I was only going to re-write The Future Is A Pain In The Butt but it doesn't feel right only revising the sequel. Cause some things don't add up with both of the stories. So yea, this is going to be a pain but it will be worth it. This is an AU meaning no one knows each other and there is no Mokuba. This story will also be Guy/Guy relationships so if you don't like then don't read. I own nothing!

The Way We Used To Be

Joey screamed in pain as his body was slammed against the wall, which was stained red with blood. He winced and bit back a yelp as his father's foot connected with his stomach.

"You piece of shit, you're nothing! You never will be!" Every night his father yelled at him, the beatings didn't happen as often though. The words stuck in his head and he let a tear roll down his cheek. He quickly rubbed it off hoping his father hadn't seen.

"You cryin boy?" Uh oh. He froze. His father saw crying as a sign of weakness, oh boy was he going to get it now. He didn't answer. Instead he kept his head down and squeezed his eyes shut. He could hear footsteps walking away from him, he decided to take a chance and opened one eye, just in time to see the bat coming towards his face. He tried to bring his hands to cover his face but only succeeded in getting both his hand and left eye hit. He yelled and held his eye as he curled into himself. He heard rustling and looked under his arm to find his dad's face right near his own. He grimaces as the strong scent of alcohol invaded his nose.

"You better stop cryin boy, you know what'll happen if you don't." Of course he did, it happened every week, it was a cruel cycle. His father would hit him hard enough where he would cry, and then of course he would just be hit harder which in turn caused him to keep crying. There was a small window of time for him to stop crying. Thankfully tonight he managed to pull it off. His dad smirked and harshly patted his back, causing him to wince.

"That's my boy. I'm gonna go take nap now I'm expectin dinner on the table when I wake up ya hear?" Joey moved his arm away from his face so his father could see him nod. He listened to the footsteps disappear and shakily sighed when they were gone. As soon as he caught his breath he pushed himself up, but bit his lip as a sharp pain shot up his right leg.

'Shit, must be broken.' Noticing the pen on the floor next to him, he grabbed it and put it in his mouth. Hoping he wouldn't bite it in half he pushed himself up, the pen keeping him from crying out too loudly. Luckily his room wasn't too far from where he had gotten up, with the apartment being very small and all. He leaned against the wall with the pen still in his mouth and quietly entered his room. He limped to his closet, grabbed his backpack, and began packing it. He gathered a couple pairs of clothes, his CD player, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a picture of his younger sister. When he was ready he limped to the front door, luckily his dad was out like a light so he didn't even wince at the loud squeak it made as it was opened. He gritted his teeth as pain shot up his leg.

' Need to get to the shelter first, then I'll have to take a look at it.' He knew that if he stopped now his dad could wake up and find him outside. He would be pissed when he saw Joey wasn't home to make dinner. Slowly he began the trek to his safe haven. This safe haven was near the beach, but it was on the side where most of the trash was so normally no one was there. He approached the abandoned shack and smiled as ran a hand on the wood. Luckily no one had been ordered to demolish the small shack yet. He opened the door and sneezed as dust fell to the ground. An old mattress with holes in it lay in the corner, with a small dusty blanket bundled up on top of it. The small window on the opposite side of the wall provided some light, and if you pushed hard enough, opened to let fresh air in.

'Just as I left it.' He thought with a smile. He shoved the window open and dropped his backpack to the ground. He carefully sat down, wincing as he put a little pressure on his leg. He slowly took his shoes and socks off, then slid out of his jeans to get a good look at his leg. The area over the break was swollen and an ugly black and blue bruise was beginning to form. Taking out his water bottle and a small bottle of aspirin, he swallowed two of the pills and sighed. It wasn't like he could go to a hospital. Even if they had a good back-story like "he fell down the stairs" they wouldn't be able to afford it. Keeping his leg still would be the best thing for it. Grabbing his backpack he took the CD player out and set it to the FM radio. Just in time for one of his favorite songs. His eyes started to water as it started.

