Summary: As Aragorn struggles to deepen his relationship with Legolas, outside forces work to interfere. Can Legolas see what is right in front of him?

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Warning: A bit of violence and attempted non-con

Disclaimer: Aragorn and Legolas both belong to Tolkien, as do many of the supporting cast and I do solemnly swear I am making no profit from this.

Authors Notes: This was written in September 2003 and published in November 2003 in the Melethryn #1 fanzine.


As two weeks passed and then three Aragorn grew more despondent. Gimli had decided to remain in the city to spend more time with both the king and his son, waiting for the return of the elf, but the dwarf could do little to battle the growing depression and restlessness in the king.

Eldarion likewise could do little to hold back his father's increasing irritation with all things connected to his duty. He had been pleased beyond measure when the king had returned and told him of his conversation with Legolas, but as the weeks flew by he could not help but wonder how long it would be before his father snapped completely and either allowed himself to drown in his depression or to tried to leave the city to retrieve the elf himself.

Midway through the fourth week found the king dismissing his council in a fit of temper that was becoming more frequent and disturbing for its intensity, but once his councillors had departed and the king was left alone with his son and friend Gimli, Eldarion saw how much Legolas' absence was hurting his father.

"What if he has changed his mind?" Aragorn asked quietly.

"He has not," Eldarion stated firmly, trying to place as much conviction in his voice as possible. "He promised you so he will return. Perhaps he is just delayed."

A new thought occurred to the king. "What if he tried to return but was attacked upon the way? What if he lies somewhere on the roadside fading? Perhaps I should mobilise search parties to look for him. We should..." The king was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Yes?" he called out distractedly.

The door opened and a guard stood to attention before him. "Your Majesty, you have a visitor who insists on meeting with you."

Aragorn frowned. "Tell whoever it is to go away. I am too busy to meet with anyone at the moment and send for Corlis, I must mobilise search parties immediately."

"Is someone missing?" a melodious voice said from behind the guard.

The king froze, his gaze shifting to see who was standing behind his guardsman and caught a flash of golden hair.

Eldarion smiled, and with a subtle gesture dismissed the guard. That left the golden elf prince standing in the doorway.

"Was I missed?" he asked, his voice laced with amusement.

Aragorn felt something snap inside of him and stepping towards the elf he growled before hoisting the startled prince over his shoulder.

"Aragorn, what are you doing?" came an alarmed voice from behind him.

His hand met the prince's backside in an audible thwack eliciting a yelp from the elf, but he ignored the protestations and demands to be let down as he carried Legolas back to his bedchamber.

"I think my father may be otherwise engaged for a while Gimli, how would you like to teach me more of dwarven fighting styles?" Eldarion asked as both he and the dwarf watched the elf being abducted with amusement.

"Hehe, indeed, it would be my pleasure young prince," the dwarf replied.

Aragorn ignored the curious and shocked stareds sent their way. He ignored the prince's growing humiliation at the laughter and growing whispers. He pushed aside the pain he felt as Legolas used his fists to try and gain his release. He did not stop until he had reached the foot of his bed, pausing only then to toss the elf onto the soft mattress before throwing himself on top of his friend. He grasped the flailing arms of the prince, restraining them even as he used the larger bulk of his body to pin the prince beneath him.

Legolas paused in his struggles as he took in the wild light in his friend's eyes, and found himself shivering at the hot gaze.

"You will never keep me waiting in this manner again," Aragorn growled out, and the husky possessiveness in the man's voice sent shivers dancing through Legolas' body.

"Aragorn, you know why I was absent. I had to ensure that Lord Harodel and his sons settled smooth...oomph." Legolas' words were cut off by the sudden assault on his lips.

Aragorn allowed the more primal side of him to take control and he silenced the prince by placing his own mouth over the elf's. He moaned as his tongue slipped out to run along the prince's soft full lower lip and easily slipped between as Legolas' mouth opened in a moan. He felt his body quickly hardening and tried to increase the pressure against him by grinding his hips down.

Legolas groaned low in his throat as Aragorn's hips pushed against his own, inflaming the fire that was spreading through his own body and culminating in his own hardening member and he unconsciously bucked upwards. He fought to free his hands, wanting to run his fingers along Aragorn's body, through his hair, but the man refused to release him. Instead Aragorn seemed insistent upon driving him slowly insane as his mouth was released and the man's wandering lips trailed slowly along his jaw nipping gently before reaching his ear. A warm wet tongue traced the soft skin inside his ear, but the prince nearly screamed as the pointed tip of his sensitive ear was taken into the man's mouth, who alternated between sucking and caressing with his tongue, and nipping gently at the delicate tip.

"Aragorn!" he moaned, his mind incapable of further speech.

The king stopped his ministrations causing a whimper of distress to be issued from the elf's mouth. Aragorn looked down at the bounty spread beneath him but he was still not satisfied.

"Too many clothes," he stated, and set to work instead on stripping the elf of his garments. Once the elf lay naked he quickly stripped himself of his own vestments, standing proudly at the foot of the bed in all his glory.

Legolas could not stop himself from looking at the firm body of the man, his face flushing with colour as he saw the evidence of the man's desire jutting proudly from a nest of dark curls at the juncture of strong thighs.

Aragorn thought that he had never seen a sight more wondrous. "Beautiful," he murmured, his gaze devouring the pale, elegant and deceptively slight body of his elf.

