Who says we're too young to love

Who says we're too young to love?

by: Princess Panchii

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own DBZ! If I did, do you think I'd be here writing stories right now!?! So if it wasn't clear before: DBZ belongs to Akira Toriyama-sama,( not me,oh poo)

Authors Note: This story's an AU Bulma and Veggie get together. It's Goku/Chichi & Krillen/18 too, but they don't really " get together", they already are together. It's more like they're trying to get them (B/V) together! So all you need to know is: 1. All the girls are 17 and the boys are 17,too. They are in high school. Bulma is with Yamucha, but he's a cheater. They are all friends. B/C/J are the popular girls and V/G/K are the cool boys. Playas like Yamucha are jerks.... Attention! All ye under 17 please be cautious when reading. Slight Lemon alert, (maybe more J) There isn't really gonna be any until like chapter 6 and on, but there is suggestion of sex starting from chapter 1. Also, naughty curse words that only Vegeta would be allowed to use! Oh yeah! One more thing: Chapter one is introducing the characters, it's not really part of the story chapter 2 really kicks it off. But you won't understand the story unless you read Chapter 1, k? Now lets really start. Finally.


~the girl with the bright blue eyes~

"Hey!", Chichi said while snapping her fingers in front of her friend's face, " Earth to Bulma! Hello, Is anyone in there?!"

"Huh? What?", Bulma asked sounding a little dazed. " You ditz.", Chichi said gruffly as she plopped down in her chair. "You promised me that if I came to study hall with you that you'd help me with Biology and English lit! But nooo, I found that you've totally abandoned me here by zoneing out again!!" "Ugh, Chill out Chi, I haven't abandoned you. I was just....uh....just thinking about something.", Bulma said with a placid smile on her face. Chichi glanced at her friend, and smiled wickedly, "Something, eh? Are you sure not someone?", she asked now grinning. Bulma's eye's widened and she blushed. She covered her face with her hands. "Chichi stop! That's a crazy idea! You know I'm going out with Yamucha!", Bulma protested. "Yeah, whatever!", Chichi said while rolling her eyes. "You know you two are gonna break up. You even said so yourself!", Chichi reminded. Bulma lowered her head and pouted, "I know, but we're trying to work things out...." " What's there to work out? He's cheated on you twice. Who knows if he's flirtin' with some blonde bimbo right now?", Chichi defiantly said, but she immediately regretted it when she saw how her words had hurt her friend. She smiled warmly, "Come on, my super cool brainy best bud in the whole world-", Chichi began but got cut off by Bulma, "Stop sucking up!", she scolded but then grinned, "Of course I'll help you study! Even though you are a retard!", Bulma joked. "I am not!", Chichi said smacking Bulma lightly on the arm. "Hey! Quiet at table 6!", the study hall attendant called out. Bulma and Chichi both clapped their hands over their mouth, but couldn't help it and started giggling. Really quiet though. Mean while Vegeta was walking past S.H( study hall) on his way to the office because of class misconduct or something like that. He heard giggling, and peeked in. Bulma and Kakarot's girlfriend, Chichi were in there acting like airheads. 'Humph.' he thought to himself as he turned down the hall, 'I don't know why she hangs out with her anyways. I don't know why she hangs out with any of us. She's smart and stuff, but she acts dumb around us.' he turned down a different hall purposefully passing the main office. 'Whenever she's by herself she's so different. I think she does the stuff she does so we don't feel stupid. She's got like split personalities or somethin'. One day she's Bulma, cheer lead captain. Next day she's the pretty girl with the bright blue eyes.', he sighed, ' Very pretty. Just untouchable goods.' He strolled down another corner, to room 214, seeing if he could peek in at Kakarot.