i walk into the room

you don't have to scream i can hear you

bad trip, the needle sticks

you get your kicks from confrontation

i try to make it past

i don't wanna get into it right now

can't this family have one day

to get away from all the pain

and through the night i see the light

shining from the neighbor's windows

i dream of life where i'm safe

in a home where i am not alone

some day i will lay me down

on the grass where everything is greener

it always seems so good on the other side

i'm sick of all the heat

you can taste the hate in the air

running through this family, uncomfortably

it's burning me

is anybody there

in your eyes there's nothing to see

just because your dreams have died

don't drag me down, i've still got mine


neighbor boy runs up to me, his eyes all black and blue

i say what happened to you boy, he said my daddy flew

off the hook cos i was playin too loud

i guess he couldn't hear the tv

he said son i'm a teach you a lesson

and then he .... and then he....

maybe it's not so good on the other side

maybe it's not so good on the other side

but it always seems so good, on the other side

it always looks so good .... it always seems so good

Smile Empty Soul: The Other Side

As the song finished he took off his headphones and put the CD player away, letting the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore lull him to sleep.

The next morning as Joey woke up he stretched out of habit.

"Fuckin Hell!" Wasn't a good idea. His fists clenched the blanket and tears welled up in his eyes. After a couple of minutes the pain dulled down but still throbbed.

"Guess this is going to take longer to heal than I thought it would." He sighed and took a drink from his water bottle before giving his face a little splash. As he got dressed his stomach growled, he cursed as himself for not remembering to at least pack bread or something. His dad mostly spent what little they had on booze so very little food filled the fridge or the cupboards. Reaching into the backpack he took out his wallet, he sighed as a lonely ten-dollar bill came into view.

"Guess I'd better save it." He looked at his watch and the 12:00 sign glared back at him, he looked outside.

'Did I really sleep that late?' He shrugged and painfully got to his feet, err foot and changed into some pants. He opened the door to the shack and stepped outside to get some fresh air. He sat down near the water, and let it reach his feet, he sighed as he closed his eyes and slowly breathed in the air. He stayed like this for a while, feeling totally relaxed for the first time in weeks. Until he felt something cold and wet touching his hand. He quickly opened his eyes only to have that wet something to frantically lick his entire face. He shoved the offensive thing away and slowly blinked. A golden lab stood before him, tail wagging at full speed. Its gentle brown eyes comforted him, yet in a way he was annoyed at the loss of peace.

"Dumb mutt, what're you doin out here? Out of all the beach you decided to come an bug me." The dog pawed at Joey's arm and rolled onto it's back.

"Heh, you're kinda cute actually." He rubbed the dog's belly, and discovered it was a boy. His search for a collar gave him nothing to go on, as the dog did not have one.

"Would be nice to have a dog." Joey smiled sadly as the dog whined and laid his head on Joey's lap.

"Sorry boy, no dogs allowed in the house. Dad's rules, plus, you'd just be another mouth to feed. We can't exactly afford that." He sighed and looked out into the ocean.

"Guess I should be headin back, the longer I stay out the worse he'll react." He bit back a yell as the pain in his leg flared. He grabbed his belongings in the shack and folded the blanket back on the mattress. As he made his way back to the street he noticed the dog following him.

"Look I'm sorry but you can't come with me." He resumed walking and tried to ignore the clicking of nails he heard behind him. As he neared his home though he had to turn around.

"Look I told you before I can't have a dog! My old man would kill me!" He said pointing at it. He sighed again as the dog just licked his hand and wagged it's tail. He could see the front of the house and tried to look around for any shelter the dog could go into. Finding none he just shook his head.

"Sit, sit! Ok STAY!" Joey quietly approached the house and peeked his head out to look into the window for any sign of his dad. Seeing none he slowly opened the door and quietly stepped in. He threw his backpack in his room and slowly lay down on his bed. Sighing in relief that he would be able to get a little bit of rest before his dad came home. His relief was short lived as the front door opened and slammed shut. He groaned and sat up, preparing for the worst.

"Boy! You home yet!" He sighed, no use trying to be quiet. It'll only make him angrier. He gathered up the courage to speak, but his voice sounded small and timid.

"Yea dad, I'm home." Heavy footsteps made their way towards his room. Joey cringed under the glare his father sent him. In a flash, Joey's dad had punched him in the nose, sending him to the ground. He bit back a cry as his leg slammed to the hardwood floor.

"Where were ya huh? You just leave without making any dinner, and ya don't even tell your father where ya went!" He kicked Joey in the ribs twice before grabbing him by his hair and dragging him out to the living room.

