Summary: Enter the lives of the rich and popular Kenshin and Kaoru. Witness their petty fights, pointless rivalry..and.. WHAT? They're in love?! When the heck did that happen?!

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Tokyo Highschool

By: Dark-Wolf91

Chapter 1- The New Girl

A young girl with raven black hair and ocean blue eyes, stepped out of her limo and examined the large gates that led inside the huge campus of Tokyo High. Students were everywhere. Some were talking with their friends while others were running about, hoping they wouldn't be late for their classes.

"Welcome to Tokyo High, madam," A man of about his 50's gestured the new girl inside. "If you don't mind.. Please follow me"

The new girl nodded and followed him inside. They stopped in front of the principal's office. The man knocked on the door and escorted the girl inside.

"Welcome!" The principal exclaimed with joy. "We're glad to have you this year Ms. Kamiya"

"Please.." the girl smiled as she sat down. "Call me Kaoru"

Kenshin Himura was waiting impatiently for his best friend, Sanosuke Sagara, in the hallway.

'Where the hell is Sano? I'm going to be late for Saitou's class. He's gonna freak out on me again!' He took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket. He took one of the cigarettes out and lit it, when a six-foot tall guy patted him on the shoulder.

"Yo Kenshin" Sanosuke leaned on the wall beside his best friend

Kenshin turned to him with an annoyed look on his face. "Where the hell were you?! You're going to make me late for Saitou's class! You how he gets when I'm late."

"Sorry. I've been looking for my cousin"

"You mean the one who just moved here from America?"


"Isn't your cousin also Megumi's cousin?" Kenshin asked as he exhaled the smoke from his mouth

"Yep" Sano grabbed the pack of cigarettes from Kenshin's hand.

"Hey! That's my last pack!" Kenshin glared.

"Don't worry. I'll give you two packs tomorrow." sano took a cigarette stick and lit it. "No need to whine about it. Besides, I thought you said you were gonna quit?"

Before Kenshin could answer, the bell rang, signaling everyone that first period had started.

"Shit." Kenshin put out his cigarette and grabbed his backpack. "I'll see you later!"

Kenshin walked to class as fast as he can. Not watching where he was going, he bumped into something. Or rather..someone.

"Hey watch it!!" Kenshin snapped as he stood up.

"Don't tell me to watch it, you're the one who bumped into me," the person said.

Kenshin looked down and saw that the person was a girl. She had long raven black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He also noticed she had blue eyes.

"You don't know who you're talking to woman. I'm Kenshin Himura, and in case you don't know, I rule this school. Keep talking like that you'll get kicked out"

"I could care less about who you are. Now if you excuse me, I need to get to class" Kaoru stood up and wiped off the dust on her skirt. She flipped her hair behind her back and headed to class, leaving Kenshin staring after her.

'Who the hell was that girl?'

"HIMURA!! YOU"RE LATE!!!!!!" Saitou-sensei yelled as Kenshin entered his classroom.

"Lucky I even bother come to this class" Kenshin murmured

"I heard that Himura! Now.. SIT DOWN!!"

Kenshin growled as he sat down on his desk.

"As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted" Saitou glanced at Kenshin. "We're having a new student today" As he said these, there was a knock on the door.

There, standing at the doorway was the girl Kenshin bumped into earlier.

"This is Kamiya Kaoru. She's a new student here. She moved here from America" Saitou informed his students. "Now.. Can I have a volunteer who would give Kaoru a tour of this school?"

Misao Makimachi's hand shot up in the air in excitement. Saitou glanced at her and called out her name.

"Makimachi. I trust Kamiya will be in good hands. Itachi."

"Wha- -? WEASEL?!"

"Pipe down miso. Now..Kaoru why don't you sit right over there between Misao and Himura?" Saitou pointed at the empty seat between Kenshin and Misao.

Kaoru nodded her head and sat down. "It's that arrogant snob that I bumped into earlier' she thought as she noticed Kenshin. She turned to Misao and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Kaoru Kamiya,"Kaoru smiled.

"Nice to meet you.. I'm Makimachi Misao" Misao said.

Saitou went over to Kaoru and handed her her schedule. "Here's your schedule tanuki"

"WHAT?! TANUKI?!" Kaoru seethed. "If you weren't a teacher I'd strangle you right now.." Kaoru muttered.

"What was that? I didn't quite hear you Miss Kamiya" Saitou raised an eyebrow and tried not to laugh.

"Nothing" Kaoru said, giving him a fake smile.

"Very well then.." As Saitou walked away, Kaoru stuck out her tounge at him.

