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Awe of She by Mip the Happy

Chapter 4


Rude Awakenings


It was morning, according to the quiet bleeps that the Remote sounded to wake me up. Had I no instruments to tell me, I wouldn't have known whether it was day or night, since there is no real difference between the two in space. We were currently limping towards Dantooine, as both Nar Shaddaa and Onderon were off limits to us right now - despite defeating their leaders, the rebellion on Onderon still continued, and Nar Shaddaa held a large amount of people that none of us wished to face just now, one of them being Goto. Even though we could freely travel there, we would never go to Korriban with the amount of fresh Jedi we had amongst us. Not without the General to guide us. Telos was out because it would take too long to travel there, and we had no other places to go on our charts other than Dantooine and Peragus. We really had little choice but to head there, and hope that the Sith wouldn't attack us on the way.

I got out of bed, and switched on my arm. The familiar cyan glow reminded me a little of the General's lightsaber, and I smiled. Memories of losing my original arm, of creating this one, bombarded me, but I shrugged them aside. Now was not the time for such reverie.

After getting changed into my usual clothes, I visited the medbay. It seems Atton had fallen asleep at the General's side, as his head lay upon her bed while he still sat next to her. Both the General and he breathed quietly, and I took that as my sign to leave. I would come back later to fix the General, when I wasn't disturbing her rest. Besides, dealing with an irate, early morning Atton was more than I could handle right now.

As I turned to leave, I was stopped by the forgotten occupant of the room. "Bao-Dur, is that you", she whispered. She must have been afraid to wake Atton, and I couldn't particularly blame her.

"Mira", I whispered back. I could see her lying in her bed, eyes looking bearily around. She must have only just woken up. My thoughts were confirmed when she tried to silence a loud yawn. I looked worriedly back at Atton, but thankfully he was still asleep. Just thinking about the terrors he had unleashed upon whatever or whoever had woken him up the last few times was enough to make both of us more than cautious around his sleeping form. I didn't envy the General if he woke up to see her.

The first time, I had been busy upgrading Remote when the General ordered T3-M4 to wake the pilot up. It was well past noon, and the General wished to explore the ruins of the Jedi enclave on Dantooine with Atton and I. As the droid sped into the male cabin, she continued to pace around. Her expression was one that was rather unique to her and could only be described as 'serene annoyance'. At least, it started that way. T3-M4 could be heard, even in the garage, to be talking loudly, telling Atton that he was required to wake up. Not hearing any movement from the pilot, T3-M4 must have used one of his droid weapons on him. Atton's response was a cross between a groan and a yell, and we could both hear T3-M4 suddenly turn and try to run. The General stopped pacing, and we looked at each other blankly, before both looking towards the way into the commons. We practically blinked in unison at the loud clank that sounded out as T3-M4 flew past the doorway with a fair amount of blaster shots accompanying it. As the droid hit the floor, Atton walked into the room pulling his jacket on with the blasters still in his hands. He looked at us looking at him and simply said "What"...

"Ah, I'm glad you're up. I was getting so bored..." Mira said, in hushed tones. I didn't hear her. I was lost in the memories.

The second time..? Ah, the second time was when the General had finished all her business on Dantooine and wished to travel to Korriban. Again, Atton overslept to the point where even the General was frustrated, and it was in her frustration that she asked the only person who hadn't witnessed the scene the scoundrel had caused last time to wake him up. Disciple willingly obliged, happy to help her, and set off on his course towards the male cabin. All eyes, ears and sensors in the commons turned in the same direction, curiosity getting the better of us all. In the corners of my vision, I could see T3-M4 backing away slightly, and I would have moved to comfort the droid had the scene not suddenly begun. Disciple's calm, quiet voice could barely be heard, but we could all make out something about him getting up so they could work together to help the General. We couldn't see what expression crossed over Atton's face, but everything went painfully silent for a small moment. Then we heard a girlish shriek, saw Disciple running at full speed out of the male cabin, and then a loud explosion formed just behind him. Atton had thrown a frag grenade at him and had then gone straight back to sleep.

"I mean, I've been trying to sleep, but every time I start to drift off, one of those two" Mira waved a hand at the General and Atton"-says something or other in their sleep and I wake up". All I heard from that was the mention of sleep talking...

...Which leads on to the last time rather nicely, really. Atton had been up all that night drinking after battling with the Twin Suns and the other bounty hunters that crawled out of their hiding places. He was trying to sleep off a rather nasty hangover, and we were all forced to wait for him to wake up as the General had left him in charge while she confronted the Exchange. We had figured out where Goto's yacht was, where they held the General, and all we could do now was wait for Atton fly us up there and rescue her. This time, without the General to do so, Kreia took the initiative and asked Mandalore to wake the pilot up. When he asked her why he should have to do it, the old woman questioned his honour as a Mandalorian and before he knew it, Mandalore was walking into the male cabin, defeated in the battle of wits. Both Disciple and I had been looking through the list of Jedi masters on T3-M4 in the commons, but all three of us found our attentions diverted. Disciple and T3-M4 shared a knowing look before waiting a mass of explosions or the humming of the pilots's new lightsaber - we had far more deadly weapons now we were further in our journey, and we all knew a tired, hungover Atton wouldn't hesitate in using them. We waited and waited, eventually hearing the Mandalorian's threats to carry the drunkard out of bed and Atton's mumbled response. A few minutes later, Mandalore actually carried out his threat. He walked into the commons carrying a half-dressed Atton, who was... snuggling up to him. The pilot was still very hungover, and while he looked at Mandalore through bleary eyes, he slurred out"Hey... You're pretty strong for a Twi'lek dancer..." before being dropped. Hard. They never spoke again.

