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Chapter 19:The king of Hufflepuff, the message, and sneaked kisses

The messenger stood frozen to the spot as Draco descended the stairs to the main area. The man looked quite frustrated as he ran his large white hand through his platinum blonde hair. The man stared daggers as if the messenger had ruined something very important, before growling and sitting himself down. He carried with him a sort of regal air that only came with the highest classes, including his own majesty. He couldn't help himself gawk in a manner that would put anyone to shame, had they been fully aware of their actions.

Tom merely gave a quiet snort at the way Draco carried himself; he knew what was going on behind the closed door, and he knew what he was interrupting, but he'd seen all kinds of things while running a tavern in his small town, and this was nothing new. The only thing that was new was just how beautiful this pairing was compared to anyone who ever visited his tavern in his entire life. "It's nice to be young…" he thought to himself while humming, taking out a freshly baked batch of muffins from his oven, and cooling them on the counter, before boiling some water for tea.

There was an uneasy silence other than Tom's humming and the clanking sound of cookware until there was a soft treading sound down the stairs; both Draco and the messenger turned their attention to the small youth in linen tunic and a pair of too-big pants rolled up to his knees making his way down. The messenger blinked a several times at just how light his movements were; it was as if he had wings on the back; his graceful yet impish movements made him look angelic. He found himself completely entranced until he found himself shivering from a very cold glare coming across from the table from the platinum blonde-haired man. He gave a couple of coughs, and looked down, deciding to focus on the pattern of the old wooden table than risk death. He definitely tried to ignore the light change of scent around the room; everything seemed a bit lighter, fresher in the room with the entrance of the black-haired beauty.

Tom procured two plates full of hot food and offered a cup of tea to the messenger, who thanked the Tavern owner before taking a sip. His hands were shaking both from exhaustion of riding all night, as well as the nerve-wrecking meeting with two of the most gorgeous people he had ever seen.

These people were no ordinary people; had they been, his majesty the King would not have urged him to deliver this message the way he had. They deserved his respect as the King's messenger must have toward those valued by the King. He quickly stood from his place, bowed, and carefully handed the sealed letter to the blonde man, who seemed much older than the sprite-like youth. The Blonde man took the letter, examining the King's seal without much thought, and opened the letter. It took him maybe a minute or two of silence before he looked up with obvious suspicion in his eyes.

"The King of Hufflepuff apparently wants us to come see him. How does he know of our existence? We're mere travellers and have no need to see this man you call King."

Draco's deep velvety voice reflected this suspicion, with glares strong enough to constantly keep the messenger on constant guard. He felt as if this mysterious man would take everything he held dear with no trouble should he lower his guard even for a minute. His muscles tensed, and his palms were sweaty. Why had he thought being a King's messenger was ever a good choice to make his living?

"I have no answers to tell you, honourable traveller; I am merely the messenger, who was told to deliver this letter to two strangers lodging at this cavern at the outskirts of the Hufflepuff border. I was told to hurry as this was of utmost importance that I catch you before you left, and that to make sure this letter gets to you. If his majesty wishes to see you, I am sure he will be able to provide you with all the answers necessary."

Draco gave a rather loud sigh as if annoyed, gave yet another cold glare to the messenger as if to determine whether the messenger was telling the truth, before waving his hand to dismiss the messenger.

He then quickly arose, thanked Tom for the tea, and then practically ran out the tavern. He then took a big breath of the fresh air outside, and felt the weight lift off of his chest. This was the first time in his life when he couldn't take the pressure of being in such a room; and he had been brave enough to deliver the King's message to the far corners of earth, even to the enemy realm of Slytherin where his life indeed was in danger, whose King was well known for his quick temper and his reputation for killing any messengers of bad news. He was in his own realm; the Kingdom of Hufflepuff, one of the most peaceful lands in all the world, always neutral in any disputes yet maintaining its hold on the territories. Many people fled persecution in other realms to seek refuge in this land; and yet, the few moments in the worn-out cavern in the outskirts of this border had wreaked havoc on his nerves.

He then got on his horse, and started his long way return; he would report to his King of the delivery, and hopefully get a long rest before having to be called to the King's side once more.

Draco was having trouble understanding the events that occurred this morning; who was this human being that dared to summon the ruler of the Demonic realm with such ease? How did this human being know that he was there with Harry? Did he also know the secret behind their identities? If yes, then how? Could this human king be of any help to Draco's plan? Did he know something, or was this a trap? Did Voldemort find out that Draco had been spending his time not to abduct Harry for Voldemort's enjoyment but to protect Harry from harm, and set up a trap disguised as some ill-advised king?

