Okay, this is my first fan-fiction so bare with me somewhat. I'm not used to writing too much, so… don't be too mean? Each chapter will be in a certain character's view point, so to show who's view you're seeing in each chapter, I'm writing their names at the top. Also, just to let you know, the Exile is a light side female named Arienne, and Revan was also a light side female, and that's how I'm going to write things. So nyah!

Oh, and just in case someone cares: I don't own KotOR I or II, or any of the amazing and adorable characters that feature in them.

So, without further ado… let's start this thing.



Despite escaping Malachor alive for the second time, I felt only fractionally better about myself than I had the last time I had been there. Though no-one had died because of me, this time the people who were hurt were close to me, despite the limited time we had had together, and I had not been able to help them as they suffered. Seeing the General in such pain as she slept in the medbay with Mira beside her, both as pale as ghosts and close to death… it hurt just as much as seeing the wounded from the original battle at Malachor. It was a different pain, caused by our closeness and not by the sheer numbers, but the ache of guilt weighed down upon me just as it had then.

Had I woken up earlier, I could have helped take care of everyone. Had I woken up earlier, my Remote wouldn't be laying in pieces upon the workbench. Had I woken up earlier, the General might not have had to go through what she did…

I went over and over what had happened in my memory, looping what had happened constantly like a broken holovideo. It didn't make me feel better, but I felt like I needed to make sure what happened did happen. Though it had all ended barely a day ago, it was still so unreal that it seemed like a dream.

I remember setting Remote it's duties as we drew close to Malachor and us crashing before I blacked out. Things after that are sketchy at best, but I remember being forced awake by a frantic Disciple and an angry Mandalore. It seems I was one of the last of the crew to regain consciousness, because after my initial confusion at being woken up, a desperate Atton yelled at us to "stop wasting time and to get out there and search for 'them'". I remember realising that Mira, G0-T0, my Remote and the General were all gone after being dragged unceremoniously outside by both Disciple and Mandalore… and their grim expressions when we came upon the bounty hunter collapsed by the corpse of Hanharr. Mandalore picked Mira up with ease and took her back to the Ebon Hawk's medbay, but Disciple and I continued on in search of the General. We soon found G0-T0 at a standstill with my Remote in one of the wrecks of the old Republic ships. Disciple and I sorted that problem out with ease, and I felt a little relief that my Remote hadn't met with a similar fate as the G0-T0 droid; it was battered and immobile, but at least it wasn't a pile of parts on the floor. My relief was short-lived, however.

Atton had sent us a message saying that the rubble beneath the Ebon Hawk was beginning to crumble, and that we needed to get back to the ship immediately. Though both of us desperately wanted to continue on and find the General, we retreated back to the Ebon Hawk. Using our holomaps, we figured out where she had to be… but the Hawk was becoming unstable. Atton tried to take off to avoid falling, but starting the engines caused the tremors to grow and the floor beneath the Hawk to break. As we fell, our pilot started up the Hawk and desperately tried to fly us out of danger. At the first sign of light, he flew us upward and broke through what he though was a thin piece of rock… only to find ourselves with the General on our roof in the midst of a crumbling Sith base. We would have had no idea that she was there, but Visas, who had only come to when the ship began to fall, saw her there, somehow. As she helped Disciple bring her inside, Atton took us away from the danger… away from Malachor.

The memory blurred and the loop ended… for now. I had been so immersed in my thoughts that I had been stood there, staring at the place where the silent Remote lay. Though it wasn't destroyed beyond repair, G0-T0 had done considerable damage to it. Just looking at Remote then reminded me of something that my recent memories and guilt had clouded over. My need to fix it all, to put things right not only with Remote but with the companions I failed to help, resurfaced and as always, I couldn't resist. I immediately began work on my personal droid, taking my time to truly give my best effort to fix and improve it. I was rewarded that evening by the cheerful bleeps of a relieved droid. Remote hovered to my side, and after I gave it the final few check overs, I was assured that it was fully functional again.

Fixing Remote helped relieve a little of the pain that weighed me down. Nothing felt quite right without the faint whirring of my favourite droid beside me, and now that it was back, I felt a little more like I had before travelling again to Malachor. I made an instant decision then to try and fix the General's wounds as best as I could. It wouldn't relieve the guilt, but it would be a start in making up with her at least…

For such a small room, the medbay was definitely overcrowded. From my view just beyond the doorway, the General and Mira were laid carefully on the beds, as pale as when we had rescued them. Each had their fair share of deep cuts and ugly bruises, but where Mira's were those of simple vibroblades, the General's burns were taken directly from lightsabers and the Force. Even after a day of the various crew members with Jedi powers coming in to heal them, the General's wounds still looked fresh while Mira's had begun to close and heal. I walked quietly into the room, only to notice both Atton and the Disciple sat on either side of the General's bed. Both looked up at me with dark, sleepless eyes before Disciple got up silently and left the room. Atton simply looked back towards the General, but he broke the silence after the departure of his rival.

"Do you think she'll make it?"