That adorably lovable goof

Goku was in his basic Math class,( No I'm not tryin' to say Goku's retarted or nothin but do you think he can really grasp High school math?) and he was trying to concentrate but it was hard with Vegeta standing by the door making real stupid faces.( I know O.O.C. but I can't help it) Goku started giggling. A red head next to him told him to be quiet. Goku just laughed harder because now Vegeta was making really weird fish faces, and seeing him like that is hilarious. "Kuso, Here comes Ms. Rane.", the girl whispered. Goku now just opened his mouth and started really laughing so that he was crying. " Mr. Son!", the teacher called out sternly, " What is the meaning of this? Are you alright?" "Uh....", Goku started. He blushed cause what he had just thought of to say was embarrassing. "I gotta use the bathroom...", he muttered. The class burst out in laughter. "Humph, You kids today can't even hold it in. Well, since you seemed like you were dying, I guess I could let you go. Come and get the pass.", The teacher said. He got up. As he walked down the aisle, one of the kids said, " Hope you didn't wet yourself!!" The class burst out in more laughter. Goku grabbed the hall pass and quickly exited the room. "Attention! Settle down!!", he hard the teacher call as the door shut behind him. When he was outside he breathed a sigh of relief. Vegeta was leaning against a locker looking at him, quizzically. "You know what?", Goku asked. "What?", Vegeta said as he started down the hall. "You got me in trouble." Goku pouted. "How so?" Goku explained about the "incident" in class. Now Vegeta was laughing. "It's not funny! I think I almost did wet my pants. You were hilarious!" "I don't think I was that funny.", Vegeta said. "Well you never do things like that. So seein' you do it is funny." "Yeah well I'm an unpredictable guy.", Vegeta said, "Hey, fourth period's almost done, and the girls are in study hall so they'll get out early too. Why don't we head to lunch, and be first in line?" Goku glanced at his watch, "Vegeta, isn't it still cutting class if you don't go back after you use the bathroom? Plus we still got six minuets, I'll get in trouble if I don't get back" "So what? I was supposed to go to the office for " class misconduct" and I didn't go. I'll probably get suspended or somethin', but I don't care.", Vegeta said. "Whatever.", Goku said, "I'm really hungry." "You always are, Kakarot.", Vegeta smirked.

~The crazy girl with the onyx eyes~

"Bulma.", Chichi whispered. "What?", Bulma asked. She didn't even look up from her book as she turned another page while twirling a strand of her hair. "Pay attention to me!", Chichi demanded. Bulma looked up, giving Chichi a 'what do you want now??', look. Chichi rolled her eyes, "Look we've got four minuets left of study hall. Lets sneak out. Maybe we'll see Yamucha and Goku- kun." For some reason that didn't seem too great to Bulma. "Come on!", Chichi said impatiently. "Maybe you'll see whoever you're day-dreaming about in the hall.", Chichi said grinning. Bulma's face reddened slightly, "Shut up.", she mumbled as she stuffed her books into her backpack. "Let's go!", Chichi rushed, "Three minuets 'til class is over." "Hey!", Bulma protested as Chichi literally dragged her out. She was strong for a petite 17 year old. Odd, she was just like Son-kun, Vegeta, Yamucha and Krillen. 'Am I the only normal one in this group!', she screamed in her head, as Chichi dragged her into the hall.

Ahhhh, the comic relief.....

"Krillen!, you're too much!", a girl with brown hair giggled. Juuhachi-gou just rolled her eyes. "Well," Krillen continued, "This guy walks into a tavern and----", "We've heard that one already, Krillen.", 18 said rolling her eyes. "Nuh uh, this one's different.", Krillen protested. "Continue!", The crowd insisted. "Well he sits at the bar and he hails the waiter. Keep in mind this guy has a speaking problem and he puts big spaces between his words, well he tells the bartender he wants a Jack Daniels. He says it like, "I wanna Jerk. Daniels." The bartender looks at him funny. " You want Jerk?", the bartender asks. " I said I wanna. Jerk Daniel.", the guy repeated. "Okay.", the bartender said. Ten minuets later a guy came up to the guy at the bar and sits down. "So you wanna blow job?", the guy asks. "Nani?!?", the guy screams. "What's your problem? The bartender said you wanted Daniel to jerk you off, well here I am.", the guy replied." The little crowd around Krillen was quiet for a second then they started howling with laughter. 18 rolled her eye's again. Krillen let out a sigh of relief, he didn't think they would laugh. 'Being funny is such a hard job....', he thought to himself. "Tell another one!", two blonde twins giggled. He sighed, 'Here we go again', he grinned. " There were these two nuns----"