Legolas felt his blush increase at Aragorn's soft murmur but had no time to shy away as Aragorn once again came down to rest atop him. The first feel of the man's naked flesh against his own caused Legolas to hiss in response. His body felt like it might burst aflame wherever it met the king's, his skin tingling at the sensation. His hard length jerked in response as Aragorn ground against him and Legolas tipped his head back, arching his body up against the man's. Aragorn quickly took advantage, his head dipping down to nuzzle at the pale expanse of the prince's throat, biting softly and then allowing his tongue to stroke the soft skin.

With each nip Legolas felt his nerves flaring with incredible sensations and he writhed beneath Aragorn. Almost without thought his hands snaked down between them to take the king's length into his grasp. He stroked it almost shyly at first, his fingers ghosting over the soft skin that encased the solid muscle, then more firmly as his confidence grew, his hands mapping every little ridge and vein. Aragorn bucked forward trying to push himself further into the prince's hands, groaning at the delicious friction created from their sweat and the beads of fluid that began to leak from his shaft.

The king rolled onto his side taking Legolas with him until they lay facing one another, Legolas' hand still stroking his length. He forced his eyes open to face the prince who gazed at him with flushed features. The bright blue eyes of the elf were almost black now with desire but there remained a twinkle in his eyes as he enjoyed the power he held over the man at present.

Legolas was almost heady with the sensation of power he felt. That he could bring this strong fiercesome king to heel by simply petting his manhood was an amazing thing. He watched with a small smile as Aragorn's features twisted slightly as he neared the apex of his passion. The elf's strokes became a little stronger, his wrist twisting a little at the end and with a hoarse shout the king climaxed. Warm fluid spurted onto Legolas' fingers and over his belly, but he continued to milk Aragorn until the last of his pearly fluid had been released and then gently let go of the softening member.

Aragorn slumped back against the bolster panting heavily. He opened his eyes when he heard a low chuckle. Legolas lay on his side still, his body glistening slightly from their combined exertions, a smug look of satisfaction on his face. The elf's member was still hard, pointing accusingly at Aragorn and with a mischievous grin the king decided to erase the smirk from his lover's features.

He pounced suddenly, pushing Legolas back into the mattress and moving down, he placed his hands on the prince's hips to restrain him before taking the elf's straining flesh into his mouth. Legolas almost screamed at the sudden wet warmth, sucking determinedly on his excited flesh, but managed to restrain himself to a moan. His hips jerked upwards trying to bury his elfhood further into that hot cavern, but he was frustrated by the hold Aragorn had on his hips keeping him still. Instead he threaded his hands through the man's hair, trying to hold him in place.

Aragorn practised every trick he knew in order to drive Legolas slowly out of his mind, yet not letting him fall over the edge into his climax and was rewarded by the continuous writhing and the delicious moans of helplessness, frustration and desire coming from his lover's throat.

"Aragorn, please for pity's sake..." Legolas begged, the effort it took to form a coherent sentence immense in the face of the sensational onslaught he was enduring at this man's mouth.

Aragorn took pity on his lover and sucking hard, his tongue traced the large vein on the underside of the elf's member as he encouraged Legolas to climax. He swallowed the prince's seed eagerly as it spilled into his mouth, sucking until every last drop was gone. He rose to his knees and felt his own flesh harden anew at the look of wanton dishevellement that was a post coital elf. His hand snaked down to his manhood and he lazily stroked himself, watching the renewed interest sparkle in the prince's eyes.

"The king's bed is the perfect place for you my prince," Aragorn said grinning.

Legolas cocked his head to one side before responding. "And would you rule me my king?" he asked.

Aragorn's expression sobered at once. "Outside I am king, in here we are equals," he stated softly.

Legolas felt the last vestige of fear leave him at these words and he smiled brightly. "That is a good thing, although I am not sure what my father will think when he hears that you believe yourself capable of ruling over one of the firstborn," he said, his eyebrows arching elegantly.

Aragorn growled. "You are a wicked creature Legolas, I fear that you need a strong hand to rule you. Did you not say that your father has been trying to a find you a mate capable of taming you. I shall show him that there is no one in Arda who can tame you save for myself."

Legolas laughed. "Indeed? What makes you think that such a thing is even possible?" he queried in amusement.

"Speak not in haste my love, for you will surely repent when I have you feeding out of my hands," the king said with an expression of mock severity on his face.

"And how, might I ask, do you hope to achieve this?" the elf asked mischievously, his muscles tensing in preparation for flight.

Aragorn noticed the prince's reactions and dove forward just before Legolas could spring free from the bed. "By starting as I mean to go on. I shall stamp my very essence into every part of you, beginning right now. I am going to dive so deeply into your body that you will wonder where it is I end and you begin," he stated, his eyes darkening with desire and promise.

Legolas' breath caught in his throat. "Then prove your rule over me my king," he said, voice suddenly husky.

Aragorn bent and placed a gentle kiss on the lips of his beloved. "I fear my words are bravado my love, I bow to you for you already rule my heart," he said.

"Then we are equal," Legolas stated gently. "For you hold that which no other ever will. I am yours as you are mine." The prince's eyes brightened for a moment. "But still I would like to see you make good on your promise," he said and threw himself back onto the bed. "Ravish me my king." The prince threw his legs open in invitation and Aragorn was not slow to accept.

"I promise," the king said. "We will join so deeply that the Valar themselves will have to admit we are one being and keep us this way forever," he said solemnly and Legolas laughed before pulling the man down onto him.

The End