Abandoned . Truth

-a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

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:: Chapter Two ::

Time seemed to freeze for their reason as well. Yet as the minutes ticked away, Amon was the first to broke the eye contact; he stared in front as if nothing had happened.

Serious serenity consumed the still chamber; it was a rather deafening silence.

Do you see me too?

Do you even know you met me?

"Amon," her voice soft as velvet, caressing Amon's inside, but he remained stony-faced, "how long have you been sitting there?" She began her way towards Amon but stopped in her tracks when she sensed Amon coming to herself.

"Long enough," he said in a light, metallic tone as his quick, quiet pace carried him in front of Robin, towering over the young hunter.

"Oh," Robin began to fidget, playing with the loose thread on her skirt with her quivering fingers. Her gaze stayed anywhere but Amon's eyes. She tried to get a hold of herself but clearly failing miserably to do so as Amon's presence was just too damn close.

Hell, she could even smell that Oceanus scent around her. Amon's scent.

"Robin," at the sudden call of her name, Robin snapped her head up, "what is it that you have to see me for?" He looked intently down at her.

Robin swiftly shifted her gaze to the hard ground, "I-I have to tell you something."

Amon raised an eyebrow skeptically, as if saying, "well? What is it?" When Robin didn't continue, Amon repeated, this time with an edge to his monotonous voice, "what is it that you have to tell me, Robin?"

'Oh great,' Robin groaned inwardly, 'why did I ever phone Amon to tell him this?'

"That's because you have to tell him your feelings, stupid," a voice rudely interrupted her train of thoughts.

"Huh? Who are you?" Robin wondered in her mind.

"I'm you, your conscience, or whatever you people call it these days," the voice snapped impatiently, "who cares! Just tell him already."

She sighed.

Robin looked up again, forcing herself to look into Amon's empty orbs; but she found out yet again that she never need the force; she was attracted the steely feel and coldness in them, like bees to honey.

Robin inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the unique ocean scent that only Amon possessed, "I... I like you!

I've waited all my life to cross this line

To the only thing that's true

"And no," Robin quickly said, seeing Amon was about to open his mouth but she was one beat faster, "I don't mean that I like you in a companionship or... or partnership kind... of... way..." Her voice softer with each word coming forward.

So I will not hide,

it's time to try

The chapel was silent once again. With each second passing, Robin's face flushed with embarrassment and her heart beating madly against her chest. He knew it; both of them knew what her words meant.

When the deadly quietus continued to dominate the chamber, Robin knew what was going to happen.

She could not help it but hot tears were already rolling down from her dreary eyes, stinging and blurring her vision.

'Why did I ever bring it up?' she moaned and now, even her conscience was deserting her, 'if I haven't, I wouldn't be here making a total fool out of myself.' She squeezed her eyes close tightly, allowing a droplet of saltiness to fall, burning her cold cheeks.

But a warm, moist touch stroked her cheeks; Robin shuddered violently by Amon's sudden gentle touch as he held her by her shoulders, licking away the tear stains.

" W-why?" her voice shaky; she did not understand why this was happening. He despised her, does he not? But here Amon was, making such intimate contacts. Way too intimate, in fact.

Robin wasn't complaining; she just needed an explanation and a clear one at that. Only the man before her could do that, and make her feel this way.

Amon didn't know the answer to such a simple question, or maybe he just didn't want to know; he chose to escape it by closing the distance between himself and the young witch.

Amon chose to kiss her, a forcing but chaste kiss that he hoped would bring Robin out of the question, and out of misery.

Anything to be with you

For so long, Robin had dreamed that one day, Amon would touch her the way he did now but this was different. As he licked lightly on her lower lip and she allowed his entrance, Robin could feel the heat; yet, it was out of pure compassion, not love.

Not even lust.

All my life I've waited...

Once again, Robin felt empty; with all of her feelings poured out to a man who didn't even return that same feeling back.

A hollow soul; a soul with no returning bliss.

Amon shoved her away as gently as he could, both panting slightly and looking away from each other.

'Why?' in Robin's mind, she screamed, 'why is he doing this to me? Why did he push me away, then kiss me the next second, and push me away again the next as if this is nothing?' Robin just didn't understand; she lowered towards the cold ground.

"I'm sorry," Amon closed his eyes and turned away.

"Why are you doing this?" he heard her whispered. Amon didn't look back but answered, "you're a witch. I'm a hunter. You'll be hunted; maybe not now, but in the future..." His voice faltered.

"This is for your own good," with that, Amon began the seemingly longer way out.

'Yes,' Robin thought, Amon's footsteps echoing and fading on the aisle way, 'such a simple reason...'

...this is true.

Robin did not chase after him; what was the use?

So she continued to kneel on the carpeted lane, her head lowered and cinnamon bangs concealing her eyes.

A lonely sliver of moonlight scattered its trail on Robin's back, palely illuminating a shivering shadow against the floor.

Somewhere out far, a clock chimed, striking twelve with it's clamorously loud 'ding dong's.

A new year, and perhaps, a new beginning was sprouting from its roots.


:: End of the Whole Story ::


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