Playas anonymous ;)

Yamucha checked out Rae again, by glancing over the top of his book. He scaled over her body with his eyes. She looked mad good sitting like that, with one strand of her curly jet black hair curled around her finger. 'She looks like Bulma...', he thought, 'Just better.', he smirked. He knew this girl probably would do anything if he asked. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless turtleneck which made her breast stand out. She suddenly looked up, noticed him staring, and smiled flirtatiously. He grinned and ducked back down into his book as the teacher walked by. 'I'll have her by the end of this week!', Yamucha grinned.

~The calm, cool, and confident techno chick~

When the bell rang, Juuhachi-gou quickly got up and grabbed Krillen by the collar and 'escorted' him down the hall to her locker. "What do you think you're doing, Krillen?", 18 asked, trying to keep her voice at a calm. "What do ya mean,18?", Krillen asked smiling at her. "Don't give me that bull!", 18 yelled, "You were just sittin' there all content with your scrawny little ass wit a bunch of little ho's hanging around you like you're some kinda star or somethin'!!!" "Whoo hoo,Krillen!", Yamucha said as he walked by, "She's really biting your ass off!" Krillen rolled his eyes but looked back at 18 when she smacked him on his shiny, bald head. (It didn't hurt him) Krillen briefly noticed that some chick with black hair seemed to accompany Yamucha in a place Bulma should be, but he didn't care about that right now. "Are you listening to me!!!", 18 yelled. Krillen glanced at her. "Are you jealous, 18?", he said giving her that playful smile. She melted but covered it by crossing her arms and saying in that cool voice of hers, "Like, why would I be jealous about you?", she asked. "Ahhh," Krillen said pretending to be hurt by her words, "You're puttin' daggers in my heart!" "Don't worry," she said as she kissed his bald head, "once it busts we'll just buy you another one."

The stud in the leather and jeans ;)

"Gosh,"a girl at a nearby table said, "You guys sure do eat alot!" "Huh?", Vegeta said smirking. "We need a lot of food for all our muscles. See?", he said as he flexed his bicep for her. "Oh wow!", she said as she blushed and turned around. "Vegeta,", Goku scolded, "You're way too forward with girls. That's why you keep scarin' 'em away." "Hey," Vegeta said shrugging his shoulders, "What else would I want with her except for a good lay." Goku saw the girl they were talking about visibly stiffen. "You jerk!", the girl's friend said to Vegeta. He just smirked at her, and her and her friend moved to another table. "See," Goku said as he slapped his forehead in exasperation, "You literally repel girls! That's why you can't get any good people to go out with!" "Hey, when I'm ready to be led around like a dog, like you, Chrome Dome, and that ass-hole Yamucha, I'll go look for a girl to get serious with.", Vegeta said nonchalantly. "We're not led around like dogs....", Goku said. "Sure you're not, Kakarot!", Vegeta said sarcastically. "Nuh uh. We just get a good feeling when we do things for the girls we love. You would know if you ever find someone.", Goku protested. "Yuck!", Vegeta said. "All this talk about love is literally makin' me sick!", he said stickin' his tongue out in distaste. "Let's talk about somethin' else.", Vegeta suggested with a smirk. "Ok, Well what do you wanna talk about?", Goku asked. "What do you think, Kakarot?", he asked.(And NO, it's not hentai related.) "Ok, well I heard Yamucha in the locker room, n he was talkin' about a date he had last night. Looks like he's cheatin' again.", Goku said. "I told you he was an asshole.", Vegeta said. Goku just nodded, and he went on to relate to Vegeta about what else happened in first period gym.(No it's not like they like to gossip, but the funniest things happen in gym and Vegeta has it seventh period.)

Well how'd you like it, tell me if I should write more. Flames are welcome but comments are more graciously accepted. I'm new at Fanfic writing so be gentle. ^_^ Princess P.

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