"I was a worried sick!"

'Bullshit.' Joey silently thought. He was only worried because there was no one to cook him any damn food. He didn't give a damn about him. He was picked up and shoved against the wall, forced to look his dad in the eye while one hand held him up, and the other punched his stomach until he felt like he couldn't breathe. He let Joey fall to the floor and went into the kitchen. He came back carrying an armful of beer bottles, and proceeded to throw them at Joey. Joey screamed as a bottle hit him on the back and shattered, leaving broken glass embedded in his back. Another one hit his leg, but thankfully not the one that was broken, but it still hurt like hell. He could feel the blood running down his leg and back and from his nose from the earlier punch. The final bottle hit him in the temple, knocking him out cold. His dad stopped the onslaught and approached.

'This kid has caused me too much trouble, if I get rid of him that means more booze and food for me.' He thought with a twisted smirk on his face. He went back into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. What he didn't count on, however, was the Lab standing over Joey's body showing off his shiny sharp teeth.

"Where the hell did you come from mutt."? He approached the dog knife in hand, ready to attack it. The dog crouched down lower over Joey's body, trying to protect him before he lunged at Joey's dad and grabbed him by the leg. The man lost his balance, and knocked his head on the edge of the table, knocking him out as well. The dog sniffed around the man's body, as if making sure the danger was over. He jogged over to Joey's body and whined as he nudged his arm. His ears pricked up as he heard a car outside. Like the intelligent animal he was, he ran outside to get whoever it was.

Kaiba's POV

Seto Kaiba was annoyed as hell. His new driver had managed to get lost on the way back to Kaiba Corp on his very first day.

'I'm going to have to remember to fire him.' Seto grunted and stared at the trashy neighborhood they were in. He glared in disgust at the trash and poor condition the houses were in. His eyes widened in surprise as he was suddenly thrown forward, the limo screeched to a halt. Seto growled and glared at the driver.

"What the hell did you do that for? Why did you stop?" The young new driver stuttered and pointed to the road.

"A dog ran out in front of the car sir."

"Well then go around it and keep driving!"

"I can't….It's sitting in front of the car sir." Seto growled and hopped out of the limo and stomped to the front of the vehicle. His eyes narrowed as they landed on the yellow lab standing in front of the car. He walked up to it and grabbed it by the scruff, trying to drag it out from in front of the car. The dog just shrugged himself out of Seto's grasp and jumped on him and barked.

"Get off of me you dirty mutt!" He tried shoving the dog away but it just kept coming back, then it ran to an open door and barked again. Seto's eyes narrowed and he curiously walked over to the house.

"Sir?" Questioned the young driver. Seto held a hand up to silence him as he walked slowly and cautiously into the house. Usually Seto's time would not be bothered by such a little nuisance, but something had told him he needed to check it out. As annoyed as he was by animals, he knew of their intelligence. As he stepped inside he frowned at the sight before him. A man in his fifties lay on the ground with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, while a young teen around seventeen lay a few feet away. Seto watched as the dog immediately went to the young teen and whined while sniffing around his body. He approached the blonde quietly and kneeled down and checked for a pulse. He sighed as he felt a slightly weak but steady one. He looked over at the older man and frowned. He didn't want to assume anything, but he figured the older man was to blame for the situation.

"Why am I even bothering myself with this? Why do I feel like I need to help?" His frown deepened as he took in all the blood on the floor and the walls. Obviously this wasn't a one-time occurrence. He closed his eyes, an internal battle going on inside his head. The dog's whining brought his attention back to the boy. His eyes narrowed as he made up his mind. He gently picked the boy up. Wincing as he heard the boy whine as his leg was moved. As he made his way back to the limo he ignored the questioning look the young driver gave him. He carefully placed the boy inside and hesitantly let the dog in as well.

"Take me home now!" The young driver jumped in surprise and stepped on the gas. Luckily he managed to only miss one turn on the way back to the mansion. Seto got his cell out and proceeded to call his private doctor. Once at the mansion Seto Picked up the boy again and walked hurriedly inside, ordering the Limo be cleaned thoroughly on the inside. He ignored the looks his workers gave him and hurried up the stairs into one of the many guest rooms. He placed him down on a bed and only had to wait five minutes for his doctor to show up. She knocked on the door and came into the room. Seto stood and greeted her.

