going the same way?"

"Duh! Link, you are so dumb."

I sighed, things just never change.

I took out my newly published book.

Everyone back at home loved it, that's what I heard.

Now I am Ness the writer!

No longer the kid who conspires against the Government!

"'Kay guys!" Everyone yelled at each other. Pikachu hugged Kirby and everyone parted.

Then we all came back and hugged each other.

Then we parted again.

I sighed once more as I walked down the hill to my little town.

I took out the picture we all took the together when we all first met.

Roy was there, in the corner near D. K and Mr. Game and Watch with a frown on his face.

I looked closer.

It seemed like he was crying a little.

I was going to miss them. Bowser, Pichu, Falcon, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Samus and the Ice Climbers.

All of them...

But the one I would miss the most,

was Roy...

Hey! Roy said that redemption thing. I know, I may have ended it too quickly. I made Sheeda die. I know in FE 3 that she lives. Played the un-dubbed version. Couldn't understand...I made Marth marry Lilina. The ending part was sort of like Hitori, without you...

I'm so repetitious...

I hoped you liked the story. I thought the Epilogue was kinda corny, but Roy dying made me sad...well thanks for the reviews!

I'll still be writing more fics.

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Oh, at the end, I tried to add everyone I didn't mention in Ness' dialogue. Hm, this story was mainly based on Roy and not Ness. I kinda changed the plot. But it was Ness who started this all up! Without him, the story wouldn't make any sense/lies/