If Draco decided to go with Harry to visit this king, and it turned out to be a trap, he wasn't entirely sure whether he would be able to protect Harry from harm. He was the strongest demon in existence, and he was quite sure of his strength (as Lord Voldemort has yet to recover from his long slumber), but he wasn't in his realm where his power was at its height; he was in the neutral realm, the realm of humans. The neutral field of Earth made the war between angels and demons equal; neither were more superior than the other. This was an advantage and a disadvantage for both sides, but neither could invade the other side and expect to win. As ironic as it was, their powers were directly linked to their place of home; the orbs and crystals of angelic and demonic worlds.

Draco wasn't a citizen of this country, nor did he care about the humans in any way; this piece of letter with the King's seal also meant nothing, except for the fact that its target had been Draco and Harry, two individuals that did not originally belong in this realm. That fact alone disturbed Draco greatly.

He was quickly startled out of his thoughts by a small finger poking at his shoulder.

"Draco ... aren't you hungry? The food's getting cold, and it's really delicious too..."

Draco looked down at his plate, which indeed was left untouched. The plate was full of ham, sausages, eggs, and fresh-baked chocolate chip muffins, and Draco was not quite pleased at how the grease seemed to be gathering onto the corners of the plate. Delicious? This plate of grease? Angels had such horrible taste in food; after all, no matter how much Draco loved Harry, Harry still was an angel, whose taste probably wasn't as good and sophisticated as that of a proper demon.

"...do you even know what you just ate, Harry?"

"Well, no ... but it smelled really good, and it tasted really good too!"

This plate of grease definitely wasn't something any sane demon would eat ... but then again, was he really sane, falling in love with an angel and even going as far as defying one of the most feared demon in history?

...nevertheless, Draco did not find the plate in front of him very appetising at all, although the way Harry seemed to enjoy his breakfast may have had people thinking otherwise. Draco pushed his plate out, completely untouched, while Harry had already finished his share with a satisfied look on his face.

"But Draco ... you should really eat something."

"I'll pick something up on our way. Excuse me, could I just get another cup of tea and some biscuits instead, please?"

After a few moments, Tom brought out a pot of tea and small amount of biscuits out to Draco, before cleaning off the desk. Harry looked hopefully at Tom, who looked back at Harry.

"Tom, do you think you could give me another one of those breads?

"Breads? ... you mean muffins?"

"Muffins? Is that what it is?"

"That's the only bread I gave ya."

"Muffins ... muffins ... muffins. What a funny name!"

"Well, did ya want another one, then?"

"Yes, please!"

"Ya want a cup o' tea to go with that?"


Harry was more than excited, having tasted the sweetness of the chocolate in warm fluffy bread. Draco looked at the excited angel, finding a bit of chocolate smudged on the corner of Harry's lips. That looked ... very enticing. Tom was still in the kitchen, happily preparing tea and extra sets of muffin for Harry. It would be okay if ...



"You have chocolate on your face, it seems."

Before Harry could lick it off, Draco leaned in, licking the chocolate off of the side of Harry's lips, before quickly moving onto Harry's lips and sealing them with his own. Harry was caught completely unaware, and found himself frozen before his mouth opened wider to let Draco in. Draco found the reminiscent taste of chocolate and the light lemon scent. Draco heard the Tom's light footstep toward the common area, and moved away just as Tom entered the room with the food. Once Harry was out of his trance, his green eyes opened wider, and the blush on his face even stronger. Draco wasn't sure why, but he found that he really enjoyed teasing Harry. There was something so pure about Harry's reaction that Draco wasn't used to, that he loved.

Harry was so pure that Draco found himself more entranced, more conflicted, and more obsessed. Draco loved Harry's purity and feared it. Draco wanted to touch Harry, make love to him, to be devoted to him, and to make Harry love Draco back, but he also didn't want to destroy the very nature of Harry's purity, and he was afraid of what might happen should Harry regret it or should Harry discover Draco's true nature.

What did he get himself into? To think, Draco Malfoy of just a few months ago would probably be laughing at the Draco Malfoy of now, for being this indecisive to begin with, but then again, that Draco Malfoy hadn't known what it felt like to truly treasure someone.

Draco got up. He would go see this king, and if anything should happen, he would be ready to protect Harry with his life. He paid Tom for the lodging and the food before leaving the cavern with Harry. He then bought some clothing and extra food for the trip, secured a horse, and sat the slightly ecstatic Harry (who had never seen a horse without wings) on the horse before sitting himself behind Harry and leaving the small Hufflepuff town. Draco technically didn't have to do all of these things; the Human realm was not very big, and as a demon, Draco could move much faster.

Unfortunately, Draco was "human," and humans couldn't move like demons. Harry would know that Draco wasn't human. This thought disturbed him greatly. Never mind, he thought. The point now was to figure out what this human king wanted, whether Draco could figure out a way to permanently destroy Voldemort beyond return, and to secure a safe and happy future for the adorable green-eyed angel sitting in front of him.

Draco wouldn't think of having it any other way.

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