"Good Evening doctor Barrette." She nodded and walked up to the bed.

"Good evening Kaiba, though I wish this were under better circumstances." He nodded and turned his attention to the boy on the bed.

"My new driver got lost and we stumbled upon the bad part of town, this boy's stupid dog ran in front of the car and alerted me to the situation." She nodded.

"What was the situation."? Seto frowned.

"This boy and who I can assume was his father were both lying on the floor. His father had a bottle of beer in his hand. So I can only assume he assaulted him." Kat nodded.

"I see. Well I'll take a look at him." Seto nodded and left the room, giving the boy some privacy. He sat outside the room waiting anxiously for around an hour. All the while torturing himself with the question of why he felt the need to be kind and to help this one person. He was supposed to be Seto Kaiba for god's sake! Ruthless and cold to everyone! He snapped out of his thoughts as Kat opened the door and motioned for him to come in. His eyes softened, now that he wasn't covered in blood every scratch and bruise was in plain site. Kat coughed and he turned his attention to her.

"Well, I was quite surprised by the amount of injuries he has. He will, however, be fine eventually. I can't say much about his mental state when he wakes up though, so we must be careful when he wakes up."

"Will there be any permanent damage?" He breathed a sigh of relief as she shook her head.

"He should completely heal over time, his leg will take a while to recover though. Two of his ribs are bruised. He has multiple bruises all over as you can see and many small cuts, only three larger cuts needed stitches. He is malnourished as well, underweight by around fifteen pounds and dehydrated, though not severely. He also has a large bruise on his head with a small cut but he doesn't appear to have a concussion." All the information sank in and Seto sighed and put his head in his hands. Kat smiled and put her hand on his shoulder.

"I know you Mr. Kaiba. Now no offense but I have not seen you care for anyone these past years. What makes this boy so special?" He sighed again, telling himself he needed to stop doing that. Taking his head out of his hands he looked at the blonde on his bed.

"I've been asking myself that since the second I walked into that house Kat, I still have no idea. You know how much I hate knowing, this is going to drive me crazy." Kat laughed lightly and walked over to the bed.

"Well I hope you know what you're getting into. I found something peculiar about him though that I think you should see." She carefully grabbed the boy's chin and slowly opened his mouth to get a good look at his teeth. Oh wow…the boy sure did have teeth. His incisors were normal for a human both on the top and bottom, his canines, however, were much sharper and larger than a normal humans. Kat pulled the boys cheeks back a bit to reveal that the pre-molars were also normal, but past those the molars resembled that of a dogs. He gave her a confused look and she just shrugged her shoulders.

"I've seen my fair share abnormalities but I have to say this is topping all of them. It's normal for someone's canines to look a little sharp but to resemble that of an actually canines, is something I have never seen." Seto sat down and continued to stare at the mysterious boy on his bed.

"What do you suppose this means?"

"Well…I suppose it could be possible that he has some sort of mutation. Though there haven't been any known reports of anything quite like this." Kat sighed and closed the boy's mouth and patted his head.

"Well, he should be fine overnight. Here's his anti-biotic make sure he takes one pill every six hours, and his pain relievers right here. He'll need to take that one once every eight hours. If there's any problem when he wakes up don't hesitate to contact me, you know I'm always on call." They both stood and shook each other's hands.

"Thank you for coming Kat."

"No Problem Seto, always glad to help. Maybe you and this young man can help each other out." She winked as she walked out of the room, leaving Seto there contemplating her words. He blushed as the words sunk in, and he walked back over to the bed. He jumped slightly as the lab whined from the corner of the room. He sighed as he spotted traces of dog hair already shedding onto his once clean carpet.

"Well I guess I'd better make myself comfortable." He grabbed a book from his room before going back to the boy and sat down, preparing for a long night. Five hours later Seto was beginning to get tired, he looked at the clock and frowned at the eleven pm glaring back at him. He had to be up at six to get ready for one of his company meetings.

'Perhaps I should post pone. I can't leave him here alone, I can't ask Kat to stay here and watch him. Maybe she wouldn't mind though.' He sighed once again, trying to decide what to do.

