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The Foundation of Truth

Bard Linn

Chapter 1: Arrival from the Past

Edward Elric sighed as he exited the train. It had been three years since his arrival in this world. He absentmindedly rubbed the mechanical arm wishing he could see Winry again. 'I never thought I would miss my automail,' he thought. The prosthetic arm was a constant reminder of how alien this world was. Neither Alchemy nor automail existed here. He had completed one quest to start another.

His feet lead him away from the station down the street towards the house he shared with his father. Their relationship had been terribly bumpy the last time Edward had seen him in Amestris but enforced company due to a brief period of illness upon his arrival in this world and a rapid increase of maturity in Edward had allowed it to level some. It was far from perfect but at least he didn't feel the urge to punch the man every time he saw him.

Thinking on the subject of family always made Ed think of his brother, Alphonse. The last time the nineteen year old remembered seeing his brother he had still been soul bounded to the armor. Al had saved his life at the cost of his own. In return, Ed had offered his own life to restore his brother's humanity. Unfortunately he didn't know the results. He had found himself in this parallel world with his father. All he could remember was he had promised Al that they would see each other again one day. To that end he'd been studying machines. 'At least I'm able to understand half the stuff Winry used to go on about,' Ed thought with a smile. 'Wouldn't that surprise her!'

Even caught in his thoughts the blond still noticed the woman running down the street chased by a group of men. Of course considering the strange outfits they wore it would be rather difficult to miss them. The long robes in brilliant colors would stand out at home as much as they did here. "Stop thief!"

Quickly assessing the situation the former state alchemist came to the correct assumption that the woman had stolen something from these strangely clad police officers. He grabbed the woman's arm. "Let go Muggle!"

Ed tightened his grip. 'What's a Muggle?' It seemed to be some sort of insult… A flash of light exploded from the chasing group. It reflected off Edward's prosthetic arm and hit a small charm hanging around the woman's neck on a chain. It shattered explosively.

The next thing Edward saw was a strange ceiling. He sat up slowly. Or at least tried to. His artificial limbs seemed to have failed him again. "Ah, I see our guest is awake." Ed snapped his head around to stare at the elderly man next to his bed. Dressed in a purple version of those strange clothes, he had silvery hair and a matching beard far longer than any the blond had ever seen. Twinkling blue eyes stared out behind half moon spectacles. "You've thrown us in a loop young man. May I have you name?"

"Edward Elric. Where am I?"

"That is a difficult question to answer Mr. Elric. I take it you do not know exactly what has happened?"

"No," Edward replied shortly. "What the hell is going on?"

The figure frowned at his language. "You intercepted Marissa Black, early supporter of the Dark Lord Grindelwald. She had stolen a time turner which exploded in her escape attempt. You landed together in London where Black was arrested. An auror brought you here to Hogwarts for medical treatment because St. Mungo's is a bit overrun at the moment. You are several decades after your time I'm afraid."

Edward stared. He had to be joking.

"I am Headmaster Dumbledore. We believed you to be a wizard since you have a rather controlled aura about you. You certainly do have magic but by your face I believe you have not been made award of this fact."

This obviously had to be a hoax. "Magic doesn't exist!" Edward insisted. He was a scientist damm it! He didn't believe in God and he certainly didn't believe in magic.

"That is not an unusual reaction," Dumbledore replied calmly. "However I believe we can prove to you otherwise. First however, have all of your injuries been treated?"

"Um, I don't think a nurse is going to help," Ed muttered. He reached up and rolled up his right sleeve. Instead of his prosthetic arm he saw his familiar automail. "What?"

"Ah, yes. We wanted to restore your limbs but failing that we were able to force your false ones to 'remember' their previous states," Dumbledore looked rather pleased. "A tricky bit of magic that."

"I can't move it."

"Ah, yes. It must run on electricity. Give me a moment."

"Yeah, Winry said that it works of the electricity caused by muscles GAH!" Ed yelped as Dumbledore tapped the metal limb with a piece of wood. That felt just like reinserting the limbs. Without prompting the man repeated the process on Ed's left leg. 'I hate that.'

"Objects running on electricity do not work within Hogwarts grounds. You have to make them run off the magic floating around." Dumbledore sat back. "Now, I believe Muggles cannot yet make such replacements." Implied was a request for an explanation.