"Hey! Are you listening to me"

She reached out with her arm, now devoid of it's usual rocket launcher, and poked me hard in my side. I jumped, refocusing on the present and at the annoyed face of Mira. She frowned at me, and I sighed quietly. "Mira, I'm sorry" I whispered to her, as quietly as I could so as not to wake the sleeping pilot. "I was just... thinking about the recent past."

Her face softened, just a small amount. "Anything you want to share" she whispered back. I smiled a little, but shook my head. Though I considered everyone on the Ebon Hawk a friend, or at least a good ally, I found that the only person that I could ever really talk properly to was the General. Perhaps it was because she'd known me for longer, or just her accepting manner. Either way, I didn't know enough about Mira yet to know whether she had the same sense of humour as me, so I decided against telling her what I'd been thinking.

The softness of her features was gone in an instant, melting back into annoyance. She groaned, turned over in her bed so that she had her back to me and fell asleep almost straight away without even speaking to me. I took that as my sign to leave the medbay and wait for Disciple to wake up.

As I paced away from the room, heading towards my favourite spot in the garage, I heard a light thump behind me. Turning slightly, I noticed that Atton had fallen out of his seat in his sleep, but had not woken up. Not wanting to even get near Atton's sleeping form, I dismissed it and eventually found myself sorting through my tools in the garage.

It was lonely now, in this room. HK-47, for all his evils, had at least been company. Now he stood against the wall, broken since the crash on Malachor, no longer speaking of revenge or making any kind of noise at all. Even with all my skill, I wouldn't be able to fix him without some more of the HK series specific parts that the General had used to activate him, and the only place where we could possibly find some, other than from the deactivated bodies of HK-50 droids, would be Nar Shaddaa's black market.

As my mind went back to the work bench, my Remote bleeped a few times, telling me that someone was approaching. It turned out to be T3-M4 doing his usual rounds. Though the droid wasn't inactive, like HK-47, it was highly battered from the impact of the crash. One of it's wheels had buckled, and parts of it's armour had become unlodged, and it looked like someone had taken it directly from a scrap yard. My Remote must have thought so too, because it blipped quietly at the droid, getting a long, mournful 'dwooooo' in response.

I had time to spend, now that I was waiting for Disciple to get up, and my tools were already set out and arranged neatly on the workbench. I had already vowed to myself, and to the General, that I would fix as much as I could. The temptation to do so here immediately drove me to ask T3-M4's permission to repair it, and when the astromech droid responded with a series of cheerful bleeps and doots, I began my work.

I don't know how long it had been since I started when I began to go through T3-M4's memory. After fixing all his external problems, I was going through it's memory core and deleting small bits of information we would no longer need. I would have done more, but I was under strict orders from the General to leave T3-M4's personality and deeper memories alone. She insisted that it's personality quirks are what had saved her on numerous occasions, and I felt that that was a fair enough reason to leave the droid be beyond basic maintenance.

Currently, I was looking through the list of Jedi Masters T3-M4 had acquired from the Jedi Atris. As the faces flashed past, one by one, I couldn't help feel a small pang of sadness hit me. The General hadn't said much about what had happened in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, since she had been so focused on saving the people of Telos and going to Malachor, but those of us who had been trained to feel the Force by her had sensed the sudden gap where three beacons of light should have stood.

As I went through the list again, I noticed some half downloaded files that, I assumed, had been taken from Atris's computers. They were not part of the original list, but the file names indicated that they were pictures to override the usual faces of the Jedi Masters. I opened one, and immediately wished I hadn't. It was a picture of one of the masters, Vrook I think, bathing in water and wearing precious little. Luckily, it was only the top half of the image - T3-M4 must not have finished taking those from Atris's network when we got him back. I went to delete the picture, and all of Atris's other 'replacements' with it. The image quickly vanished and was gone forever.

I continued to go through T3-M4's memory, though more carefully after finding some more pictures belonging to Atris, and soon found my work coming to a close. I could hear the other members of the Ebon Hawk beginning to rise as I began to put my tools away, and it wasn't long before I exited the garage, followed by a shinier, repaired T3-M4, and strolled into the commons. Disciple was sat in his dressing robe, gazing at the map of the galaxy in front of him while occasionally drinking from a hot cup of caffa, and Mandalore stood tall in the corner, already dressed in his formal armour. Visas was nowhere to be seen, but could safely be assumed to be in the female cabins meditating. As I approached Disciple, hoping to ask him to help me with Arienne's condition, something rather unusual happened.


We heard the General's panicked yell, even from the commons. It echoed twice before Visas ran through the room, with us breaking out of our early morning trances and sprinting after her. As we ran, we could hear the noise of ripping material and an embarrassed gasp - we could only imagine what he could be doing to her. Finally, we all burst into the medical bay, ready to restrain Atton, but we were confronted by a decidedly different scene to the one we had been anticipating.

We all stared as one, unblinking, at the General. She had left her bed, and was now straddling the pilot, hands resting on his now-bare chest. With the exception of the droids, our faces flushed a deep red. As Disciple forced himself to to be distracted from the scene by trying to wipe the caffa from his dressing robe that had been spilled on him in his rush, small giggles could be heard from the bed on the other side of the room. The General looked up, as if just noticing us for the first time. An expression of pure horror and embarrassment crossed her features as she looked between us, Atton, and Mira, who was now rolling around in fits of laughter. As her cheeks burned to match our own, Atton dazedly woke up. He looked up at her, and the place where her hands lay, and smirked sleepily. "Now this is something I could get used to in the mornings..." he yawned. Mira's laughter grew louder.

The General practically leapt off of the pilot, her face completely red now. She raised her hands defensively in front of her, waving them frantically.

"This isn't what it looks like"


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