'I could always move the meeting to here, that way I could check on him between breaks.' His thoughts were interrupted as a low groan came from the bed. He got up from the chair and quietly approached the bed, hoping that he was waking up. Slowly, they blondes' eyes opened half way, his eyes clouded with fatigue. Seto's breath hitched, those eyes. Oh god they were beautiful. Those beautiful brown eyes snapped open and began to frantically look about the room. When those eyes landed on Seto they widened drastically and held a bit of fear in them. Seto slowly stood and calmly walked towards the bed. Bad move on his part. His approach had the boy clawing at the bed sheets, trying to get some traction so he could push himself away from the approaching stranger. Once he finally managed to do so he pushed himself off of the bed. The pained yell echoed off the walls of the room and Seto walked around the edge of the bed to find the boy squeezing his eyes shut, apparently he had forgotten about his leg….again. Seto kneeled down and lightly touched the boy's arm with his hand, only to have it shrugged away and earned a glare from the blonde boy.

Joey's POV

'Where the fuck am I?' he could hear the panic in his own thoughts, as he desperately looked around for anything familiar, a blood stained wall, a picture, a blanket anything! His eyes landed on someone sitting a few feet away from him in a chair. His eyes widened.

'Oh god what if he's a killer or something? He abducted me!' His breath hitched as the stranger got up and slowly walked to the bed, the stranger's cold blue eyes now noticeable.

'Have to get away have to get away.' Was the only thing going through Joey's mind. He scrambled on top of the bed, trying to get away but the silky slippery sheets prevented him from doing so. As he found a grip and pushed himself back he could have slapped himself.

'This is gonna hurt like a bitch.' He yelled out as his broken leg smashed against the ground, and he mentally cursed himself for forgetting about it a second time. He held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut, refusing to let a stranger see his tears. He felt the hand lightly touching him and he shrugged it off, not wanting anything to do with whomever the hell this guy was. He held his face up and glared at the guy the best he could, he could feel an unfamiliar surge of rage and what felt like a survival instinct kick in. He saw the guy's eyes widen and he inwardly grinned, maybe his glare was working.

Normal POV

It was not his glare that had gotten Seto to halt his actions however, but the sound of the animalistic growl coming from the boy's throat. Seto frowned and withdrew his hand from the boy's body. Even covered with bandages and with his leg in a cast the boy had suddenly turned threatening. His brown eyes had become dark and filled with rage, his posture had become stiff as a tree, and his fangs fully bared. Seto wondered if the boy even knew what he was doing, if he did he didn't show it. How he did it, he did not know, but Seto had gathered the courage to speak.

"I am not going to hurt you. Your dog over there led me to your house. I found you on the floor and brought you back to my place, my doctor treated you a couple of hours ago." This stopped Joey's growls but he remained on guard.

"Where am I?" His voice came out a lot smaller than expected, and just like that Joey's eyes went back to their usual soft brown and his fangs were no longer bared. Instead the boy now took on a submissive scared look. Seto could only blink at the quick attitude change.

"I am Seto Kaiba, and you are in my home. We are still in Domino." Seto stood up and went to give the blonde help up, but frowned when he flinched and shrank back. Seto sighed and withdrew his hand. When the boy made no move to get up Seto went to get his Anti-biotic and his pain pill. He shoved the pills into the boy's face and had a glass of water in hand.

"What're these for?"

"This is an anti-biotic and a pain killer, no doubt your leg is giving you pain at the moment." Joey looked at his leg and sighed. He had refused to take the pills, leaving a very frustrated Seto to call Kat. As she entered through the front door Seto came down the stairs, looking very pissed off.

"How is he?" Seto grunted and glared at the room the offending boy was in.

"He refuses to take the medication, he made those fangs of his a good defense earlier. Would not let me approach him."

"Ah alright, I have liquefied version of both those meds on hand. Let me get them set up and I'll see what I can do. Did he bite you yet?" Seto glared at the giggling doctor.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh nothing." He growled and walked behind her up the stairs, only to have her squash him back. She also insisted the dog be taken out of the room, lest it get defensive of the boy and try to bite. She didn't want to have two sets of teeth to worry about. Seto stood right outside the door, anxiously waiting to go back inside.

