DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction produced for entertainment purposes only. Yu-Gi-Oh! and all related characters are the creations of Kazuki Takahashi.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A big thank you to Dustbunny3 for pointing out that Téa has blue eyes and not brown. I think I've been writing too much Ryou and Bakura lately... ::sheepish grin:: It's been fixed now.

By Shadow's Mirror

The only sound in the large computer room of the Kaiba mansion was the occasional tap of a computer key as Seto Kaiba intently studied the monitor in front of him. Columns of numbers scrolled down the screen at a steady rate and the young man's eyes flickered over them with practiced ease. He didn't allow his attention to wander for even an instant. Not even when his computer suddenly made a sound surprisingly like the polite cough of someone who needs to interrupt someone's concentration but doesn't really want to because they know that the only reaction will be a very annoyed glare.

Since Kaiba was already frowning at the computer screen, he didn't glare. He just ignored the interruption.

"Seto?" The soft, evenly-modulated tones of the computer's 'voice' earned an irritated grunt in response, but still the CEO of Kaiba Corp. continued to study the numbers scrolling in front of him.

Then the screen went blank.

"What? Computer! What's going on?"

Kaiba's sapphire eyes flashed with irritation when the computer did not immediately respond to his query. Although he had written the program himself, there were times when he wondered if installing artificial intelligence into his master computer had really been such a good idea. Especially since it seemed to have come up with a 'personality' sub-program all by itself. "Computer!"

The screen suddenly returned to life.

"Well, it's about ti… Wait a minute." Kaiba stared at the screen in surprise. Where there had previously been orderly columns of numbers, there were now merely four lines of text. "Computer… What is this?"

"That, Seto, is a poem." Was that a hint of amusement in the synthesized voice? Kaiba scowled.

"I can see that!" After his initial outburst, Kaiba struggled to keep his rapidly fraying temper from unravelling further and managed a low growl. "What I want to know is, what is a poem doing on my screen when I was in the middle of reviewing last months sales figures?"

"You asked me to remind you."

Kaiba's scowl became his trademark icy glare. The one capable of freezing businessmen's blood in their veins within five minutes of conversation. That was definitely amusement in the computer's tone of voice and he was certain that he had not programmed it! "Remind me of what?"

The computer responded with a sound remarkably like an exasperated sigh. "Well, since you won't read the poem yourself, I suppose I shall have to read it to you!"

Before Kaiba could reply, soft music began to come out of the speakers. Kaiba winced and made a mental note to examine the computer's programming as soon as possible. Not only had he not installed exasperation, sarcasm or amusement, he had definitely not included a flair for the dramatic either!

With musical accompaniment, the computer began its recitation.

"A beautiful maiden with sky blue eyes,
Awaits for you to spring your surprise,
For this one-month date should not be missed,
Or else your girlfriend will be very…"

"My one-month anniversary date with Téa!" Kaiba was out the door before the computer had even finished reciting the poem.

The computer sighed. "Well honestly, that's gratitude for you."

The End