Misao laughed silently and said to Kaoru, "Don't mind Saitou-sensei, he's like that to everyone"

Kaoru sighed and smiled.

"What do you have next Kaoru-chan?"

"Umm..let me see.." Kaoru checked her schedule to see what she had after Saitou's class. "Algebra"

"Really? I have Algebra next too! Let me see your schedule"

Kaoru handed Misao her schedule. Misao studied it for a minute and beamed.

"We have the same classes all day!" Misao yelled.


Misao rolled her eyes at the teacher and whispered to Kaoru. "I'll introduce you to some of my friends later at lunch"


" you know.. We're changing lab partners today" Saitou said

A bunch of groans were heard throughout the class

"Shut up" Saitou glared "Okay.. Makimachi Misao..Shinomori Aoshi. Sanjo Tae& Kasaru Ami....." Saitou called all the students' names and their lab partners. "Lastly.. Idiot Himura Kenshin and Ms. Kamiya Kaoru"

Kenshin glared at Saitou as he was reffered to as idiot. He glanced at Kaoru and smirked. Kaoru raised an eyebrow at him and listened to what Saitou was saying.

The bell rang later and everyone piled out of the classroom.

Misao and Kaoru went to Algebra next. After that they has History then finally lunch.

Kaoru and Misao both entered the cafeteria and ordered their food. Misao led Kaoru to a table and invited her to sit down. "My friends will be here any minute." Misao smiled, taking a bite of her sandwhich.

"I'm telling you.. this girl is really hot. She's new" Kenshin told Sano, who seemed to be still looking for his cousin. "Found ur cuz yet?"


"Maybe your cuz is inside the cafeteria"

"Yeah. Let's go check"

The two entered the cafeteria and went to their table where their friends: Aoshi, Soujiro, Okita, Chu, Katsu, Shishio, Enishi, and Rikku were all sitting waiting for them. Sano looked around the room and spotted his cousin. A girl with raven black hair, talking to Misao.

"JOU-CHAN!!!!" Sano yelled across the cafeteria.

Kaoru turned toward the voice and saw Sano.

"Y'know Sanosuke?" Misao asked as she noticed her friend Sano.

"Yeah. He's my cousin" Kaoru beamed

"You're Sano and Megumi's cousin?"

"Megumi takani? Yep." Kaoru stood up and waved at Sano. "Hey rooster-head!"

Sano laughed and started walking up to Kaoru. Kaoru beamed and ran to him. Sano caught her in his arms and gave her a loving hug. "How ya been Jou-chan?"

"Great" Kaoru laughed "Where's Meggy? You still playing cat and dog? Did you ask her out already?"

Sano tsked. "Nah. I haven't got the guts to"

"Poor baby."Kaoru payfully punched Sano's arm. "I thought you were Mr. Dare Devil ne?"

Sano laughed and hugged her. "C'mon, I'll introduce you to my friends" He led her to his table and presented her "Guys..this is my cuz. Jou-chan"

"Hiya. Kaoru Kamiya" Kaoru smiled.

"Whoa! What a hottie! Do you have a boyfriend?" Enishi asked looking her up and down.

Sano glared at him. "Nobody asks her out without my permission"

"He's a little overprotective"

"Jou-chan's like a sister to me"

"KAORU-CHAN!!!!!!" A voice yelled behind the group. They all turned around to see who it was.


Megumi briefly hugged Kaoru. "You're here!" she glanced around her and raised an eyebrow at Sano. "Hello rooster-head"

"What up fox?" Sano smirked.

"Ugh! I cannot believe this idiot rooster is related to you Kaoru! It brings shame into the Kamiya family!" Megumi exclaimed

"Nice to see you too kitsune"

"Would you stop calling me that chicken-head?!"

"Only if you stop calling me rooster-head"

Megumi rolled her eyes as Kaoru giggled.

"I see you two still get along very well" Kaoru laghed.

"Me and that baka? Get along? Puh-lase!" Megumi dragged Kaoru to her table which was across from Sano's

"See you later Zanza!"

"Okay Jou-chan"

Kaoru smiled at the nickname.

Sano turned back to his friends who were still drooling over Kaoru. Minus Aoshi, Kenshin and Soujiro.

"Dude..your cousin has such fine legs" Enishi commented.

"What a babe" Katsu said.

"She is the most hottest thing I'd ever seen....except for Misao and Megumi"

Sano whacked Enishi upside the head. "Don't even think about it"

"She's your cousin?" Kenshin asked, appalled. "She's your cousin?"

"Yeah? Why?" Sano asked.


"You met her?"

"I bumped into her this morning."

An idea popped into Sano's mind. 'Kenshin and Kaoru... hmmm..might work"

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