by pari

disclaimer: NCIS belongs to Bellasario, et. al.

rating: PG

Summary: A 200-word double drabble based on the episode "Chained" Feedback: as always, would be appreciated.


"I opened up, made myself vulnerable… Now I'm happy. Don't you want to be happy, Gibbs?"

As Gibbs rounded the powder-blue Dodge, he kept his six-hour stretched out in front of him. The windows on the left side of the car were almost opaquely red. Through them, Gibbs saw that Wright lay in the back seat, dead. But he didn't lower his weapon. Tony sat in the driver's seat, unmoving.

If Kate had known him better, she'd have realized Gibbs had been "open" since this mess began. He did worry when one of his team was missing or in trouble - too damned much. He'd been willing to run circles around the East Coast, on nothing but a phone record and a fingerprint. He couldn't get more vulnerable than that.

Gibbs opened the driver's-side door. He didn't speak.

Blood stained Tony's clothes; was splattered across Tony's hands. They lay limply in Tony's lap, fingers loosely curled around a handgun.

Gibbs saw Tony's head pulled back, his neck arched as Wright's knife slit his throat; saw the younger man slouch in his seat, body convulsing through the first throes of death…

And then Tony lifted his head.

Gibbs could breathe again.