Every Time

Notes: First chapter has been revised! Yay! Uh, the inspiration for this was random, when I was watching MTV, and the music video for 'Every Time' by Britney Spears came on. Horrible video, but the song is fairly pretty. Thank you so much to everyone reading this!

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Chapter 1: Torn


Just one heart-bitten word drifted in the air, silence in the void. The wind was still, and all movement halted. Her legs began to move, though she didn't remember telling them to do so, bringing her closer to him.

The sickening thud of a body landing awkwardly. Bones snapping. Blood spraying onto the ground.


No words came from his slightly parted lips, only slow exhalation. The hazy indigo of his eyes seemed out of focus, as if he were looking for something he couldn't see. She felt herself kneel beside him, palms slapping the ground hard, rocks and stones creating abrasion on the calloused skin.


...Not such a short time beforehand...

Only half alert, the taijiya was perched on the fencepost. Kirara groomed herself below, the kistune Shippou snoring quietly in the shade of the tall grass. At first glance, the scene was quiet, calm. Enough to be a painting, even. But if you were to move in closer, you would see the hatred burning in the young woman's eyes. And if you were to follow her gaze, you would surely see the reason.

"Ah, I see... You have very nice hands, young miss. I know you will make an excellent wife."

"Excellent indeed." Sango murmured, growing weary of watching. She had half a mind to go over to him and drag him off. But what right did she have? He had no such ties to her, and he did need an heir.

She wanted. He needed.

He won.

And so she remained backdrop. Unoticed, and indesireable, next to the flirty girls he stood by. Was that really what he wanted? If she were like that, would he want her?

"It's stupid!" she announced firmly to herself, "Just stupid!"

'I don't want him. he doesn't want me, so it works out! Why am I getting so worked up over nothing?'

'It's not like he ever bothers to read my palm or anything...'

The sudden warming of her hand caused her to squeal. Looking to the source, she found the subject of her thoughts holding her hand thoughtfully. As if he'd been reading her fuming mind.

"Sango," he started, voice soft, "You seem distressed."

"It's nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, Houshi-sama, now let go of me!"

Sango promptly snatched away her hand, balling it into a menacing fist. The monk sighed, and leaned against the rail beside her.

"So why are you over here?" she asked bitterly.

"Oh, I got a little, um... carried away?"

"Figures," came her blunt mutter. Miroku sighed again, nearly exasperated, and looked up to the silky blue sky above them.

"I guess we'll be waiting here, until Inuyasha and Kagome come back from checking out the other side of the village, eh?"

She didn't answer him, lifting her head a little, and glancing around.


"Shut up!"

Sango glanced around, momentarily stopping her breathing to get a better grasp of the sound. It was hard to track, amongst the bustle of the town, but...

"What's the-"

"Get down!"

Her eyes widened suddenly as she dove into him, body pressed against body as they dove into the grasses. Above them, a whizzing was heard, along with the clinking of chains. Both ignored the small distance between themselves for a moment, watching through the blades of grass. The chain was quickly reeled in, the weilder beyond their sights. Though they both could guess who it was...

Shippou awoke slowly, still confused as to the happenings around him. Kirara had lept to him, her palehair standing on end. Sango quickly pushed herself away from the monk, feeling her heart pulled in many a direction. Taking deep breaths, she tried to stop the heat rising in her, shading her cheeks.

"My God... Sango..." the monk panted, reaching a hand for her. A breathless smile rested on his lips, beckoning. "You saved my life."

"It was nothing Houshi-sama, it's been done many times before."

"But I-"

A footstep halted his voice, and Sango took the oppurtunity to fully pull herself from him. Carefully they listened, crouched awkwardly out of veiw. The smell of grass was nearly overpowering, and Sango felt herself become slightly light-headed - though mostly from the drawn out wait. A flame alighted in her heart, flickering and engulfing her mind. Guilt forced it's way up into her throat, breathing tight and difficult.

Finally, a head came into view. The black hair pulled up into a ponytail, the garb of the Taijiya clan adorned his body. Light freckles dotted his cheeks, against the olive skin. Though Sango had known all along, her eyes widened in shock. Her body began toquiver with fear, one hand firmly clenched over her mouth, though a loud, chokedsob still escaped.


She moved the other hand for her Hiraikotsu, which had been lying on the gound by Shippou. The little fox looked up at Sango with confused eyes. No one else in the village had noticed anything, just carrying on their normal routine.

"Shippou," Sango hissed, "Go get Kagome and Inuyasha. Now."

With a nod, Shippou scampered off, tail bobbing behind him. Kirara meowed in soft mourning, watching as her mistress took firm hold of her weapon.

"Houshi-sama, I want you to stay here."

His eyes closed a brief moment, before coming again to meet hers.

"I'm not going to let you die, Sango."

Tears began pushing their way to the surface of her eyes, but none fell. She stared at him coldy.

"Even if I want to let myself?"

He stayed silent. Thoughts halted in the still, a question without an answer. He did have an answer though. He just didn't know how he could say that to her of all people. Sango. Bright, beautiful Sango...

"I-I'll leave that up to you. I'll be here... if you need me."

Both tremoring, the taijiya stood with an affirmative smile, tormented as she had to drag her eyes from his. Looking at him, there was a sort of calm she couldn't capture, nor describe. But withone hand on her hiraikotsu, the other steadying herself on the fence, she looked away to the boy.

His eyes were frozen, out of reach. And still, she wanted nothing but to save him. If death was the answer, so be it! She would have his happiness. Because his happiness was her happiness. And all of her heart was broken, scattered with pieces of his.

He didn't even blink, as she readied herself. The chains hung low to the ground, his knees bent in position. The thought that he really didn't know who she was pained her. The notion that he wasn't really her brother, but a shell, in which her brother was contained, angered her. Kohaku would never have been so ruthless. So violent.

He never had liked taking life either. Not even when some village boys accidentally killed a bird. He'd insisted on holding a funeral. But that was just who Kohaku was. No longer.

She should've died with him. And she made up her mind - she would die again with him. The way things should be. She couldn't carry on, if that wound in her soul was still fresh!

With one glance back at the monk, Sango felt herself almost torn. And yet she turned herself back to her brother, and emmersed herself in but one thing.

And that was their salvation.

End of Chapter 1