by pari

disclaimer: NCIS belongs to Bellasario, et. al.

rating: PG

Summary: A 200-word double drabble based on the episode "Chained" Feedback: as always, would be appreciated.


"Did your Dad hurt you?"

"Nah. He was too drunk to hurt anyone."

Tony had hurt himself enough for the both of them. He wondered at how much difference the grace of God, and a little excess testosterone, had made in his life.

One psychosis more, and Tony could have been Jeffrey Wright. Minus the charming geeky-ness which had probably been an act, by half.

Tony didn't care. He could appreciate a good game-face. He had a number of his own. Years spent hoping he was just good at getting into other people's heads, and thathis weaknesses didn't mirrortheir own, had made the apology in Tony's eyes come easy. Honest regret kept it there.

"What I said… About no one ever treating me the way you did… I meant it."

Tony sensed, before he saw, the knife nearing his neck.

He wished he didn't know how this would end.

"I know you did," he said.

Jeffrey's hands twisted in Tony's hair as he pulled Tony's head back, baring his throat…

So Tony killed him.

AsTony's hands dropped into his lap, the gun held loosely between them, it clinked against the broken cuff still attached tohis wrist.