"Seto! I could use a little help." He sighed, not even five minutes she was in there and she was already having trouble. The site that greeted him had him rushing to her aid in no time though. The boy had his teeth firmly imbedded in Kat's hand as blood dripped onto the floor, the same look from earlier in his eyes. Seto jogged over to the two and stood over the boy's back, slowly forcing him onto his stomach so he didn't rip up Kat's hand anymore. Once on his stomach Seto sat on him and pulled the boy's arms behind his back. Giving Kat the space she needed to pick up a needle to her left with her free hand and inject it into the boy's arm. Her face held a grimace of pain as the grip on her hand loosened, and they watched as his eyes closed and he fell limp. Seto released the boy's arms and sighed.

"What the hell happened?" Kat snorted and irritably grabbed a cloth.

"One moment he was on the ground whimpering, I tried to help him up, the next thing I know he completely switched gears and just bit me. He probably felt cornered. I think there's more to this kid that were making out. You're going to have your hands full Seto." She smirked at the annoyed teen and got out the liquefied pain meds and anti-biotic. She carefully injected them into his shoulder and put band-aids over the injection sites.

"Don't think I don't know that." He grumbled as he picked the boy up and put him back on the bed.

"Hopefully the next time he wakes up he'll act a little more rationally." Seto snorted.

"Doubt it, his memories of us in the morning will consist of me wrestling him to the ground and you giving him an injection. I don't think that was a good first impression on anyone's part including his." Kat just held her chin in her hand though in deep thought.

"Do you think he remembers anything after doing that though? You told me he was doing the same thing to you earlier. But then he became scared again and submissive." Seto shrugged and looked at his watch.

"Shit. I have a meeting in a couple of hours. Would it be too much if I asked you to stay with him while I attended? I'm moving it to a meeting room here for convenience." Kat nodded.

"Shouldn't be a problem." Seto left the room to go to his office so he could call the secretary at Kaiba corp and ask her to notify the other businessmen of the change of location. He then went to his own room to get as much sleep as he could before the meeting. After he showered and began the meeting in the morning, he couldn't help but be worried for the boy's condition. He caught himself drifting in and out a couple times during the meeting.

'Damn that kid, why am I so worried anyway? Why should I care about him? And why do I keep asking myself this? The answer should be straight without the need for further questioning.' The fact that he had to keep asking himself why was what was attracting him to the boy though. As soon as the meeting was done and everyone had left, Seto briskly walked to the room the boy was in. The boy was awake, but he was hiding under the covers as Kat tried to convince him to come out. Seto sighed and walked towards the bed, giving the lump a look before turning his confused gaze to the frustrated doctor.

"I've explained to him where he is, and what the situation is. He has admitted to his father being the one who hurt him, and that his name is Joey. He won't tell me anything else either." Whimpering could be heard from under the blanket.

"I didn't mean to bite you, I'm sorry. What the fuck is wrong with me?" His voice had gotten louder towards the end of his sentence and Seto laid his hand on the boy's head. He grabbed the end of the blanket and uncovered Joey's body. Joey curled into himself but winced as his bruised ribs made that uncomfortable. He felt so vulnerable not being able to hide.

"Kat, why don't you get something to eat and some rest, I can take it from here. While your down there tell the chef to heat up some chicken broth and to bring up here." Kat looked warily at Joey but nodded and went to find some food. A sniffle put Seto's attention on Joey, he had started crying. His chest constricted, a battle going on in his head, the new feelings for the strange boy intimidating him a little. Joey opened his eyes a little when he felt the bed dip, and was surprised to see Seto sitting on the bed in front of him. Sitting on his knees. He grasped Joey's arm and gently tugged the boy so his head was resting in his lap. Joey stiffened a little. He had literally just met this guy today. And yet, it felt very right. He rested his head on Seto's lap and let himself relax, for the first time in years he was close to another person without them hurting him. It would take some getting used to, but he could manage. Seto slightly smiled and began to comb his hair through Joey's hair, trying to soothe the distraught boy to sleep.

Over the next couple of days Joey had begun to look for Seto's attention, reminding Seto just how badly he had been treated. A lot of times at night Joey would get scared of being alone, showing he had abandonment issues. Often times he would try and follow Seto around even with one leg in a cast, and Seto promising he would be back shortly. The boy would still try to follow him.

