A Life to Remember

"Thank you, New York City!" 16-year-old pop star singing sensation Ember McLane cried into the crowd of psyched teenagers. "Tell me who you love!"

"Ember, Ember!" They yelled back. Ember twirled her brown hair around her head like a flame. She waved to her crowd as she and her band left the stage.

"Ooh, it's good to be famous," she mumbled to herself. "The fans, the crowd, and the"-she was stopped dead in her tracks. A raging fire blocked the exit to the stage. Ember's eyes went wide. "Fire?" she said, almost not being able to say that one word. The heat burned down on the group. The fire surrounded and trapped them. "This is the end," Ember said through tears. "My life, it's over!" But, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a boy with a torch. His eyes seemed to be glowing green, and his hair was pure white. White as snow. It was the last thing Ember ever saw before the flames engulfed her. And when she was released from the Ghost Zone, she saw him again…