Chapter 1: Prologue

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Summary: In a world where angels and demons fought, an angel and a demon meet, and from the encounter sprouts a forbidden contract that threatens to end all being. Will the lovers achieve a flower to bloom in the scorching desert? Or will they fail, destroying everything, even their lives? DMHP... SLASH. Get it?


It was another day of the endless war. The war was the way of life, survival, death; only in war could either the angel or the demon fulfill their destiny or end their pitied life. Endless day against the endless night, it never stopped; it began with the time, and it was to end with the end of time... the eternal bloodshed. Just as the realm of the universe expanded further and further, the two worlds only furthered their constant conflict, growing with the time, yet refusing to give up the fight against the other. While the angels ruled the day, the demons ruled the night. Fighting twice in a normal human day, neither side ever broke through against the inevitability in the change of time and movement; the demons fought to have one more hour of power at sunrise; the angels during sunset. No one ever won.

Year 7777 A.Y. (Angel Year)

Angels were born from golden orbs placed in the central circle, stacked in the shape of a crystal in the city of the Angels. Each orb had a title attached to it for organization purposes; the angel born from the orb would have the title as their last name to verify the origin. When an angel was created, they were to mature in the orb for seven months before they emerged, ready to take on the task of fighting.

The Angels were known and classified by their eye colors; green, blue, brown. Mostly, brown-eyed angels were considered the most common angels, with blue-eyed angels with red hair to be of the second rank, and the green-eyed angels with brown hair to be of the top rank within the fighting unit. The green-eyed angels were extremely rare and were considered elite; they would never see the battle field nor the demons themselves as they were assigned the roles of the general. Only one green-eyed angel ever emerged within a 50-year period from the orb, superior in all aspects of their features; the longest wings, the tallest of the bodies, the most brilliant of the minds.

7.31.7777 A.Y.

No one was able to explain what had happened, when a green-eyed, raven haired angel emerged from the golden orb only 27 years after the reign of Cedric Diggory, in action as General Diggory. All of the Angel world was shaken by this news; General, along with his Elite council, the Weasleys (as the Weasley orb always produced red haired blue-eyed angels who were to be the council to the general angel), hurried to the scene where a new leader was to emerge. When he emerged, no one could keep their eyes off of the angel inside. He was magnificent, slowly stretching his arms and his light green wings as the orb opened. He was beautiful and was not like any of the other green-eyed angels that had come to exist within their world. He only stood at the height of 5'6", and had the creamiest skin and the scent of vanilla. The color of his eyes mesmerized all angels who dared to look upon them; a bright Emerald, shining and reflecting the sunlight, shining with all its glory. His hair was the color of ebony, wavy, slightly curving inwards toward his face, shining and threatening anyone to touch and be lost in the feel of it. His body was not built like the other green-eyed angels; he almost looked like a human adolescent boy and yet, he was a beauty unmatched by all who had come before him. Cedric Diggory, as it was his duty, named the boy Harold Potter as he was born from the Potter Orb and gave the title of Lord Emerald. Harold, shortened to Harry, was to rule the world of angels as necessary but otherwise was to assist General Diggory in war planning.

It was the event of the millenium, even perhaps the entire history of the angels as it had never happened before. Two green-eyed angels within a 50-year period. For the first time in 7777 angel years, there was a feast to celebrate. The angels celebrated the birth of a beautiful angel and the hoped that this event could be the end of the war and its atrocity.


Year 6666 D.Y. (Demon Year)

It could have been just as dark as any night was. The demons had lost many of the soldiers in their army that sunset and the angels were able to keep the light for more than they were usually allowed to, further damaging the demons. The demons hurriedly blasted all angels off their territory and brought the darkness upon the Earth; blasted angels... there were more stars than usual. Demons had lost a battle; the consequence was severe, according to the demons. This could not continue; it would not continue.

Demons, the creatures of the dark, were just as complex in every way. Unlike the angels, however, the demons were born into the night from the crystals formed in the shape of an orb. They were to emerge six months after their creation, fully matured and ready to assist in their victory. Their status was determined by the hair color that they were born into; blonde, platininum, and silver. The blonde demons fought in the battle against the brown eyed angels; the platinum haired demons were in the elite council, and the one demon who was born with the silver hair ruled over the demon realm as their general. Unlike the angels whose leader was never to leave the angel city, the demon ruler rarely but surely visited the battlefield to watch or to haunt the angels who would ever have a chance to see him.

Their leader, General Draco Malfoy, was gifted with the most silver colored hair, reflecting all light away from it, only to shine its beauty like the stars in a dark sky. His eyes were also just as cold and dangerous as mercury and silver, cursing all who looked at him straight in the eye, with lust and want. Those angels who had the chance of looking at General Malfoy's eyes returned shivering, only to start their torturous dreams of drowning into the depths of Draco Malfoy, and in the end, melted into thin air as they died dreaming. General Malfoy was probably the strongest general the two world had ever seen, and general Malfoy promised himself he would win the war, and no one, nothing would stop him from ending this war his way.


Neither the angels nor the demons could ever predict that what lied before them was perhaps finally the end of what had existed for all eternity.

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