'Like a puppy.' Seto thought with a smile. His bruises and cuts had vanished after a week, and his stitches would be removed in another week. His leg still had a while to go though. He was no longer dehydrated and he had gained some weight back, though Seto could still see Joey's ribs. The two had become nearly inseparable, so of course when it came for Joey to get his stitches out, Seto had to go with him. Not that he minded of course.

"Ok Joey hold real still, this won't hurt but you'll feel some tugging." Joey lay on the bed with his head tilted to the side so Kat could get the stitches on his temple out. Seto sat right next to him and held his hand. Joey was not afraid of Kat but more so the needles and instruments. When the stitches on his head were out Kat had Joey lie on his stomach so the ones on his back could be removed. Joey hesitantly lifted his shirt up and Seto frowned. Joey's back had completely healed, but many of the cuts left little scars in their place, he had no doubts the ones with the stitches would do the same. He unconsciously squeezed Joey's hand. When Joey looked at him with a confused look Seto only smirked and ruffled his hair, making Joey pout and try to shoo his hands away. Kat smiled.

"All done Joey, everything except your leg is now officially healed." Joey sighed and frowned.

"How much longer til my leg is better?" Kat smiled sadly.

"Well after the initial break pressure continued to be put on it, so it stressed the fracture. It'll probably take another month and a half to heal unfortunately." She patted Joey's shoulder.

"So he should continue to stay off it as much as he can, I see he likes to follow you around." Seto nodded and Kat sighed and turned to Joey, who grinned nervously.

"I'm restless! I don't wanna stay in bed all day." He pouted, thinking about staying in bed all day made him depressed.

"I know Joey but the more you walk on it the longer you're going to have to stay in the cast. I'll bring some crutches over later then you can bug Seto all you want ok?" Joey grinned and nodded and Kat giggled. Seto managed to make Joey stay put as him and Kat stepped outside the room and closed the door to talk in private for a minute.

"So he's still following you around everywhere?"

"Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if he were getting out of bed right now." Kat opened the door just in time to see Joey getting off the bed. She pointed her finger and growled.

"Oh no you don't! Back in bed mister!" Joey gulped and sat back on the bed.

"Alright alright, sheesh." Kat smiled and closed the door again.

"He's a stubborn one."

"Yes he is."

"So how is he at night?" Seto frowned.

"He has nightmares about his father I think, Wakes up screaming a lot. I rarely sleep in my own bed anymore to keep him calm." Seto had a hint of a blush on his face as he said this and Kat smirked.

"So he is he a cuddler?" Seto's face only got redder and Kat laughed.

"Well I'm glad you can help him, he needs all the rest he can get so his leg can recover." She opened the door again, glad to see Joey still sitting on the bed though looking anxious.

"Alright Joey I'll see you next week." Joey smiled and waved and Kat exited the mansion.

"Seto?" Joey's voice sounded timid and nervous. Seto frowned and walked over to the bed and sat next to Joey, letting the blonde rest his head on Seto's shoulder.

"What is it puppy?" Joey opened his mouth to speak then closed it. He softly nuzzled his face into Seto's shoulder. Seto brought his hand up and began combing his fingers through Joey's hair. This was the most effective way of calming him down, Seto found.

"You're not going to make me go back to my dad…are you?" Seto glared at the wall, just thinking about the man wanted to make him punch something.

"No puppy, never. You can stay here, you know that." Joey sniffled.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure you weren't gonna throw me out or anything ya know?" Seto tugged on Joey's sleeve till he was sitting in his lap, he brought his arms around Joey's waist and put his head on his shoulder.

"I am never going to throw you out, you live here now. No one's going to hurt you ever again." Joey shifted so he could face Seto. A light blush came onto his face as he quickly gave Seto a light kiss on the cheek before resting his head on the surprised teen's chest. Seto lightly blushed and brought one hand up to his cheek. He looked down at Joey and smiled.

Oh my god it took me longer to complete this chapter than I thought it would. I had so many distractions. I got kind of lazy and skipped ahead by two weeks for Joey's recovery time. I kind of felt like Seto and Joey were moving a little quickly for having just met each other but I also felt like If I kept going at the pace I was this would have been a much longer delay. Quite a bit was changed in here from the original story, I found a lot of things in there just didn't make sense ^^; Some things in here probably won't either, but then again a lot of things even in the show didn't make sense lol Please review I would like to hear what you guys think. NO FLAMES!