Abandoned . Truth

-a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

Meeko: Yay! Another WHR fiction! This is a one-shot, or at least, I planned it out to be one, I'll have to see how I'm going with this. Witch Hunter Robin does not belong to me so don't come after me, you all so evil lawyers! And the song '' True '' belongs to Ryan Cabrera. Hugs song

Summary:This is it: New Year's Eve, abandoned church, loneliness, and most of all, the truth. Robin is about to reveal her hidden feelings to Amon. Will they be able to have a fresh start by New Year?

PG 13 for language and romantic situations... I guess.

:: Chapter One ::

I won't talk

I won't breath

I won't move till you finally see

that you belong with me

Faint traces of constellations were visible beyond thin layers of lingering gray clouds, prevailing the pale lights from the crescent moon reaching the darkening earth. Flakes of snow were floating gracefully in the direction of the bitter winter zephyr was waltzing through the deep night air.

Along one of the darkest of roads, where street lights ignited weak flickers of yellow glow, a black sport car rushed past. The driver inside was as dark as the atmosphere around him, with his shaggy, ebony hair and solemn facial expression always hanging a slight frown on his face.

His grip on the wheel tightened, his knuckles white from pressure; in his mind, however, something didn't feel right.

Don't get the wrong message, Amon didn't make any mistakes.

It was just the day... the air... oh, I don't know what the hell it is, but it's definitely something, Amon thought, his frown deepened as he drove past a crowded bar.

People were all hyped up for the New Year countdown; his slate eyes darted to the blue, glowing digits on the dashboard: 11:03 pm.

Last day of the year, so that was probably it, huh? That rather strange feeling that was running through Amon's inner system; that feeling something was missing.

The feeling of emptiness.

You might think I don't look

But deep inside in the corner of my mind

I'm attached to you

Amon managed an inaudible sigh. Here was another sleepless night, just because some stupid undetectable feelings decided to pop out from the blue and drop in for a visit.

Suddenly, the communicator rang in the silence, rudely breaking into his thoughts. Who could it be?

"Yes?" he stopped the car in front of a red light. Only steady breathing came from the other side, nothing else. "Who is this?" he growled, unable to resist his impatience.

"Amon?" her soft, melodic voice reached his ears into his pounding head, like a stream of warm current just rushed into Amon's senses and tranquilizing his inside, his heart.

"What is it, Robin?" he managed to keep his voice as indifferent as possible while he stepped the gas pedal to start his vehicle moving. A long pause followed right after Amon's question; he knew that Robin was hesitating, whatever the reason was. He suppressed his curiousness by simply asking, "are you home right now?"

He would half expect Robin to answer with a yes but instead, it was the opposite. "Then where are you?" he inquired. Another vacant space after that; this was starting to get on Amon's nerve as he unconsciously kept drumming his fingers on the cold surface of the wheel.

"Robin, where are you?" he repeated with additional force in his deep tone.

"Can you come to Cappamore church right now? I need to tell you something," Robin said all this rather quickly; Amon wondered why.

Why the church? Why this time at night?

"Can't this wait till tomorrow?" he asked, already U-turned his car to his new destination's direction.

"No, it needs to be done tonight," Robin said with a new force of determination.

"All right, I'll be there in ten minutes," Amon replied, snapping the receiver shut.

Now with a new type of curiousness starting to nag and cloud in his already aching head, he continue to drive in the new chosen route, where along one of the abandoned churches, a young girl was awaiting patiently for his presence.

Heaving a soft sigh, a young female with cinnamon flowing locks put in pig-tails turned to face the aging colored window panels. Through the weak moon gleam from the outside, a gentle swirl of colors spread their splashes onto the dusty ground, wooden benches, a lonely grand piano and a lonely someone.

Robin lifted her head up, waves of cerulean and dulled ruby and moss green reflected from her emerald irises. The raven black pilgrim dress swayed slightly from the subtle breeze, the loose hair at the end of her handle-bar like pig-tails also weaved to the same direction.

Slowly, she walked towards the piano, her slim hands brushing off some dust on the once gleaming white surface. Her heart was beating exceptionally fast after that daring phone call that she had decided to make at the last minute; it was just something she needed to do.

Robin had to tell Amon about...

about that feeling.

I'm weak

It's true

'Cause I'm afraid to know the answer

Robin could feel her cheeks grew hot at the thought even though the wind was seeping through window and door frames and slicing into her delicate skin.

Ignoring the unwanted shivers, she sat herself on the hard stool and lifted the cover. Grey sheet of dust instantly filled the air, clouding her sight.

Her shivering hands touched the white keys, but her heart was out else where. Way out. To tell the truth, Robin had not of the slightest idea as to why she had said those words on the phone to Amon. It was just a sudden urge.

An urge to let her feelings out. For she couldn't stand it anymore; it had been on her back for way too long and it was getting unbearably painful.

Do you want me too?

'Cause my heart keeps falling faster

But she immediately regretted what she did just mere minutes ago. No, she had never question her feelings towards Amon; it was not that. Yet, somewhere deep inside, Robin knew this was not the right move.

Too late for that now.

Robin let her fingers fell on the black and white key board, thundering in the way too silent chamber. It was just a simple hymn piece that she learned from the monastery, but the soothing melody kept her sane and peaceful.

At least, for the time being.

Amon pushed his car door shut with a loud metallic thud. In front of him was a small house-like two storey high building without a chimney; replacing it was a cross embroided with rusted silver that still sparkled dully in the darkness. No street lights were standing guard around this area, which only high-lighted the stars that were radiating happily over the sinister heaven, blinking their innocent eyes upon Amon's lonely silouette.

Was it his imagination or was there soft piano music drifting from inside the abandoned building? Amon's calm grey eyes took a careful glance around his surrounding and he located the vespa parked near the entrance.

Always the careful hunter.

His legs carried him across the parking lot and right in front of the ancient oak doors. Almost timidly, he forced his shaking hand to hold on the cool metal of the handle.

In the back of his mind, Amon laughed bitterly at himself, at the nameless fear that caused his quivering hand. At this thought, he laughed even harder, colder.

Amon and fear? Come on, people! They just don't mix well together but here he was, scaring shitless just because his young partner needed to tell him something in the middle of the night.

Again, Amon wondered if this was the reason for the strange sensation he was sensing earlier. He pushed his thoughts back as Amon crack the door open.

The eerie creaking of the door sounded so deafeningly loud against the silence.


Piano melodies were still flowing non-stop in the still air and louder as Amon slowly approached.

Without Robin's noticing, he slipped on to the wooden bench at the very back; his slate, non-emotional eyes still on Robin intently, whose back faced him. He watched as Robin moved her fingers, her body moved and swayed accordingly to the melody.

You don't know what you do

Every time you walk into the room

Unconsciously, he began to tap his foot to the rhythm of the song; Amon wished this moment could last. Although his expression didn't show it, inside, each note coming out from the keyboard and each key played by Robin dripped into his emotionally-dried soul like rain water seeped into a piece of dry land.

That feeling was refreshing, but new.

And Amon was again, surprisingly, feared for the newness.

I'm afraid to move

I'm weak, it's true

I'm just scared to know the ending

It was just so foreign.

So familiar.

All of a sudden, all sounds seized to existence. The last note faded away into nothingness. Amon watched calmly as Robin shifted the stool away from the piano and stood up. Before any of them knew what the heck was going on warm emerald irises met cold, silver grey ones.

They stopped.

Meeko: I know, I know. Not much of a cliff hanger but oh well. Please review and I'll be happy. There'll be only one more chapter coming up.