"You wouldn't believe me," Edward muttered eyes still shut trying to adapt to the pain. Then the rest of Dumbledore's word's registered. "Muggles?" 'That's what that woman called me.'

"Nonmagic folk," Dumbledore answered. He stood and retrieved a flask from a nearby cupboard. "Take a sip of this. It is a truth potion. Be careful, it is very powerful."

The tiny sip slipped down Edward's throat like ice. His thoughts became slightly muddled. He closed his eyes and gathered his thoughts carefully. The blond was in an unknown situation with a potential ally or enemy. And even his allies had used him in the past. He spoke vaguely of the experiment that had robbed his brother of his body and taken his left leg. He honestly related sealing his brother's soul. He then explained that he had set out to find a cure but in the process had ended up in this world in London along with his father. The whole truth was too complicated for one sitting and too dangerous. 'I thought they couldn't use alchemy here. But if they could apply the principles to their magic they might be able to make another Philosopher's Stone.' And that would be unacceptable. He finished up with his desire to return home.

"I see. Mr. Elric you have indeed led an interesting life. I do not believe however that machines will take you back to your world. Muggles have barely begun space travel. They have only landed on the moon and little work has been done on traveling between dimensions. However magic might be able to do what science cannot. If you wish you may stay here. Hogwarts has one of the best library's in Britain."

Edward's face lit up at the word 'library.' "Sound's good to me!"

"Excellent. In that case come with me and I'll introduce you to Madame Pierce, our librarian. School isn't in secession at the moment so you'll have the library to yourself. I would suggest beginning with the standard textbooks we keep for students. They will help you understand the basic concepts and ready you for the more difficult books." Dumbledore glanced at his short companion who wasn't paying any attention to his words. Instead Edward was staring avidly at his surroundings taking in the living paintings, moving stair cases and ghosts.

"Do you have specialties?" The alchemist asked absentmindedly a few minutes later.

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"An array of expertise. I knew someone who focused on air and fire alchemy and someone else who focused on stone."

"There are different subjects of course," Dumbledore explained. "I have a knack for transfiguration which focuses on change on thing into another. Actually, there's our current transfiguration teacher. Professor McGonagall!"

Edward examined the older woman as she approached. Thought clearly younger than Dumbledore she appeared more worn by stress and possibly a recent injury. "Albus?"

"This is Edward Elric," Dumbledore introduced. Ed dropped into a short bow. Somehow this stern woman reminded him of his sensei. Definitely not someone to be crossed. "He will be staying at the castle this year for research purposes. I was hoping you would show him your animagus form."

"He isn't a first year?"


The two wizards stepped back from the mass arm waving. "I don't mind," McGonagall replied to Dumbledore's statement. She quickly shrunk into cat form.

Ed froze staring at the creature in front of him. "Homunculus!" He quickly stepped forward to attack the cat only to find himself abruptly restrained by Dumbledore's magic.

"Mr. Elric, you will not go around attacking my staff!" Dumbledore thundered raising his aura about him.

Unfortunately for him, Edward had seen and done too much to be intimidated by a mere aura. "Human transmutation is forbidden!" Ed yelled struggling against the bonds. "And for good reason!"

"This is magic not alchemy," Dumbledore firmly stated increasing the strength of the bonds as the blond almost escaped. "It follows different rules. You will see many startling things in your stay here Mr. Elric. I would appreciate if you restrained yourself!" Ed stared deep into those blue eyes for a long moment then nodded. Dumbledore released him with a wave. "Good. Come this way." McGonagall frowned watching the pair walk down the hallway.

This would be interesting.

End Chapter 1

At the end of FMA Ed ends up in our world, where alchemy (as he knows it) doesn't work. He also lands either during or after WWI. The last date we have is 1921, 3 years after. I've chosen he landed slightly after it ended in 1919.

Ed's automail does run on the electricity generated by muscles so it wouldn't work within Hogwarts. It's not said if Ed showed up with the prosthetic instead of automail (ie it changed as he passed through the gate) or if for some reason it was later changed. I'm choosing the first option so the metal would 'remember' its previous form.

Please let me know if you see any major errors so I can fix them. I don't have a beta for my FMA stuff. Some fragments are intentional though.